After The Wedding Part 6

After the Wedding Part 6

Maya is waiting for his husband to come and join her at the mall. He promised he would join her in buying new clothes because her old clothes doesn’t fit her anymore.

She texted him a couple of times already but still she got no response from him.

She is getting impatient. The clock keeps on ticking. As the time pass, she is getting angrier.

“Ricardo!” She texted again. And whenever she is calling him that, WW 3 is on.

Ring. Her phone started ringing. The screen is flashing her husband’s name.


After three rings, she answered her phone with annoyance.

“Ricky! Kanina pa ako naghihintay dito! Asan ka na?”

“Hush sweetheart. I’m so sorry. Ang dami kasing meetings. Biglaan.. And-”

She cut him off “eh bakit hindi mo agad sinasabi? Kanina pa ako naghihintay dito.”

“I know. I’m sorry. Magpasundo ka na kay Joma. I really cannot make it. I’m so sorry.” He apologized with his sweetest voice.

“Fine.” She said and immediately hung up. He is not like that before. Even when he’s busy he makes sure that he’ll have time for her. What happened? “Sa simula nga lang ata sila talaga magaling!”


She strolled around the mall by herself that day. She bought new dresses and shoes because most of her clothes is starting to get smaller. Or is it because she is starting to get bigger?

Kaya siguro nagbabago na si Ricky kasi palaki na ako ng palaki.. She thought. Her eyes starting to get misty with just the thought of that. Surely, Richard would often pacify her and assure her that he loves her no matter what. But sometimes, she can’t help but to doubt. Maybe because she’s pregnant, or maybe her instincts were true. Hindi, hindi! Takot lang nya magloko,Maya. She erased that thought away and starts to walk again.

He is calling Maya and has also sent her a number of text messages but she is not responding. The hell! He is worried about her.

He called their home to ask if Joma already picked Maya but she is still not home and hasn’t called Joma to fetch her. He took a deep breath and left the boardroom as soon as he can.

She is mad. Tsk.

He saw her sitting on one of the benches outside the mall near the parking area and terminal. The shopping bags were on the ground while Maya is busy checking on her phone.

He felt guilty upon seeing his wife. She looks mad and sad. Slowly, he made his way near her and as quiet as he could, he sat beside her. Maya looked up at him as she noticed someone beside her and was surprised to see him there. He smiled at her while she frowns.

“Hey, sweetheart. Are you tired?” He asked his wife sweetly. She didn’t answer him and kept mum.

“Maya…” Still, no response.

“Sweetheart, please.. I’m so sorry. Biglaan din kasi yung meeting. Bumawi na nga ako oh, tinapos ko agad yung meeting so that I could fetch you.”

“Kung hindi pa ako nagalit!” She said quite annoyed.

Richard moved a little near his wife and placed his arm on her shoulder as he plants a kiss on her head. “Sorry, but please don’t ever make me worried. You are not answering your phone. Hindi ako mapakali kanina pa.”

“You deserve it.” She stubbornly said

“Okay, I know. Sige na, uwi na tayo?”

“Wait. Kasama mo ba yung secretary mo sa meeting kanina?” She asked out of the blue.

Richard could only raise his eyebrow as he could sense that there’s something with how she had threw the question. “Yes. Why?”

“W-wala naman” she replied, though Richard knew that she’s been jealous ever since with that secretary of his. True, he himself notices how his secretary, Iya would sometimes flirt to him. He would have wanted to fire her but he just can’t afford to lose a secretary at that moment. They are expanding and he badly needs all the help that he could have. And also, he knows how to deal with her.

“I knew it, you are jealous.” He teased her wife while wiggling his brows at her. Maya glared and rolled her eyes.

“Of course not! Mas sexy lang siya sa’kin ngayon pero humanda siya sa’kin kapag tapos kong manganak!” She almost shouted for she could no longer help herself. On the few times that she saw that secretary of her husband, she would always see how she likes her husband. Maya knew that she’s flirting with Richard and she hates it.

Richard mustered all of his power to stop himself from laughing for he knows that it’ll make Maya furious. So, he gave his wife a smile instead. “Hindi daw siya nagseselos..hey, sweetheart.” He cups her face so that she could look at him. “You don’t need to be jealous kahit kanino. You don’t need to be insecure. I love you and only you. Kahit madaming nagkakagusto sa’kin-”

“Kapal ah!” She laughed. He heaved a sigh of relief upon making her laugh.

“That’s true, madami naman ah. But hey, I don’t pay attention to them. My eyes and heart are only for you.” He said and he quickly kissed her lips

“Talaga? Kahit sobrang laki ko na?”

“How many times should I need to tell you na I don’t care how you look? Sweetheart, you are the sexiest woman I could ever know. Especially now-”

“Nambobola ka pa!”

“Hey, of course not. A man couldn’t see any sexier woman in his life compared to his wife carrying their child. You are the most beautiful person I know sweetheart. And again, lalo na ngayon that you’re carrying our baby.”

She smiled at her husband’s sweet words although she knows that he’s trying to pacify her, Maya’s mood suddenly changed. She finds it weird how her mood quickly changes. She engulfed Richard in a hug. “Uwi na tayo, Ricky. Pagod na ako eh.” She requested.

Because of what happened, Richard made a decision to fire Iya and hired a new one and this time, he asked Maya’s approval of who he should hire. He ended up with another female secretary, but not as sexy and beautiful as Iya. He knows that is one of Maya’s requirement more than anything on the applicant’s resume.

Weeks had passed and Maya couldn’t contain her excitement while waiting the baby’s arrival. She is contented on how things are happening. Richard is now more attentive to her as he as well is excited on the coming of their baby. All are counting days that passes by with huge grins on their faces. Another little one will be part of their happy family. A wonderful gift from above.


sorry if the update takes too long. I need to put my other story on hold first. 🙂


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7 thoughts on “After The Wedding Part 6

  1. Yes! wala ng yung wagas kung makaflirt kay ricardo …. at buti na lang alam din ni ricardo na wagas kung makaflirt yung secretary niya ….. sis eden wala tayong maisasako ngayon…. thank you ms. kate sa update.

  2. Love this chapter ….love it finally at natauhan ang Ricky he at least thought what his wife is going thru when all this time he felt that his secretary was flirting with him but he never did anything but what he doesn’t know is his wife has been so affected by it !!!!!! So happy of the outcome worth all the wait…thanks Ms Kate

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