The One That Got Away- Chapter 11: Meeting the Monster

Chapter 11: Meeting the Monster

“Maya, I’m so sorry kung papaiwan ko muna si Richard ha? May sakit kasi ang papa niya eh nagpupumilit na siya na mag-aasikaso ng kailangan dyan sa company, eh ang sabi ko si Richard na lang tutal nandiyan na din naman siya.” Richard’s mother, Esmeralda called Maya one Sunday afternoon on the day of their flight back to Manila.

The whole week with him still feels like a roller coaster ride. How she wished that it only goes up, but too bad for her there is just so much downs as well. Sometimes, she is confused on Richard’s actions towards her. One moment, he’s very nice and caring then one time, he’ll be distant again. Sometimes she is thinking that maybe being distant to her is all because of his work. She noticed that it’ll start whenever he got home from, what he says, is late dinner meeting with his client. She believes that, she doesn’t want to entertain negative thoughts anymore.

She glances at Richard who is now busy unpacking his things from his luggage that Maya prepared.

He lifted his eyes to Maya, their eyes met. She nodded at him and he went back to unpacking his things.

“Sige po, Ma. Okay lang po.” She said.

“O siya, hija. Sabi ko kay Ricky ihatid ka sa airport aabot pa naman siya sa meeting mamaya. Mag-ingat ka ha?”

“Opo, Ma.”

“Nag-enjoy ka ba anak?”

“Opo. Masaya naman po kami.”

“Good. Aasa na ba kami?”

“Saan po?” She asked, confused

“Sa apo! Aba, isang linggo kayo diyan.” She teased, Maya blushed as memories that happened the night after their Disneyland trip came in.





“O sige na nga, di na kita kukulitin. Bye hija!” Esmeralda’s tone was teasing. She knew, something had happened. Finally.

The night in Disneyland, on the moment of the last set of fireworks in the sky, Richard turned his gaze to his side where Maya is standing. Their eyes locked and as if it’s all spur of the moment, where the place and everything else just feels so right, Richard leaned forward and his lips landed on hers.

They kissed. It started as a light kiss but as moment passes, Richard pulled her closer and kissed her hungrily. For a while, Maya was surprised but reacted in the same passion. She’s very happy. She felt wanted and loved.

He broke off the kiss, catching his breath. His eyes showed desire which Maya saw only that night.

“I don’t think I am enjoying seeing Mickey anymore. I wanted to see something much more.” He whispered close to her ear that sent shivers to Maya. She knew what he meant and nodded in agreement.

Richard drove his rented car as fast as he could but with the allowed limit. He doesn’t know why that night, he found her very attractive. All he knows is that, he wants her.

As soon as they reached their hotel room, Richard locked the door and started kissing Maya once again. He carried her and laid her on their bed, kissing and touching every part of her body. Maya is in cloud nine, she doesn’t know the different feelings that’s bubbling up inside her. All she knows is that it feels so good.

Richard is kissing her neck and pulled his shirt off then followed by Maya’s top. Like as if he’s in a hurry. “Ri-chaard” she whispered.

“Ricky..” She called again

He paused for a while and looked at her as if asking her why? “Can I take a shower first?”

“No need for that.”


“No.” He said firmly and in a swift move, he took all of her clothes off and started kissing her again.

Maya slept afterwards with a smile plastered on her face. They made love. That’s what she’s calling what just had happened. She only hopes that Richard is indeed in love with her. She murmured her “I love you” to him but she only got a weak smile.

Sun rays slips in through their hotel’s window that morning when Maya stirred on their bed. She slowly opens her eyelids only to find Richard’s side empty. She is still sore, yet she stood up to know where Richard was but she couldn’t find him. He’s not in their hotel room anymore. She should be happy waking up after making love with her husband, but he’s not beside her. She wanted to wake up seeing his sleeping form. But then, his space is empty.

She took a shower and asked for a room service. She waited for him to come back that morning, but he didn’t. She texted him and even tried to call him but he never answered his phone.

At exactly 3 in the afternoon, Richard came back with a bag of food. “I’m so sorry, I just got a client call earlier.” He explained as he walks pass her.

“It’s alright. I understand.” She really do hope that he’s not lying.

“Anyway, kumain na muna tayo. Then let’s go shopping.” He said and planted a kiss on her hair. Richard could be so confusing at times.

“You take care while I’m away. Nanduon naman sila Manang para samahan ka. You can do whatever you want. Go shopping, spa or something.”

She nodded. It’s been years since she stopped working to be a full time house wife. That, she thinks will make it easier for them to get developed with each other. If she will stay at home and be there whenever he needed her, then he will feel loved. And she still thinks that’s the best set up, even though most of the time she’s bored staying at home, she would just volunteer helping in household chores.

“Sige, wag mo akong problemahin, I’ll be fine. Tapusin mo na lang agad yung work dito.”

“I’ll try. Anyway, I still have a lot of things to do back home.”

Richard bid goodbye to Maya and handed her her luggage. Maya stared at Richard for a while and engulfed him in a hug. She will definitely miss him. “See you soon”

“Yeah. Bye.” He embraced her back

Maya is already settled in her seat with the plane now flying in the air. She sighs. Surely, she had a lot of memories to treasure there in HK.

The flight attendant of the plane soon came with beverages in her sort of cart, asking every passenger what they want. When the FA stopped in Maya’s seat, Maya felt someone staring at her. She looked up and saw a beautiful flight attendant smiling down at her. With the FA’s eyes scrutinizing her. Maya smiled at her.

“Hi, Ma’am. You look so lovely today.” The lady complimented her

“Uh.. Thanks. You, too look good.”

“Thanks ma’am. I’m sure your husband is very lucky to have you.” The FA told her again. She doesn’t know why the FA seemed to want a conversation with her while all she does is to ask the other passengers in the plane what beverage they prefers.

“Well, yeah. I do think so, that your boyfriend must be lucky to have you as well.” She said. Maya then saw the FA’s eyes smiling at her. She cannot understand the feeling that she made her feel but it felt different.

“Yeah. He sure is. We’ll be spending the whole time that he will be here in his hotel room while he’s making sure that their company is doing well here. Isn’t he just so sweet? Still, he makes time for me even though he’s busy.” The FA told her. Maya gave her a weak smile. It isn’t necessary for her to talk about her own private life. As if they’re close.

“Well, lucky for you. Anyway, I would want some soda” Maya asked just for the FA to stop talking to her. She doesn’t know why but she just feel so uncomfortable talking to her. There is something about how she converse with her, and Maya doesn’t like it.

“Here you go, ma’am.” She handed her soda. “Have a good flight back in Manila.” She smiled and winks at her. Maya rolled her eyes when the FA left her. Unknown to her, the FA did the same.

The whole house is quiet when she arrived that evening. It felt empty as it usually feels like. Even though Richard would be home late, she somehow misses his presence. Her thoughts are wandering back there in Hong Kong. Wondering how he’s doing. She misses him, but more than that, she’s very scared. Scared on random things that a wife sometimes would think. Especially, that she is not secured.

ayan na po, sorry if there are any errors, di ko na binabasa ulit. haha busy as a bee na talaga, but I am really trying na magupdate agad. Haha :)) keep the comments coming, I’m happy reading ’em all. 🙂


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55 thoughts on “The One That Got Away- Chapter 11: Meeting the Monster

  1. Ang sakit sa dibdib pag binabasa ko hanggang kailan pa ba ang paghihirap ni maya sa asawang si singkit ( don’t even like to mention his name affected much)

  2. Sana nga mbuntis at sana wlang break up maganap sa knila… At ma realize ni richard dat hes falling already wid his wife ng malintikan na yang slutty/FA na yan kainissss tlaga.

  3. Hindi ko kilala lahat ng Sako Gang, pero pasensya na, hindi ko kayang isako lang si Sandy!! Pigilin nyo ko! PAPATAYIN ko yan!!
    gggrrrrrr!!!! >:-<

  4. Bwesit talaga itong sandy na to malandi. Sorry for my words pero affected na talaga ako sa ginagawa nila ni richard. Sisters di lang sako ang bagay kay landi ihulog sa pacific ocean na buhay. Ireport sa employer para matangal sa trabaho at suspended for life para di na mag hahasik nang lagim. Thanks ms kay for the update kaya lang masakit pa din sa dibdib.

  5. Grabe ang mistress, kapal!.. Sana bumalik si Maya sa hongkng and hulihin sa hiya sa Richard.. Kainis!.. Sana mAtauhan si Richard or kung hindi malugi sya sa business nya.. I wish Maya is working pra pagselosin si Richard sa mga male clients nya…kainis talaga!
    Thanks for the update!

  6. @ms.katey…..hanggang kailan ang ‘payback time’ ni Maya? Tama na pagtitiis niya…..sobra na….dapat ng kalusin si Richard at ang kalaguyo niya. Ubod sila ng sama. Don’t you think its time for Maya’s retaliation? Just asking.

  7. Ito nanaman Tayo.. Ms Kate dapat may ma kilala na si maya para matauhan si Richard.. Ano Lang yung love making nila?..gusto Lang kasi nandun na?.. Tsk.. Pampatangal arousal lang kay richard?Kawawa nanaman si maya eiii.. Tskkk..

    Ganito Gawin Kay sandy isako sya tapos tutusukin natin ng ballpen tapos susunugin natin tapos itatapon natin sa Pacific Ocean tapos kakainin ng mga pating..

    Ms. Kate grabe trending mga storya mo sobrang kakaiba kahit masakit sa dibdib at ulo Hindi talaga namin Matiis.. Thank you sa update.. Hehehehe.. Sana Lagi kang makapag update.. Ingat po .. God bless..

  8. Ms katey kelan ba ang ‘it”s payback time’ for maya?? It’s too painful napo… kawawa na masyado si maya. As for Richard sana marealize nya yung loss nya kay maya in a hard way para magtanda sya! And wait ano po ba dati work ni maya? Sana sila pala may ari mg airways kung saan nagwowork si sandy.. hahaha…

  9. nakuuuuu talagang gusto kong sunugin ng buhay yang malanding Sandy na yan at ihulog sa eroplano!!!pati ikaw singkit gusto din kitang isako bwiseeeeeet ka din!!! pasensya na po sobraaang apektado lang talaga.

  10. Ms Kate? Thank you sa update kahit sobrang painful pero okey na rin. Ms kate? Kalian po ba magiging Masaya si Maya? Hanggang kalian po ba s’ya magtitiis kay Richard? Sa panloloko nito/ sa pananakit nito sa kalooban nya? Sobra sobra nap o yung pain at pagtitiis ni Maya, di pa bap o sapat lahat ng pagtitiis, pagsasakripisyo at sakit ng kalooban nya? Hanggang kalian pa po s’ya mahihirapan? Ang sakit sakit nap o masyado, ang bigat bigat nap o sa dibdib. Awing awa nap o ako kay Maya, sobrang awing awa nap o ako sa kanya. Ms Kate? Kalian po ba yung time na si Richard naman yung masaktan ng sobra sobra, yung s’ya naman yung nahihirapan, nagtitiis, nagmamahal sa malayo. Kailan po ba nya marerealize na mali ang ‘ya, ginagawa nya, na sobrang sinaktan nya yung taong labis na nagmamahal sa kanya, yung taong nagsakripisyo at nagtiis para lang matutunan nyang mahalin? Kailangan pa po bang mawala ni Maya sabuhay nya bago nya marealize ang kahalagahan nito sa kanya? Kailangan pa po bang sobra sobra s’yang masaktan upang mamulat nya ang mga mata nya at magawa nyang aminin sa sarili na kung meron mang isang tao na karapat dapat sa pagmamahal, atensyon, at respeto nya, yun ay walang iba kundi si Maya lang. hjanggang kalian ba sasaktan at babalewalain ni Richard si Maya? Hanggang kalian? Alam nyo po kung ano wish ko ngayon? Sana magbunga yung nangyari sa kanila, sana mabuntis si Maya hindi para maangkin na ng tuluyan ni Maya ang atensyon ni Richard kundi para at least kahit papaano may ibang pagtuunan ng atensyon si Maya. Sana the moment that Maya knows she’s pregnant, sana mahuli nya si Richard at ang kabit nya, then at that moment, aalis lalayo s’ya sa kanya, pero bago yun, she will let him know about her condition, ipapaalam nya pero hindi nya ito uubligahin, kumbaga ipapamukha nya kay Richard na di nya ito kailangan, na di s’ya kailangan ng bata dahil di nito kailangan ang isang amang manloloko, sinungaling, nananakit ng damdamin. Lalayo si Maya kasama ang bata, at dun, sobrang masasaktan si Richard, marerealize nya lahat lahat ng sakit na idinulot nya kay Maya, marerealize din nya na mahal nya ito, na hindi nya kayang mawala ito sa kanya, na kung meron man syang gusting makasama habang buhay si Maya yun, na di nya kakayaning di nya Makita, o masilayan man lang ang anak nya, nya di nya matatanggap na di s’ya kikilalanin ng sarili nyang anak, na di nya kakayaning di nya masusubaybayan ang paglaki nito. Doon siguro, sobrang magsisisi na s’ya. Pagsisisihan nya lahat lahat ng ginawa nya, bawat sakit at pagtitiis ni Maya lahat ng yun babalik isa isa sa kanya. Cruel as it is but he deserve it for all the pains that he had caused her. While si Maya naman, magiging matatag para sa bata, gagawin nya lahat she will be a strong woman, magtatagumpay s’ya at magiging Masaya sila ng anak nya, bubusugin nya ito ng pagmamahal, to the extent that the child will never ask to meet his daddy. Yung tipong sapat na si Maya sa buhay ng bata, yung tipong hindi na kailangan ng isang ama sa buhay nya. Yung tipong kahit si Maya lang yung magi sang nagpalaki, nag aruga sa kanya, nagmahal, eh sapat nay un para sa bata, Masaya na sya dun. Selfish mang maituturing pero ito lang yung naiimagine kong way to hurt Richard, dahil walang sasakit pa para sa isang magulang, kundi yung ni minsan di ka man lang nya nakilala kahit munti mang impormasyon tungkol sa’yo o kahit man lang pangalan mo di alam ng anak mo, sobrang sakit nun para sa isang magulang, walang katumbas na sakit yun.
    Richard- lagi ko itong sinasabi, karma is just around the corner, waiting for its time. Wag mo ng hintayin yun, umayos ka na, ayusin mo na ang relasyon mo kay Mays habang maaga pa, kung hindi mo gagawin yun, sobrang pagsisisihan mo ang lahat lahat. Masakit magbiro ang tadhana Richard, at mas masakit pag dumating na ang karma mo. Wake up Richard, treasure what you have, take care of something that is worth treasuring, that is your wife, kasi kung hindi, mawawala s’ya sa’yo ng tuluyan. Hindi porket mahal na mahal ka nya, din a s’ya nasasaktan, din a sya napapagod at nahihirapan, at din a sya marunong sumuko, ang taong sobra sobra ng nasasaktan, bumibigay din, napupuno, sumusuko, kaya habang andyan pa s’ya, may pagkakataon ka pang itama ang lahat gawin mo na, dahil kung hindi, magiging miserable ka buong buhay mo, magsisisi ka. Richard, tandaan mo, minsan lang sa buhay ng tao dumadating yung taong kaya kang mahalin ng sobra sobra, kayang magsakripisyo para sa’yo at kayang magtiis alang alang sa’yo wag mo sanang hayaan na mawala s’ya sayo. Kung tutuusin napakaswerte mo, dahil kahit sobra sobra mo na s’yang nasasaktan, binabalewala, eh andyan pa rin s’ya sa tabi mo, sobra sobra ka pa rin nyang mahal. Kaya sana naman marealize mo yun, Makita mo yun at alagaan mo yung, kasi s’ya kapag kumawala, swerte mo pag bumalik s’ya sa’yo pero malas mo pag tuluyan nyang nawala sa’yo. Wag mong palampasin ang chance na ibinigay sa’yo to have someone who loves you the way Maya do, kasi kahit kalian di ka na makakatagpo ng ganong klaseng taong magmamahal sa’yo at ganong klase ng pagmamahal na iniuukol ni Maya sa’yo. Walang pagsisisi na nasa unahan, lagi itong nasa huli.

    Maya- please lang Maya wake up, ibangon mo sarili mo, you deserve someone better than Richard, you deserve someone who can love you the way you deserve to be love, and respected. Umalis ka na sa piling ni Richard, his not worth it so please, awat na sa pagiging martir, walang award para dyan ang meron lang eh luha at sakit lang and you don’t deserve those, kaya please gising na Maya, leave him now.

    Sandy- mahiya ka naman, magkaron ka naman sana ng kahihiyan, umayos ka, di yan Gawain ng isang disenteng babae, karmahin ka sana. Sarap mong bugbugin, tiristirisin, dikdikin ng pinong pino, patayin, ipasok sa sako, isilid sa baul, lagyang ng matibay na lock at itapon sa malayo ng di ka na makapaminsala at di ka pamarisan ng iba. Hmp!

    Ms Kate/ pasensya nap o napahaba, sobrang affected lang, sobrang bigat lang ng dibdib ko at sobrang nasasaktan lang ako para kay Maya. Hayyyy. Thank you po ulit sa update, sana may kasunod po agad agad. Thank you po ulit 🙂

  11. Grabe … Ang sama ng ugali ni Richard after ng first nilang mag asawa hit and run lang cya then punta n siya dun sa dyowa niya.
    Ms. Kate pakinggan ang pulso ng bayan .,, time for a pay back… Time na ni maya to redeem herself..

  12. Kung hindi man mpatay natin yang sandy na yan sana ma tanggal xa sa work nya at mpahiya ng sobra sa mga company na related sa airways dahil di natin alam bka c maya mas ma influence pa kay richard..tapos wla ng tumanggap sa kanya.. haay kainis tlaga 3rd time ko ng mag comment di pa rin tlaga ako mka get over sa gnawa nya.. grrrrrrr..sadista din itong c ms. kate gusto taung pahirapan,,,

  13. the nerve of this super landi na babae nato….yun paglalagyan sa yong sako may kasamang mga langgam..hanggang kailan ba ang heartaches tama na please

  14. Wag munang patayin si Sandy.. Kelangan ibalik sa kanya lahat ng pinaggagawa nya… Mas matapang pa sa tunay na asawa maka asta.. Lolz… Kapag iniwan sya ni Richard, sabay din iwanan ni Maya si Richard… Kawawa nga lang si Maya.. Sya na lang laging kawawa… Huhuhu

  15. Personally, I dont like the idea that Maya would get pregnant. Kasi parang pwedeng lumabas na kaya binalikan or pinili sya ni Richard ay dahil sa anak nila. Or kaya nainlove sa kanya si Richard ay dahil malaking factor na may anak sila. Mas gusto kong mainlove sya kay Maya na parang hindi pilit.

  16. thank you katey!!!!! bagay na bagay ang title ngayon ah.. bagay na bagay sa mga avid readers mo na kagaya ko.. hahahaha.. kami ang mga monsters!!!!! dapat lang talaga na isako muna!! wag tayo maingay at baka matunugan ang plano natin na iligpit si sandy! hehehehehhe… oplan ligpit sandy tayo 🙂 hehehe.. dehado na masyado si maya ha.. dapat makilala nya kung sinu yang kakumpetensya nya.. nakakaloko na yang si sandy! at ikaw maya galingan mo ha pag nagtuos kayo, pati yang asawa mo turuan mo ng leksyon.. dapat maging maya version 3.0 ka na.. nd na usi ang walang kibo ok?! laban kung laban!!! ilabas ang mga pangil!! rawr!! hehehe.. katey ano ba tong nangyari sa amin kami ang naging monsters dahil dyan kay sandy! hahahaha.. matindi ang namumuong plano ha:) wait namin kung kelan ang next update mo… enjoy your ojt 🙂 pati na ang pagbabasa sa mga comments namin!

  17. if magkabukingan man…i wish kasama ni Maya ang buong family, either both side, Ricahrd’s parents or Maya’s…or both para mas mabigat ang impact kay Richard. Sarap ingudngod nitong si Sandy hmp! Next na please Ms. Katey!

  18. hala ito palang si ricardo ang dapat isako ….. parang bipolar din ….. minsan sweet kay maya minsan hindi …. ano ba yan? at ikaw sandy na hitad magtigil tigil ka kung ayaw mong may mangyari sa iyo na di mo magustuhan ….. kailan kaya matatapos ang pagiging martyr ng maya …. sabi nga ni twin sis teamSIMON dapat may maya version 3.0 ….. yung palaban ….. at kailan din malalaman ni ricardo na mahal pala niya si maya ….. kapag buntis na ito ……. naku ms. kate salamat dito sa update …. tamang tama ang title “meeting the monster” dahil kami ang monster ni sandy ….. bwahahaha!!!! SAKO GANG iready na natin ang dapat iready alam na ninyo ang gagawin …. but this time gusto ko rin pahirapan si sandy gaya ng pagpapahirap niya kay maya.

  19. Ms. Katey, wag mo ng patagalin please…next update na po 🙂 Gusto kong mabuking si Richard wth Sandy ng mismong parents nya or Maya with her parents para mas mabigat ang impact kay Richard. I’d like to believe na deep within Richard’s heart he loves Maya since college pa but with the pakikialam of parents at mapasubo sila sa arranged marriage duon parang nag rebelde si Richard. He may be thinking na they’re together just because of their parents and not because they love each other. Kumbaga na pre-empt sya which kung siguro hindi nangyari ang arranged marriage, eventually they’ll fall in love. Pero para matigil na itong kahuhula namin Ms. Katey…please sundan mo na itong chapter waaaaa!

  20. ang kapal nang mukhang nang sandy na iyan, sarap talaga isako at itapon sa pacific ocean.
    salamat sa update, ms. katie 🙂
    hwag sana matagal ang kasunod,

  21. bakit nga ba iniwan ang sandy ng boyfriend nya? binata ba yun or may asawa rin? at saka mga ka-addicts, kahit anong panawagan natin na gumising na ang maya sa pagkakamartir kung di naman niya alam (or nagtatanga-tangahan lang) na may kinahuhumalingan na ang sigkit na yun, eh wala tayong magawa…. ang may magawa lang ay yung gumawa ng kwento na ‘to. sa ms. writer, pakibilisang ng update —- dragging na eh. sori po…. impatient masyado 🙂

  22. Yung totoo po? Friends with benefits lang po ba tingin ni Richard kay Maya? Kung kelan niya makikitang attractive lng siya? Having s** without love. Nakakainis na po siya!!

    • It’s possible Richard loves Maya without realizing it. I would even think he doesn’t know what being in love feels in the first place. He thought he likes Maya but as a friend. He looks at her from one perspective, a friendly, brotherhood/sisterhood point of view.

      Lately Richard is looking at Maya from a different perspective. an attractive woman whom he desire and wanted (and might fall in love with her after their lovemaking)

      Some people say and I quote….”absence makes the heart grow fonder”. With Richard leaving Maya for some time (a week or more stay behind in Hongkong), he might realize he misses her….that there’s something missing….that his heart is aching…then it will hit him….. the truth that he loved his wife all along.

      I would like to believe, with Sandy it’s not love that Richard really feels but lust. Why else Richard has not shown interest in working on an issue to resolve whatever relationship they have….making an honest and decent woman out of her.

      “You can have Friendship and you can have Love, but it’s only when you have both together that it will be a great Love.”

      • Really like ur comment sana ganun nga ang mangyari. Pra wlang break up na mganap.. Hehehe.. Really dont like break ups in every story..

  23. ano kaya may confrontation ano tapos sabihin ni maya “akin lang ang asawa ko!!!’ rawr!!!!” hahahahaha tapos maglalabasan ang sako gang na hahabulin si sandy 🙂 vwahahahahah… pero kidding aside, masakit at unfair kay maya lahat.. dito totoo nga yung sinasabi na it’s the wife who has to know the last 😦 nd pa din ako makaget over dito.. very unfair kay maya 😦 she has been true and loyal to richard all those years.. maybe she can go back to work at kept herself busy then her absence makes richard realize that he’s loosing her.. and he’ll fund maya to get her back:( hmmmmm… si affected naman ng mga pangyayari dito..

  24. Ms. KAte. next chapter na plsssss.dumdami na sako gang.bk lhat kme maging kriminal nito dhil kay Sandy…naku Mr. Singkit umaus ka kung ndi bk umabot sa putulan yan……hoping 4 d next chapter soon….anyway tnx 4 d upd8..dame na affected.kaloka ntoh.

  25. wow, ang story at ang comments…grabe! ako rin affected na kaya napacomment din…well, i like abby’s comment, too…sana nga Richard is in love na with Maya he just doesn’t realize it yet..

  26. @Ms.Katey…..lest you know that some (if not almost all) of your avid viewers on this heartbreaking fanfic are now on the verge of suffering from anxiety attack.. Your immediate posting on the next chapter will somehow help ease our nervous excitement. Appreciating with thanks.

  27. sana ung nextchapter magising na si richard sa katangahan nya at marealized nya na c maya ang mahal nya tapos mayroon ng umaaligid na lalaki kay maya ung tipong magseselos ng husto c richard ung hindi palaging c maya na lang ang kawawa.

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