The One That Got Away- Chapter 14: Delivery

Chapter 14: Delivery

hi!!! :))) ok, I know this is a long overdue update. I’m really sorry super busy po talaga. Anyway, enjoy reading. I dunno when the next update will be. Salamat sa mga nangungulit sa twitter napush nyo ko magupdate haha!


With the heavy traffic that was due to the rain that night, it took Richard three hours to get back to their house. He was supposed to have a dinner with her but the rain wouldn’t stop. And it would take them years before they could eat if he will pursue the surprise dinner with her.

He wanted to make it up to Maya. He had been a very band partner in life. He wanted to make her smile and to spend his time with her that night.

Good thing that he asked Liza that afternoon to order a bouquet of tulips for his wife. He wouldn’t have any hard time in buying one for her that rainy evening.

As he slid out of his car, he went inside and called out. “Maya.”

Silence. The whole house is filled with a deafening silence. He wonders where they might be. He made his way to the kitchen, but no one was there. He was about to go upstairs when he saw someone outside their house. She’s sitting on the chair near the pool. Watching the rain as it lands on the ground and as it mixes with their pool’s water. He smiled upon seeing her. She is just so lovely.

When he’s standing behind her seated form, Richard leaned in to give her a kiss on the cheek. He simply couldn’t help himself to do it. Maya was startled with such action. She shifted her head and saw her good looking husband staring intently at her. She was very surprised. What happened to him? He suddenly became very sweet.

“A-h.. Richard?”

He stood straight, the bouquet hiding behind him. “Yes, it’s me. Why? May iba ka pa bang hinihintay?” He teased.

“Ah, wala. Buti nakauwi ka agad. Ang lakas ng ulan, may bagyo ata.” She said, ignoring his sweetness. She doesn’t want to be used to it for she knows it won’t last long.

“Well, yes. Gusto ko umuwi ng maaga to have dinner with you. Anyway, here you go.” He handed her the flowers, she beamed.

“Para saan ‘to?” She asked, the smile never leaving her lips.

He reached for her hand and moves closer to lean in and kiss her lips. “For everything.” He wanted to add more but decided not to do so. What he had said has a lot of meaning behind it.

“Ha?” She was confused. What does he mean by ‘for everything??’ She still hasn’t move on with what’s happening. His sweetness drives her like crazy! “Naulanan ka ba?” She joked.

He chuckled. He knows all too well that Maya is not used to his sweet gestures. “No, silly. Anyway, malamig na dito. Pumasok ka na sa loob. Magpapalit lang ako then let’s eat, okay?”

Maya nodded her head and allowed herself to be pulled by Richard inside their house. Her eyes were glued on their clasped hands.

The rain is pouring hard outside. Richard had asked their helpers to prepare dinner for them near the pool. Their table is safe from the down pour of the rain because it is just a few steps outside the sliding door of the house.

The coldness of the wind lashes on Maya. She sat on the chair across Richard, she can’t help but smile. It felt so romantic with the sound of the rain as their background.

She is toying her food, savouring the comfortable silence that they are sharing. They glances at each other every now and then. Words seemed to fleet away.

“Bumabawi ka ba dahil sa…” She started. She had guessed it is because of the fact that he had forgotten their special day for the nth time but she decided that it should come from him.

He leans forward and reached for her hand. “As I’ve said, for everything.”

They are staring at each other. Savouring the moment together. Ignoring the down pour of rain. It is a picture perfect moment, only if Richard’s phone didn’t bother their silent exchange of smiles.

It kept on ringing. Richard didn’t bother to even look who it was. His eyes were fixed on his wife. Maya was bothered by the sound so she asked him to answer it. “Chard, sagutin mo na. Baka importante yan.”

He shook his head. “No, hindi naman siguro. And besides I’ve been exhausted from work all day. I think it could wait. Let’s eat first.” He said.

Maya agreed and decided to continue eating her food. Acting as if she wasn’t aware of Richard’s eyes on her. ‘Ano bang nakain nito?’ Her thoughts kept on asking.

As he spoons the last food on his plate, he talked to her again. “You know what? What if we ask our parents if we could go out of town next Sunday? Para maiba naman yung Sunday bonding natin with them.”

Her eyes lifted up from her plate. “Talaga??”

“Yes. I will go and call them later. For now, I wanna know kung saan mo gusto pumunta?”

“Hm.. Gusto ko sana sa Tagaytay!” She excitedly suggested

“Alright then. I’ll ask Liza about details kung saan magandang place to stay. Anyway, I am sure our parents wouldn’t mind.” He smiled

That night, Richard and Maya slept peacefully cuddled together. Unmindful of the missed calls that Richard has been receiving all night. Good thing, he had put it on silent.

Morning came with Richard having a headache. He received a lot of text messages from Sandy and a couple of missed calls during the night until dawn. It occured to him that she was indeed mad at him for ignoring her all night.

U at home?

I miss you, love!

Can u sneak out?

Why are u not answering your phone?

Change of plans?


Ano ba?

Answer pls.

His chin rested on his palm, as he continues to read all of Sandy’s messages all night. He sighed. He never thought that his relationship with Maya would progress. Hell. He doesn’t want Maya to stop updating him on what she’s doing. To call him if she’ll go out and who she’s with. This is the same old feeling that he had felt years ago when he’s a very protective friend to Maya. But now, he is aware that it is not only because of that.

He called Liza on the intercom and asked her to do something for him. He is confused at that moment. He needed time to think but for now, he needs to pacify the other.

“Liza, do me a favor.”

“What is it, sir?”

It is a very wonderful morning for Maya. She’s been very happy the whole day. She never thought how things could change.

“Ang saya mo ata?” Manang asked her suddenly as she notice Maya’s huge grin

“Manang!!!” She squealed and gave the old lady an embrace. “Sobra po!”

Manang Fe taps Maya’s arms around her and smiled “mabuti naman kung ganon. Bakit nga ba sobrang saya mo?” She asked, although she already has a clue on why. She’s been watching them outside last night while the two were having dinner.

“Parang.. Para po kasing may kakaiba kay Richard eh.. Ewan ko po if he starting to love me as well. Pero sana po, di ba? Ano po sa tingin mo?” She faced Manang Fe with an expectant look

Manang Fe held her hand and squeezed it. “Maya, matagal ka ng mahal ni Richard. Hindi lang siguro niya alam kung gaano ka niya kamahal. Pero sigurado, mahal ka nun.”

“Alam ko naman pong mahal nya ako bilang kaibigan. Pero sana nga po mas higit pa dun yung pagmamahal nya sa’kin talaga. Sana tama kayo, Manang.”

Fe nodded her head and smiled. She knew Richard and she was aware that Richard is in love with Maya, only he doesn’t realize it yet.

Manang Fe left her after they talked and she was left day dreaming. Her mind wanders into the future. What they would be if they would become a happy couple. What she would do to make him happy every day. What she might feel when Richard already loves her the way that she loves him. All that and more.

A sudden sound coming from the gate disturbed her day dreaming. The house helpers were all inside the kitchen so she decided to open the gate herself.

The moment that the gate flew open, her eyes grew wide in astonishment. Her lips immediately curved up for a smile. It is a beautifully arranged bouquet of red roses that the man with a cap outside is holding, she doesn’t need to ask who it was from or for whom it is, her heart just tells her that it’s for her from Richard. “Good morning po, ma’am.” The delivery man greeted her with a smile.

“Good morning din po.”

“Ah. Lim’s residence po ito di ba?”

“Uh..opo.” She was excited. She wanted to take those roses away from the guy out of excitement but decided to let him give it to her.

“Ah ito po, delivery ma’am.” He said as he lifts his eyes from the paper that he’s been holding. It must have been the list of the customers.

She immediately took it from his hold and smiled genuinely. “Thanks!”

“Pa receive na lang po pala ma’am.” Maya took the pen and signed before thanking the man and closing the gate with a huge grin on her face.

“Hello.” The voice from the other line sounded mad. She must have not received the delivery yet, he thought. That shop will definitely hear something from him.

“Uh, love.. Are you okay?” He asked calmly. She’s like a grenade that moment, a wrong move could make her explode.

“Yes, I’m okay. Sino ba naman ang hindi magiging okay after being ignored by her boyfriend?” She replied sarcastically. “Of course I’m okay.”

Richard sighed on the other line. “I’m really sorry. I told you I’m just busy. Anyway, I already sent you something as a sorry gift. I guess you haven’t received it yet.” He informed her.

“Received what?”

“The flowers? Hindi pa ba dumadating, Sandy?”

“Well, congrats on your surprise. Nasurprise talaga ako kasi wala akong natatanggap.”

“Crap! I’m sorry. I’ll call that shop right away. Or maybe, I’ll sue them!” He groaned. He asked Liza for a number of a flower shop earlier and had ordered something for Sandy himself. Damn.

“No need for that. A dinner would do to make it up, Chard.” She suggested but her tone hasn’t changed.

Without having second thoughts, Richard agreed to go out with her. It’s been a while anyway since the last time that he saw her. And maybe it is a good time to think things over. For him to realize what he truly feels towards her and his wife. “Alright. A dinner later would do. I’ll pick you up. Bye.”

Maya literally hugged the bouquet that she received. She remembered that she should thank Richard for this so, she fished her phone out and fumbled with the keys.

“Thanks, Ricky!! :)” she sent the message and smiled giddily.

As she sat down on the sofa of their living room, she took the card that was attached to it. Quickly, she opened it.

The smile from her lips fade upon reading the first few words written on the card. Her heart constricted. This isn’t for her!

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