The One That Got Away- Chapter 12: I Want You

Chapter 12: I Want You

“Hi Ma!” Maya greeted that Sunday morning. She’s in Richard’s resthouse where the weekly lunch and dinner with their parents is held. Richard is still in Hong Kong so she went there alone.

“Oh, Hija! Blooming ka ah.” Esmeralda gave her a peck on the cheek.

“Oo, iba ang ganda ng anak ko ah.” Teresita joined the teasing

“Kayo talaga. Maganda lang po ang gising dahil magkikita-kita na naman po tayo.” She smiled at her parents. “Ay! Nga po pala, yung mga pasalubong namin ni Richard binaba ko na sa sala.”

“Salamat, hija. Pero ibang pasalubong sana ang gusto namin.” Esmeralda told her. Maya knew what they meant, she also wants what their parents wanted.

“Kayo po talaga! Let’s all pray for that.” She smiled and faced her parent’s hopeful faces

“Anyway, kamusta naman ang bonding nyo ni Richard?” Roberto asked

“Okay naman po, although madalas siyang may client call.”

“Client call?? But we clearly told Liza not to disturb Richard. And she made us sure na walang work related thing na makakaistorbo sa vacation nyo.” Esmeralda said, her face scrunched up

“Eh.. Sabi po nya possible client daw po kasi. Ewan ko po, wala na din ako balita anung nangyari. Basta ayun, madalas siyang wala. Pero, okay lang po. Bumabawi naman siya minsan.” She told her parents. Her lips curved up upon remembering their Disneyland trip and as well as their mall hopping.

Esmeralda and Teresita glances at each other, while Roberto and Arturo nodded at Maya. They don’t know what Richard is really doing but they know that it is not business related. Before the two got married, he would usually give excuses to Maya or even to them whenever he’ll meet a woman.

And now, it is happening again. They just hope that they’re wrong with their assumption.

“That’s good to hear, buti naman at bumabawi. Anyway, don’t worry malapit na yun umuwi. Ako ang bahala.” Esmeralda will make sure of it.


A minute past twelve midnight when Richard came home from Hong Kong. It has been two weeks since they last saw each other and Maya missed him terribly.

It is very sweet of him to connect to her while he’s away. It’s a first since they got married that Richard checked on her while he’s out of the country. He, once called her asking if she had eaten, once to ask her what are her plans that day. She finds it weird but she will never complain. She would trade anything for Richard’s love and attention.

Maya is seated on their sala when the main door flew open. It’s already midnight and she cannot sleep. As if it’s been her hobby while he waits for Richard to come home every night, she would often read a book under the sala’s lamp shade on their couch. That night, she knows that she’s not waiting for someone to arrive since Richard didn’t mention that he’ll be home by then. So imagine how her eyes rounded in surprise.

She smiled widely when he entered their house. He is looking at her with his brows furrowed. “Why are you still awake? Nagpupuyat ka na naman.” He scolded her

Wow, how sweet of him to greet her like that, she thought. “I can’t sleep. Di ko alam na uuwi ka na pala, di man lang ako nakapagprepare ng something or I should have fetched you.”

“You don’t have to. Anong oras na kaya di ko na sinabi. Biglaan din kasi I have an emergency meeting later in the afternoon. I will just catch some sleep.” He said.

“Ah.. So, matutulog ka na? Wala ka na bang gusto?” She asked with the intention of preparing something to eat for him. She knows that he’s tired from work and from his flight.

Richard walks near the couch where Maya is standing. His brows shot up and grinned. Maya couldn’t decipher what’s running inside his head and on why his face is like that, she finds it cute though. “Uh.. Gusto ko? Uhm.. Actually, there is something.” He said, his voice is teasing

Maya doesn’t know how to react on his action. He is walking near her again until there is no more space that made her to seat back on the couch. Richard is standing in front of her grinning like a fool.

“H-ha?” She stutter, unsure of what he really wants

“You asked me if I want something, right?”

She nods.

Richard bends down such that his face is only few inches away from hers. She blushes which didn’t get unnoticed by Richard. He moved even closer. Maya closed her eyes waiting patiently for his lips to land on hers. She is just so ecstatic to see this side of him. “I want… You” he whispered. His breath touching her lips. He slowly planted a soft kiss on her lips and leans backward to look at her face. Maya’s eyes were still closed. She is processing what he just said.

When realization dawned on her, her eyes flew open. “A-ano?”

“Uulitin ko pa ba?” He smiled. “I’ll go upstairs” he winked at her and went up with his luggage at hand.

Maya doesn’t know what to do. Should she follow him right away? Ugh. What’s happening to him? Why is he acting like that? Did he finally fell for her? How? Why? When? Geez Maya! Just go with the flow. You should be happy.

Few minutes after Richard left her, she followed him upstairs.

Richard is inside the comfort room allowing the water from the shower to drip into his whole body. He doesn’t know why he did what he just did earlier, but the sight of Maya wearing a very short shorts and a white cotton sando that night gave his body some heat. He usually sees her wearing that every night because she is comfortable wearing those. But that night when he came home, he doesn’t know what strange feeling he just felt towards her that moment.

He wants her. So bad. The last two weeks that they’ve been apart made him miss seeing her. True enough, he is happy spending those nights with Sandy in his hotel room, them making love whenever he’s not tired and when Sandy doesn’t have any flights, yet, the night with Maya after their Disneyland trip would invade his mind.

He also doesn’t know what attracted him to her that night. Everything feels just so right. Maybe it’s a spur of the moment thing, or maybe not. He had always knew that he will be Maya’s sort of older brother when they were still young. Protecting her in times of need. He even told her that he could be her Superman in which she happily agreed.

Even so, he accepted the fact that they will get married someday, because of their parent’s agreement. Their parents were very close so they wanted to become a one happy family and the only way is by this agreement. They’ve known each other since they were kids, and maybe that is why Richard is seeing her as his own little sister.

And now, having this desire for her just felt so weird.

He turned the shower off when he heard the clicking sound of their bedroom’s door. He quickly put his pajamas and shirt on and went outside.

Maya is lying on her side of the bed with the covers covering her body up to her chest. She is still reading the book that she’s holding earlier, by the lampshade beside her. Slowly, Richard took his side of the bed facing Maya’s back.

After split second, he slid his arm on her waist, pulling her closer to him. She faced him and she was welcomed by Richard’s lips landing on hers. His kisses were burning with desire. Heck! She is not his younger sister, she is his wife. And he wants her now!

“Ricky, w-wait.” She pushed him a little to put a distance between them.


She pushed herself up and leaned on the bed’s headboard. Her eyes were staring down at Richard who is still lying on the bed.

“Do you.. Do you love me?” There she already said it. She’s been wanting to ask him that after the night that they’ve spent together. She wanted him as much as he wanted her. But want is different from love.

Richard stared at her. “Why did you even ask? We’ve been married for three years.”

“I know. Three years, pero that’s not the answer to my question, Ricky”

He groaned. Why is she asking this right now? Now that he’s also confused in what he’s feeling towards her. He still can’t equate it with love.

“I care for you, we’ve known each other for so long. Of course, I do love you.” He answered truthfully. He does love her. She’s really part of his life for years. She’s her friend, after all. “Let’s sleep. I’m tired, and maybe you are, too. Goodnight” he said and planted a kiss on her head. Pulling the covers up, he closed his eyes and tried to get his needed rest.

Maya on the other hand still stared at Richard’s back. He just told her that he do love her, but why does it doesn’t seem real? She should be happy, right? But still, it feels that it is not true.

At least, he is starting to notice her. At that point, she should be grateful.

“Hi , love! Welcome back.” Sandy greeted Richard that night when Richard went to her condo.


Sandy engulfed Richard in a bear hug and kissed him on his lips. “You look so tired.” She touches his cheeks.

“Well, medyo madaming ginawa sa work” he responded. “How’s your flight?”

“Okay naman, local flights ako ngayon.” They walked hand in hand to the couch in the living room “anyway, dito ka na matulog. Since our Hong Kong nights together, I can’t sleep when you’re not beside me.” She said as she leans on his shoulder

“You know that I can’t.”

She sat straight. “I know, naglalambing lang naman” she pouts

Richard remained seated beside her, staring blankly on the tv in front of them. He’s not really listening to her. His mind is wandering on his wife. This is the first time ever that Maya didn’t checked on him. Before, it annoys him whenever Maya would send messages to him or even when she’s calling him just to ask what time will he go home or where is he at that moment.

Now it frustrates him on why she never texted nor called him.

“Chard?” She checked

“Uh? Yes?”

“Wala!” She crossed her arms. “Let’s just have dinner. I’ll prepare the food. Wait here.” He nodded

He fishes his phone in his pocket and grumpily phoned his wife. Three tries, still no response. He is starting to get mad! “Maya, where are u? Are u at home?” He sent her a message hoping she would reply, but still none.

“Hey, I will go home soon. I’ll eat dinner there” he tried to reach her again.

“My love, let’s eat.” Sandy yelled from the kitchen

Richard stood up and followed Sandy’s voice. “Love, I have to go.” He told her gently while he puts his phone back in his pocket

“Why? I already cooked your favorite dish, kanina pa.” She sounded hurt

“Uh.. I need this office work done and I have to finish it at home.” He reasoned out

She crossed her arms and stared at him “really huh? Or is it because gusto mo lang talaga umuwi dahil you wanted to see your wife? Is that the real reason?”

Richard ran his fingers on his hair. She’s being difficult. Tsk. “Of course not, you know that. It’s just..” She continued to stare at him. Richard could only sigh in defeat. “Alright, I will eat here and go home after. Babawi na lang ako, okay?”

“Fine.” Sandy agreed and sat on her chair reluctantly.

“Can’t you really stay some more?” She asked him sweetly, her arms hooked on his neck.

“I am really sorry, Sandy. I promise I’ll make it up to you.” He kissed her slowly but pulled immediately. He can’t stay some more. Not that night. He needs to scold Maya for not answering his texts and calls.

He reached their house at exactly nine in the evening. The traffic didn’t help his temper. It makes him more furious as him sending more texts to her got ignored.

He went straight to their room hoping to find her there but she’s not in there. In the kitchen, still no sign of her. He’s getting more angry of not seeing her. When he saw one of their helper, Doris on the entertainment area as she cleans, he asked her. “Doris, nasaan si Maya?”

She looked up and got scared of the face that her boss has. “Uh.. Eh, sir. Ang alam ko po, kanina po umalis si ma’am. Ang sabi po niya pupunta daw po siyang mall kasama yung kaibigan nya. Eh hindi pa po umuuwi.” She told him

His hands on his waist, he asked again. “This late in the evening? Palagi ba siyang late umuuwi?” He has to know. Especially that he usually goes home at midnight so he doesn’t know if Maya goes home late, too.

“Ay, hindi naman po, sir. Ngayon lang po.”

His heart beat raced. What if asomething bad had happened to her? “Do you know the name of the friend she’s meeting?”

“Hindi po, sir eh.”

He shook his head and kicked the vacuum on his side. Where the hell is she?


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  1. baka nilagyan na naman ng twist… duda ko nga parang di ito ang totoong plot ng istorya, eh. ayaw ko naman pangunahan ang writer pero nakakapagtaka ang naging takbo ng istorya, eh. unless ang story is about richard ang sandy and not richard and maya….

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