The One That Got Away- Chapter 13: Don’t Know What To Do

Chapter 13: Don’t Know What To Do

Na-private ko pala. Di ko napansin haha Sorry. NaBV lang. Haha :’)

The darkness enveloped the whole house. The only light that was still on is the one in their main door. Richard is pacing back and forth like a soldier protecting his home. But the real reason is that, Maya hasn’t still come home yet.

He checked his wrist watch, and it is already eleven in the evening. He is getting more impatient. His brows were knitted and his eyes were already gone.

“Ricardo..” Manang Fe called his name. He looked back and saw Manang Fe standing behind him.

“Yes, Manang?”

“Wala pa din ba si Maya?”

“Wala pa din po. I don’t have any number of her friends. I don’t know how to reach her anymore. She’s not responding to my texts!” He helplessly said

Manang Fe’s face was also full of concern. It is the first time that Maya went home late after her bonding with her friends. “Sigurado naman akong may dahilan kung bakit hindi siya nakakasagot sa’yo. Padating na din siguro yon at hindi naman ganun yang batang yan eh.” Manang assured her ward

He heaved a sigh. “Yun na nga, sabi nyo she’s not like this. What if something had hapened to her?” Manang Fe smiled at Richard’s voice full of concern. It has been a long time since she saw him like this. She remembered one time, when Maya didn’t went home after her prom night because she told her parents that she will sleep in one of her friend’s house, Richard couldn’t help but got worried. So in the end, he fetched her at midnight in Maya’s friend. Maya’s parents agreed on her overnight so Maya got pissed when Richard fetched her, but eventually, she felt giddy with the act.

“Alam mo, gabi-gabi ganyan si Maya. Hindi mapakali kakahintay sa’yo. Kahit na sinabi ko na nagpaalam ka at may meeting ka pa, ayun. Ayaw pa din magpapigil na hintayin ka. Hindi mo daw kasi sinasagot mga tawag nya.” She made him feel guilty. She taps his shoulder and said, “sasamahan na kitang maghintay.”

He ignored what she said about Maya waiting for him. He is aware of that and in those days, he is pissed whenever he’ll go home with her waiting for him. “No, Manang. It’s late. You should sleep. I’ll be fine”

“Hindi rin naman kasi ako makakatulog nito.”

“Just rest Manang. Sige na. She will be home, soon. I will tell you kapag dumating na siya.”

“O sige na nga. Papasok na ako sa loob.”

The clock is ticking, the hour hand is getting nearer and nearer to twelve. He was about to call their parents to tell them about Maya when he heard the creaks of the gate. Maya came in wearing a black shirt and maong shorts. She looks really tired.

“Maya! Alam mo ba kung anong oras na?” He is half shouting as he walks near her.

“May 400 ka ba dyan?” She asked him without answering his question

“Wh-what?” He was confused with her question

“Sabi ko, may 400 ka ba? Or kahit 500? Dali na naghihintay kasi yung taxi.” She said

Richard peeked in through their gate and saw a white cab in halt. He sighed and fished his wallet. He took out a five hundred bill and handed it over to the driver. “Here. Keep the change”

When the taxi left them, he pulled Maya inside their house. “Ouch!” She almost yelled in pain.


“Yung tuhod ko! Dahan-dahan naman kasi.”

Richard’s eyes darted over to her knees and saw a wound on her left knee. Hell! “What happened to you?” He examined her face, then back to her knee.

She pushed him a little “I’m fine. Mamaya na ako magkkwento. Gutom na ako eh, may food pa ba?” She asked while rubbing her tummy.

“What? Hindi ka pa kumakain?”

“Hindi pa”

“Saan ka ba galing? I thought you’re with your friend? Hindi ba kayo kumain?!”

“Shh.. Please, gutom at pagod na ako eh. Mamaya na mga tanong.”

“Fine. Tara na sa kitchen” he pulled her again, gently this time inside their house.

Richard reheated the dishes that was left earlier during dinner. Maya’s face is burrowed in her palm. She is seated on one of the stools in their kitchen waiting for her dinner to be served. Geez. She’s so hungry that she could eat a horse!

“Hey, tell me what happened.” Richard took a seat in front of her and placed the dishes that he heated. Maya immediately took some from the plates and ate as if there’s no tomorrow.

“Let me eat first.” She said

Richard could only heave a sigh. What else can he do? He watches his wife eating like a kid, enjoying her dinner with gusto. His lips curved up in a smile as he watches her.

As she was nearly done with her plate, Richard started to ask. “Why are you home this late? Lahat nag-aalala na.”

“Including you?” She pauses from chewing, waiting for his response.

“Of course. So ano nga?” Her eyes sparkled with joy

She swallowed her food and stared at him. “I was with Eds earlier and some of our High school friends. Umuwi kasi si James and Jeffrey from Canada and Italy. So ayun, bonding. Eh nung naghiwa-hiwalay na kami para umuwi, ayun ang malas ko!”

“And why didn’t you tell me kung nasaan ka?”

She answered the question like it’s the easiest question in a quiz bee “Eh never ka naman nagtanong di ba? At isa pa, sabi mo dati wag na ako magpaalam.” She’s right. He did told her that because she’s quite annoying when she’s updating her very often about her whereabouts even though he’s not asking.

“But I’ve been calling you since this afternoon!”

“Naka-silent yung phone ko. I’m so engaged in my friends kaya I didn’t notice.” She remembered that she did received a lot of texts and missed calls from him when she checked her phone on her way home before it got snatched. Oh yes, that snatcher took away everything from her.

“And what about that wound on your knee?”

“Nadapa ako! Kainis!” She pouts.

He laughed with her child-like actions.

“Sige tawa pa! Bwiset na magnanakaw yon! Kainis.”

He stopped laughing when her words sank in. “Wait. Magnanakaw? Nanakawan ka? Hinabol mo ba kaya ka nadapa?” He leans forward, his face showing concern

“Oo. Eh kasi-”

“Hindi mo na dapat pa hinabol! Look what happened. At isa pa, paano kung anong ginawa nun sa’yo?”

“Eh kasi nga, hindi ko na alam paano makakauwi. Tapos ang hirap pa makasakay ng taxi. At wala pa akong pera na. Tapos nasa bag ko pa yung gift ko sa’yo.”

He was surprised. Gift? It is not his birthday. “Gift? For what?” He asked.

She gazed at him somehow searching through his eyes that he is only lying. But she is only fooling herself, for the nth time he forgot. “Wala naman, trip ko lang. Anyway, I know na that gift is not worth my life. Dapat talaga nakisabay na ako kay Jeff pauwi. Eh di sana, hindi nawala yung bag ko.” She is now pissed more than ever. Earlier, she was such an idiot running and risking her life just to catch the snatcher to get her gift for him, yet, she is once again fooling herself.

“Of course. You don’t even have to give me anything Maya. Kahit na meron or wala mang okasyon.” Maya kept silent and nodded slowly with his response. Heck. He really doesn’t remember!

When the taste turns to weight, she stood up and stacks up the plates to put it in the sink but Richard stopped her. “Bukas na yan. Go up stairs and rest.”

With the sudden annoyance that she felt towards him, she walked away from him.

The next day, Maya is still sleeping soundly on their bed. Richard is wide awake beside her watching Maya as she sleeps. It is still early so he didn’t bother to wake her up for breakfast. Not just yet. He is still enjoying the beauty that is laid in front of him. Such beauty can only be appreciated by him on rare times. And today is one of those days. When he woke up earlier, the sun still hadn’t shone yet his eyes sparkled when he saw her sleeping beside him. Her beauty made him feel like as if today would be a beautiful day because she’s like a sunshine who would give you hope for another day.

Maya stirred in her sleep, she was about to wake up. When she opened her eyes, she saw Richard still sleeping. He had closed it just in time. Still mad at him, she mumbled “I hate you. Sabagay, never mo naman naalala ang wedding anniversary natin. It doesn’t matter.” She pushed her covers and stood up to go to their bathroom.

The door closed with a thud. Richard’s eyes flew open, wide in shock. Hell! Why are dates that important to women? The heck. He never really cares before but today, he saw how disappointed and sad Maya is. He felt guilty about it. She ran after the snatcher last night because of his gift and he never even got a clue that it’s their wedding anniversary. So yesterday is the exact third anniversary of theirs. The exact day of the 3rd year of their marriage.

He sat up, his hair still messy. His eyes were staring on the bathroom’s door thinking of what to do. His mind is starting creating ideas when he heard his phone beep on his bedside table. Lazily, he reached for it and wasn’t surprised to see Sandy’s morning text to him.

Good morning, my love! Lunch later or how ’bout dinner? (;

His thumb started tapping the letters until it turns into words, then a sentence.

Goodmorning, too. I am still not sure if I’ll be free today. Will check.

Was his formal reply. He misses Sandy, too. But he needs to do something to make Maya happy. He felt guilty about totally forgetting their special day, and at the same time, her being in danger. Never did he wanted that to happen to his friend.

But you promised…

She texted again

I know, but I’m still not sure. I’ll call you later.

He texted back which earned an “okay” from Sandy.

When he lifted his gaze from his phone back to the bathroom door, he saw Maya staring at him with her bathrobe on. Her eyes glued to his phone.

“Uh.. Good morning” he greeted her.

“Good morning. Maligo ka na, bababa ako mamaya to help in reparing your breakfast.” She told him and turned to face their cabinet to change.


She is in somber mood that morning. She caught him smiling before whenever he reads his messages every morning. Sometimes it even annoys her when his phone will beep very early. As if it is the sender’s routine. She hates whoever that person is for disturbing her sleep, even her thoughts.

“I will pick you up later around three in the afternoon. Maaga akong aalis ng office. We will go somewhere.” He told her during breakfast. She searched for any emotion from his face but found none. She is looking for a certain emotion, however, his face never showed it.

She kept quiet and only answered him with a nod. She didn’t even bother to ask where will they go or even to look at him. Richard knew too well that she is really mad at him. She had been a very understanding wife. It is not really the first time that he forgot about that date, but he never did saw her get bothered like this. So, it bothered him as well.

Richard arrived in his office 10 minutes early. Still left with few more minutes to finalize his report. He half-run to reach his office without greeting back all the good mornings of his employees.

“Uh sir, good morning. Someone is actually-” Liza told him while walking fast to reach Richard but was cut off by Richard.

“What is it? I still have a lot of things to work with. Please cancel all my meetings after three.” He said and quickly turned pushed his office’s door. He was surprised to see her. Smiling sweetly at him as her eyes shifted to him from the magazine that she’s holding. She stood up and mouthed “hi”

Liza is standing behind Richard. Pissed with the whole scene. She’s been trying to tell him earlier that some ‘girl’ is waiting for him inside his office. “Sir, nagpumilit po siya. Sabi nya hinihintay nyo daw siya.” Liza whispered to his ears when she saw him shocked.

“Okay, Liza. Thanks.” Liza left the two but her eyes glared at Sandy before shutting the door closed.

“Why are you here? I have a meeting. I can’t be late.” He said. His eyebrows shooting up.

She snaked her arms on his neck and said, “sorry, I really missed you. You’re always busy.”

He sighed and pulled her closer. “I miss you, too. But I told you, I’m really busy. So I’ll see you some other time, okay?”

She bit her lips and nodded reluctantly. “Alright. I’ll see you soon.” She kissed him goodbye and left.

There is something wrong on how he was being treated by him. He no longer spends most of his time with her. He would even sometimes decline her dinner offers. That is just weird. It had happened before with her ex. Whatever it is that is wrong, she will soon find out.

hi. Sorry talaga if the update takes too long. Sabay po kasi school and ojt ko. Naabutan na. And I am on my 4thyr so talagang I can’t update that often. Sorry. Sorry. πŸ™‚


41 thoughts on “The One That Got Away- Chapter 13: Don’t Know What To Do

  1. Alam mo Sandy, para Kang si Nicole ng The Legal Wife. Umakto Ka Kung anong nararapat. Masyado kang demanding!

    Thank you for the update Miss Kate! Good luck on your studies and ojt! 😊

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    Sandy should know better that having an affair with a married man eventually will come to an end. She has done it before and was dumped. She felt terribly lost and alone when Richard found her. Richard will not leave Maya for any indecent woman and a “home wrecker”.. And Just like what happened before, poor Sandy will again feel terribly lost and alone.

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  19. hhhmmmmm Richard richard Richard, what will you do kaya if Maya will soon show that she doen’t care na to you? yung di ka na n’ya hinihintay sa gabi, yung di ka na n’ya tinitext at tinatawagan, yung di ka na nya personal na inaasikaso, yung di ka na nya kinukulit kulit, yung di na s’ya nag eeffort para mapansin mo s’ya. yung she no longer show she loves you that much, in short yung napagod na s’ya nang kahihintay at kamamahal sa’yo. ano kaya mararamdaman mo nun? tapos pag gising mo isang araw eh, umalis na s’ya, wala na s’ya tuluyan ka ng iniwan, tapos sa tabi mo or sa table mo sa home office mo iniwan nya dun ang isang sulat kasama ng wedding ring nyo at ng permadong annulment pappers, ano kaya gagawin mo? ano kaya mararamdaman mo? ano din kaya yung kaya mong gawin to find her? to win her back, to make her fall for you again kasi ikaw by that time you realize that you love her pala very much and you cannot imagine life without her. hhhmmm gaano ka kaya ka regretful if that happend? hihintayin mo bang mangyari pa yun bago ka magising Richard? kailangan pa bang mawala si Maya sa’yo bago mo marealize yung worth nya sa buhay mo? kailangan pa bang humantong sa annulment ang lahat for you to realize that you don’t want her out of your life and your marriage? sana hindi na humantong sa ganun, sana habang maaga pa lang marealize mo na ang kahalagahan ni Maya sa’yo, kung gaano mo s’ya kamahal kasi pag humantong pa sa ganun, dalawa lang ang pwedeng mangyari eh, pwedeng pagmapatunayan mo sa kanyang mahal mo s’ya, handa kang bumawi sa lahat ng pagkukulang mo at pinagsisisihan mo lahat lahat ng maling ginawa mo maaari mo pa syang mapabalik ulit sa buhay mo, o maaari din naman kahit anong gawin mo eh tuluyan ka na nyang sinukuan at di na sya babalik pang muli sa piling mo. swerte ka kung yung una ang mangyayari, malas mo kung tuluyan ka na nga nyang talikuran. kaya habang nandyan pa s’ya, kasama mo, patuloy kang minamahal at pinahahalagahan, bumawi ka na sa kanya, love her the way she deserve to be love, make her happy and aminin mo na sa sarili mo namahal na mahal mo s’ya, do the right thing, break up with sandy agad2, wag mong hintayin na tuluyan kang iwan ni Maya.

    Maya? teach Richard a lesson that could make him awake, ignore him, don’t do the things you usually do to him, show him as if you no longer care about him, magpa miss effect ka sa kanya, yung tipong hahanap hanapin nya yung pangungulit mo, pag aasikaso mo, yung pagmamahal mo, baka in that way magising yung loko at marealize na mahal ka pala nya and he can’t live life without you. kung pwede pagselosin mo s’ya para marealize nya na may ibang guys pa na kaya kang mahalin at respetohin the way you deserve to be love and respected, ng sa ganun eh malaman din nya na pupwede kang mainlove sa iba dahil itinataboy ka nyang palayo sa kanya, baka dun tuluyang magising at matauhan na.

    Sandy? umayos ayos ka ha? kung umakto ka dinaig mo pa ang legal na asawa ah, lumagay ka sa tamang lugar mo, hmmmp sarap mong dikdikin ng pinong pino, isilid sa sako, tapos ilagay sa baul na may matibay na lock saka ihulog sa pinaka malalim na dagat. hhhmmmmpppp! sana malaman ng employer mo yang pinag gagagawa mo ng madisiplina ka at mawalan ng trabaho, ng maturuan ka naman ng leksyon, hhhmmmp! nirurumihan mo ang magandang reputasyon ng mga FA, you don’t deserve to be respected,hhhmmmp!

    Ms Kate? sana po may next chapter na po soon,, excited much na po kasi ako at ang mga kapwa ko adik sa susunod na mangyayari πŸ™‚ i’ll wait patiently for that, thank you nga po pala sa update hehe, sana hindi ka po gaanong mahirapan sa studies you po πŸ™‚ ingat po kayo lagi God bless πŸ™‚

    PS: pasensya na po sa napahabang comment hehehe affected lang po masyado, hehehe

  20. This is a different story, I read a lot of story about RIchard and Maya and this is the first one that RIchard is not loyal and unfaithful to Maya and I like it very..All I want to see now is how RIchard will handle it if Maya will act differently from now on and some Richard will see some changes on Her… Keep up the goor work and hope for the next chapter to follow soon. Thanks and have a great day..God Bless and Be safe..

  21. Hello Ms Katey just checking if there”s any update aligaga lang sa new twist ng story esp Richard is starting to have a change of heart towards Maya…. Medco excited na to read what will happen to them and where is he talking Maya for their anniversary to make it up to her..

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