The One That Got Away- Chapter 17: What Happens Next

Chapter 17: What Happens Next

this is not that long and things won’t be that clear..but soon, things will be. What happened in between…


He found it impossible to sleep that night. He woke up bathed in sweat even though the storm is lashing on the whole city outside.

He dozed off and woke up again several times. But the same scene inside his head endlessly repeated itself. He has been dreaming about that scene almost every night.


Her beautiful face that anyone would be lucky to look at everyday, Her sweet smile that would melt your heart, her eyes that is like a magnet once your own eyes lay on hers attracting your whole body and even mirrors her own soul.

He couldn’t stop thinking about her. Hell! It feels like hell every single day without her since that rainy evening a year ago.

He blankly stares at the ceiling while he lazily lays on his bed, hoping that another day of misery will soon come to an end.

He never thought he could miss someone like this before. He’s been used to her being around whenever he needs her. And now she’s gone. Gone for now but he is sure, not forever.

Maya, wherever you are right now, please.. Please tell me. I miss you teribly.

He sent her a text message for the nth time. He usually does that whenever he wakes up early in the morning. Even though he was sure that she already had changed her number, he still doesn’t want to let that one last hope of his to slip away. Silently praying that she is still using the same number and is reading all of his messages every day. He imagined her face brightening up after reading his texts. He smiled with the thought as well. Hell! He’s beginning to go crazy!

He is staring at the screen of his laptop that morning without having breakfast. He’s used to it, especially after Maya left him he would spend a day without eating that much. His whole day focused in his work.

Completely ignoring the world, his mother came inside his home office after knocking, but Richard didn’t hear any of her knocks. “Son, we are leaving now.” Esmeralda sat on the chair in front of him. Behind those eyeglasses, his mother can see deep within his eyes all the pain that he’s feeling. But she cannot do anything. And for a mother like her, it hurts her like hell.

Without even looking up from his screen, Richard only gave a nod.

“Ricky, we will be back soon. 1 week lang kami sa Canada. A..alam mo naman na may inaayos kami dun na business deal di ba?” Her mother keeps on telling him this everytime she will leave him to go to Canada with his father. As if to check whether he is listening. Esmeralda, together with her husband went to Canada for the fourth time this time with the same reason.

“Yes, Ma I know. I’ll be fine.”

“If you want, Ricky, you could go with us and have a short break, you know?”

He didn’t respond right away. Sure, he also wanted to have some break. But a vacation would only give him more time to think about her. Indeed, that will only make him crazy.

He took a deep breath. Words couldn’t come out of his throat right away. “I’m fine, Ma. Don’t worry about me.” He forced a smile for his mom to see. But a mother knows you very well. She knows that he’s not okay. After all this time.. He had suffered a lot. She wanted to know what happened to them.. But he never answered her. And for the past year, all he keeps on telling her is that, he will fix things because he loves her.

And what his parents doesn’t know, is that Richard is also clueless on what is the real reason on why Maya left him that night.

Damn! One agonizing year had passed and still, no one can tell him where Maya is. He tried asking his parents, but they were clueless. Afterall, they don’t know what happened. He even asked them to call Maya’s parents, but they too can no longer be found. He’s sure that she left the country, maybe with her parents. He searched for her in the Philippines, but he couldn’t find her. How long would it take him to search the rest of the world? Someone please? Can someone just tell him how long? That could take forever. And he’s dying with the thought of that.

His mother stood up after a few minutes of silence. “Sige anak, I’ll see you after a week. Wag kang magpapagutom ha?” She kissed him on the cheek and left afterwards.



“Any good news? Have you seen her?” He asked, hope was evident in his voice. His friend, Ryan has been helping him all this year searching for his wife.

“Negative. She’s not in Cebu, nor in Palawan. Bro, aren’t you losing hope?”

“No.” Was his quick response

“Kung sana kasi nakinig ka sa’kin simula pa lang…”

“Bro!” He cut him off. “I don’t want to be reminded of what happened, okay? Now kung wala ka namang magandang ibabalita, just don’t call.” He pressed the end call button and threw his phone on his bed. Damn! He’s so exhausted.

He leans his head on the headboard of their bed and closes his eyes.

“Mom, anong oras daw po dadating?” Maya asked her mother for the nth time. She’s sweating the whole time, although the weather is usually cold that day. Maybe it’s because she’s nervous. Yes, she sure is.

“Mga gabi na anak. Sasama ka pa ba?”

“O-opo.” She answered. Unsure whether her decision was final.

“Sigurado ka?” She checked. Alright! Her mother had noticed.

Maya turned to look at her left side and back to her mom before giving her mother a tentative smile “Yes.”

“Huwag kang kabahan anak ah? Hindi ka namin pinipilit kung ayaw mo. Kami na lang ng daddy mo ang kakausap.”

“Ma, nakapag-decide na po ako. I think tama din naman po ito di ba?”

Her mother nodded “Oo, ‘nak. Tama ‘to.”

“Yes, Ma. I think it’s time.” Maya turned to look at her left side again and smiled at what she saw. “Yes. It’s the right time. We’ll take things slow.”

His phone rang so loud that it woke him up from his deep sleep. His eyes slowly opened as it tries to adjust from the sunlight coming from his window.

He reached for his phone on the bed side table, and without even looking who the caller was, he pressed the button and accepted the call.

“Hi.” He remembered the voice, alright. He was awake. He wasn’t dreaming. He could still remember that voice, the same voice that he wanted to hear way back then.

“Uh.. I-is th-this.. ” Somehow, her name couldn’t come out of his mouth. His tongue couldn’t pronounce her name.

“Yes, Richard.. It’s me.. This is Sandy. Remember me?” Her voice was soft..gentle, even.

Suddenly, a cold wind touches his spine even though only the air conditioning inside his room could be felt and the windows are closed. As if a ghost of his past came to visit and haunt him one more time.

“Yes, I do. Why did you called?” He had to know, but his voice was as gentle as hers because he knows that he is the one to blame with everything, not her.

They had parted ways and as long as he could remember, they didn’t end things well. It was such a dramatic night. And things didn’t went good after that. So they are not okay, why is she calling him again?

“Kamusta?” Yeah. And now she’s checking him.

“Not that good. How about you?” At least, he still should be nice.

“Same. Not that good. But hey, I have a flight. I just checked whether this is still your number. We have to talk. About things… Uh.. Just.. Uh.. I will just call you again, Chard. I will call you. Bye.” She ended the call right away without waiting for Richard to respond.

It made him more curious. What else should they talk about? Is their set up already enough? Oh yes, maybe she’ll say sorry. But he shouldn’t be. He’s the one to blame. It’s all his fault. He sighed and rubbed his temple. For sure, he will have a headache for the rest of the day.

“Hello, son!” Esmeralda called him later that morning.

“Hi, Ma.” His voice was a give-away that he is not feeling well.

“Hey, are you sick?”

“Oh. No. No. I’m just still sleepy. Anyway, nasa Canada na kayo?”

“Well, yes. We just arrived. I called you right away to check on you. You should have your breakfast, okay?”

“Yes, Ma. Don’t worry about me. Enjoy your business trip.” He replied while standing up to prepare for work.

“Alright. Anyway, if ever you decided to have a vacation, just tell me. I will make some arrangements. Kami na bahala ng dad mo if you’re concerned of your work..”

“Ma, I said I’m fine. I don’t need a vacation. Don’t worry. Anyway, I need to hurry, I still have a meeting. Bye.” He hung up. He knows that the conversation will take forever. His mother would always insist on giving him a break. But he doesn’t need that, all he needs is his wife.

But he doesn’t know where to find her. And again, after being reminded of being left alone, his head throbbed in pain. Too much stress would kill him!

“So how was he?” Roberto asked his wife as their car drove the busy streets of the country.

“He said he’s fine. But I know that he is not.” Her face has a sullen look. She’s very concerned of her son.

Roberto reaches for her hand and squeezes it. “Don’t worry, everything will soon be really fine.”

She nodded and sighed “I hope so.”

“We should hope for the best with this trip. It sure will be worth it.”

The couple then went silent as their mind went busy with their own thoughts on what will happen next. They are still hoping for the best. They believe so much of what love can do. True love can build a bridge just to connect two people wherever they are. And if that bridge just collapsed, it sure will be rebuilt again for a continuous flow of their love story.

They will cling on to that. Because indeed, there is no such thing as happily ever after but you have to keep on believing, and that will make you feel alright. Even just for a while.

I know, I know. Haha. I left some hints that will be figured out on the next chapters. You can decipher, I know. Most of the time you guys knows what will happen. Thank you po for reading and waiting for updates. 😀 🙂


The One That Got Away: Chapter 16: Weekend Get Away

Chapter 16: Weekend Get Away

He cancelled their date for the nth time. Sandy has that look on her face like as if she will kill someone at the moment.

She’s very upset on how things had turned out between the two of them. Richard is not like this before. He would stay with her no matter what. But these past few days, it seemed as though Richard is always busy with something. He would say that it’s work related but she feels that there is something more.

She swear, she will find out soon!

“I..I. I’m sorry.” He said, holding her arm tight not ever wanting to let go. “Y-you’ve been a wonderful wife Maya and.. I- I don’t know why.. Ev-everything just happened..”

“So hindi mo sinasadya? Ricky, alam ko naman na nung ikasal tayo, kaibigan lang ang tingin mo sa’kin eh. Pero sana sinabi mo. Sinabi mo sana na, ‘Hi Maya! Tama na, wag mo na gawing mukhang tanga ang sarili mo kasi.. Kasi.. Wala. Hindi talaga kita mamahalin kahit kailan.’ E di sana Richard nagpaubaya na ako! Sana lumayo na ako!” She broke down. She cried so hard and yelled at him. Richard’s eyes grew big, he hasn’t seen her mad like this ever. He pulled her arm and tried to embrace her but she pushed him away.

A deafening silence ensued. They just stood there facing each other. Maya is furious while Richard is apologetic.

“Maya.. Please. I’m sorry. I don’t want you to go anywhere. Okay? Let’s fix things.” He pleaded while reaching for her hand but she kept mum. For the first time, he is afraid of something. He is afraid that she’ll leave him.

“Tumawag si Mom kanina, she told me that we will use one van for our family trip to Tagaytay. I told them it’s okay… Okay lang naman di ba?” He asked. He doesn’t know how he can pacify her. He just hopes that she is still willing to go with them to their planned trip.

“It’s actually better.” She said and went upstairs. She’s right. It’s better that way. He also doesn’t want to bear the awkward silence that they will share if the two of them will be sharing one car. Also, he doesn’t want to take the risk of Maya not joining them because of their problem right now. He want to spend time with her. He’s so sorry.

When she left him standing there, he realized that she loves her even way back then. He is so stupid that his eyes didn’t see the woman of his life all this time. Something that had passed before his eyes but he was so busy to notice.

She stares at the mirror scrutinizing her face. She is still beautiful, given that her eyes were puffy from crying. She is nice to everyone. She is sweet. What did that girl of Richard have that she doesn’t have?! She started crying again with the thought of that girl. She wondered what she looked like. Is that the same girl that Liza informed her months ago?

A day before their trip to Tagaytay, they had been very civil in the house. Anyway, they never had been that sweet so it is not that hard to pretend that they’re okay.

Maya packed her things as well as Richard’s. She is still attending to his needs even though they are not okay. She is still his wife after all.

Richard has been receiving a lot of calls and messages that day but he turned his phone off, he doesn’t want to attract Maya’s attention and to add fuel to the fire.

The honking of the van outside their house indicates the arrival of their parents. As they saw their parents, they settled in. They occupied the last seats at the back of the van and off they go.

Maya wandered her eyes outside the window. Hoping that every place that they passed through would make her mind divert its attention. Somehow, she can’t breathe with Richard that close to her. Before, the reason is because she is giddy, but now, it’s because she is furious. She wondered if Richard and Sandy are still talking and the scenario last time was all just for a show. Ha! They must have been laughing at her stupidity right now!

Richard, on the other hand is gazing at Maya who is seated beside him. She seemed so far away. Cannot be reached. The impact of what he did is now affecting their relationship, as friends and as husband and wife. He knows he is in trouble.

His phone kept on ringing and beeping every now and then again. It’s Sandy, of course. He just can’t talk to her right now. He cannot give in to talking to her again, he is still not sure of how much she can affect him. So he left his phone at home instead and spend the weekend with his wife without thinking of Sandy. He knows that he should talk to her soon, but not now. Not today. Not this weekend with his family. He badly needs this chance.

“Maya, anak, saan mo ba gusto dun pumasyal muna? Dumaan na muna tayo duon bago sa hotel? Or gusto nyo muna sa hotel bago mamasyal?” Her mother asked her. But her mind is already traveling in outer space.

“Maya, sweetheart, mom’s asking you.” Richard whispered to her ear that startled her. The term sweetheart makes her insides twist. She wanted to throw up! “Ah! Ma, sorry, ano ulit yun?” She asked.

“Sabi ko, kung gusto mo muna ba mamasyal o magpahinga muna sa hotel. Tutal ikaw ang may gusto ng sa Tagaytay tayo kaya alam ko na may gusto kang puntahan.” Yes, she suggested this trip. She wanted to spend the whole weekend with Richard, share memories with him. But this time, she hates being so close to him. The heck! How ironic.

“Mamasyal na lang po tayo muna saglit Ma, tapos kain na din ng lunch sa labas.” She suggested. Duh. She doesn’t want to rest in the hotel because she knows, she will be staying the same room with Richard. She hates alone time with him.

“Okay, ‘nak. Mang Lem, sa picnic grove na muna tayo.”

“Ma’am, sir, horse ride po? Mura lang po! For 30 minutes.” A guy approched them as soon as they set their feet on the ground of the picnic grove. The place is really refreshing with the trees and the cold weather. A good place to keep her mind off things.

“Gusto mong sumakay sa horse?” She jolted up when she heard him beside her. Crap. He is always there when she doesn’t want him to be close to her.

“Nope. I’m not a kid anymore.”

“It’s fun, Maya. And it’s not just for kids. Right, Ma?” He turned to look at his parents. Their parents are busy taking pictures and laughing at each other at the moment. He wondered when him and Maya will be like that. Great. Now he is thinking of a wonderful life with her. He should’ve realized this at the early stage of their marriage. Things won’t be this complicated then.

“Ha?” His mother asked as she was momentarily surprised with the question. She was busy taking pictures that she didn’t notice about other else’s prescence. “Oh. Yes, of course. Kami nga din we would love to ride the horse. Kaso lang medyo we are old enough for that. Kaya kayo na lang ni Maya. Go ahead.” She answered when she took a moment to realize his question.

“See? So let’s go? 30 minutes lang naman oh.”

“Opo ma’am, masaya po yun. Pagbigyan nyo na po si sir.” The man with his horse behind him added.

She would love to say no. Only if her mother didn’t pushed her to go. “Oo nga anak. Sige na. Hihintayin namin kayo ni Richard. Para naman magenjoy kayong mag-asawa.”

Minutes after she agreed to ride a horse, they were led to the place where horses are waiting for them. People are gathered there, some are riding the horse while those on the side are watching their kids and friends enjoying the ride.

They were given two horses. Maya was afraid at first because her horse is not as behave as it should be, but when Richard suggested that the two of them could take one horse so that he can help her, she immediately declined his offer.

A circular path is the only way the horses would go. It will only walk in cirlces for 30 minutes. Whenever they would pass by the side where their parents are waiting for them, their mothers would ask to take photos of them in which Richard gladly posed for some. Richard was all smiles, like a kid enjoying his first horse ride while Maya forced a smile in their pictures.

“Ma’am, Sir, kung gusto po ninyo pwede po namin kayo ipasyal sa labas sa may pineapple farm additional bayad na lang po yun.” The man who takes care of their horses asked them when the good thirty-minute ride was over.

“No thanks.” “Sure!” The two answered at the same time.

“Ano po? Oo po ba o hindi?” The man was confused as he scratches his head with their answer.

“Yes. My wife and I would love that. Just give us few minutes to inform our parents.” Richard beat her to answer the man. Maya was annoyed but she doesn’t know why she cannot argue. Maybe she’s just so tired of avoiding him and wanted to enjoy the weekend instead.

Maya couldn’t be more surprised when she found out that they will be sharing only one horse. She cannot argue when she saw her parents looking lovingly at them. This is all a bad idea, so she thought. Anyway, it’s only for thirty minutes and they won’t be alone because two guys will accompany them and will lead their way towards the farm.

However, the proximity of their bodies make her feel uneasy. His chest behind her makes her want ti hug him. Mixed emotions are bubbling up once again. She tried so hard to divert her attention to the view around them.

“Ma’am, Sir, ito po yung pineapple farm. Pwede po muna tayo magstay para magpicture kayo.”

Richard went down first and then he helped Maya. She was amazed by the number of pineapple before her eyes. She gasped as the beautiful picture perfect scene is laid for her to see. She walked towards it holding her phone to take pictures.

Richard smiled behind her, enjoying watching his wife. As she was busy walking and smiling, Richard got an idea. He talked to the men who accompanied them and went back to where Maya is.

She lifted her eyes from her phone when she felt that someone is beside her. And when she did, she saw Richard smiling at her.


“W-what? Bakit?” He repeated

She rolled her eyes at him. When her eyes darted back on the path that they are in, she no longer saw the horses and the guys there. Great!

“Hala!! Nasaan na sila kuya tska yung mga kabayo?” She panicked.

He played innocent and started looking around as well. “I don’t know.” He shrugged

“Bakit nila tayo iniwan?! Ano ba yan!” She started walking so Richard held her hand to stop her

“Where are you going?”

“Babalik ako.”

“What? You’ll walk? Paano kung maligaw ka?”

“Let’s just stay here. Baka naglakad yung horses so they followed them” he smiled

“Wow ha! So anong gagawin natin dito?”

He paused for a while and held her hand tighter. “We’ll talk.”
Thursday. The night before Richard and Maya fought. After realizing that maybe Richard is really that busy that’s why he cancelled their date, Sandy tried to reach him.

She has been calling Richard’s mobile phone for the nth time. Tears were starting to form that soon enough will fall from her eyes.

He is not answering his phone. Again.

Maya stared back at him. Oh no. This is the scene that she’s been avoiding. Alone time. She is supposed to be mad! She is still, but he has been doing things that made her walls to crash. She is just way too in love with him. Stupid even. And she has been avoiding him for she is afraid that she’ll end up believing him again. In which, she is very sure that she will.

“Kanina pa kita kinakausap ano namang dapat pag-usapan pa?” She pulled her hand away from his hold trying so hard not to give in that easy.

“Maya, I want to know how mad you are. I wanted to apologize and.. I want you to forgive me.”

“Wow.” She muttered sarcastically

“.. I swear I never did talked to her again. Although.. Of course I should still but..but just to close everything.”

“I haven’t realized how much you mean to me. Nung naging close tayo, in a romantic sense, I felt that..this marriage is not that pointless.”

He breathed deep to gain more courage. She’s staring at her feet and didn’t dare to talk but he knows that she’s listening. “I’ll be true to you, Maya. I wasn’t tempted. When I saw her I don’t know what I just felt. Love? Attraction? Honestly, I don’t know. But maybe I did felt something because I believed that you and I are not for each other. That one day, I will cross paths to someone who will make my heart flutter with so much joy and that is what I thought I felt towards Sandy. However, I didn’t realize that I’ve already known the woman God had promised me all my life.”

He gazes lovingly at her. He meant every word that he said. Tears rolled down her face but still she cannot look straight to his eyes. She is happy to know that he loves her but the fact that he did felt something to that girl hurts like hell. “Please, say something Maya. I am slowly dying with your silence. Hurt me all you want right now. But please say something.”

They were alone there. With only the wind lashing on them as their company. It would have been a romantic place. A perfect place to be with the one you love. But not fighting on something that he has done.

Sandy stood up from the couch inside her condo unit. Dialed Richard’s mobile again. Stupid to think that maybe his battery was low on battery and that he is saving it. Maybe he’s home now from the office and his phone might be turned on.

Stupid. Stupid! She’s so stupid to believe it.

Finally, she lifted her eyes and glares at him. Without any hesitation, she started pouncing on him on his chest. Crying with every throw of her fists. All her life, she wanted to be loved by this man. How could he realize everything after inflicting so much pain? Does he really have to do that? She doesn’t deserve it!

Richard accepted her punches even though it hurts him. It cannot match all the pain that he’s given her. When she’s done throwing punches at him and was left sobbing, he enveloped Maya in a tight embrace. Feeling sorry for all the painful things that he has done. “I’m so sorry.” He muttered and planted a kiss on her head. “I am really sorry..”

Maya cried harder after hearing him asking for her forgiveness. Why can’t her heart stop from loving him? Why is she that stupid? Her heart and mind were fighting on what to do. Unable to decide whether to accept him again. He has been honest to her. He even broke up with the girl. Is she that dumb if she will still accept him? What can she do? She loves him so much.
Sandy dialed again. She’s having that weird feeling that she cannot explain. She’s troubled.

His phone is ringing again after trying her luck another time. Hoping that he will answer this time.

And so he answered! Her heart leaped with joy!

But before she could utter a single hello, his voice roared in the line as if he’s in a hurry, as if he’s mad. As if he’s breaking up. Oh wait. He just did. “Hello. I’m breaking up on you. Bye.”

Those words struck her like a lightning. She died inside. Wait. She checked her phone, maybe she dialed a wrong number! Maybe it’s a random number that she had dialed due to annoyance and irritation brought by Richard. Maybe she’s dreaming.

She tried to call him again. Cannot be reached. A voice kept on repeating that the number she dialed can no longer be reached.

She needed to breathe. Maybe Richard is just upset over something. Maybe he didn’t know that it’s her who’s calling him. Yes. That’s it. He doesn’t know that it was her.

She’ll send him a message and try to call him again later, or tomorrow. Yes. That is the best thing to do. Stop overthinking, Sandy. You will go crazy.

After a few, he felt her arms slowly enveloping him in a hug. He finally released his breath that he’s been holding. “I love you, Maya. We will start over again. I will do anything for you.”

“Okay.” She answered weakly. She is so tired of getting hurt and only wanted to be enveloped in his arms that day. The only place where she feels safe.

“Goodmorning!” Richard greeted her under the covers of their bed. He’s been awake very early and has been scrutinizing every feature of his wife. Appreciating her beauty that he was so stupid not to notice all this time. “Breakfast?” He asked her as she kisses her forehead.

She nodded weakly and smiled at him. “Hey. What happened to your tongue? Simula kahapon di ka na nagsalita… Oh! No. Wait. You did say something.. Last night, you yelled my name while we’re…”

“Shut up!! Itigil mo yan kung ayaw mong magalit ako ulit sa’yo!” She blushed profusely with the thought of what they did the night after they had patched things up. She believes that Richard will be a better husband this time. She hopes so.

He grinned and pulled her back to the bed with him. “You know what? Why skip breakfast and just make up for our wasted time?” He winked at her before kissing her full on the lips.

Sunday was spend with their family. After a Sunday mass in Pink Sisters, they went to Sky Ranch. They were unseparable much to their parents delight.

Sure enough, Maya still cannot forget what Richard did. But she is trying to do so. Because she knows that reminding herself of the wrong things that one has done, cannot make her forgive at the same time.

At the Sky Ranch, their parents enjoyed the kiddie rides where adults can also ride while Maya and Richard enjoyed the Super Vikings. Maya couldn’t help but scream all through out, much to the amusement of Richard.

At the Sky Eye ferris wheel, the three couples insisted on riding three gondolas separately so that they could have some privacy with their partners.

The peacefulness of the place surrounds them. They were seated beside each other while holding hands, enjoying the company of each other.


“Yes?” He stares at her. Loving the way her hair rested on her shoulders. She’s beyond beautiful so he gave her a quick kiss to satisfy himself.

She smiled. She missed this side of him. After they fought, she’s secretly missing those days before that “bouquet incident” happened where Richard and her are sweet. “Ka-kailan mo sya kakausapin?” She asked. Her eyes darted towards the view of the Taal volcano up from the Sky Eye.

He gulps and kisses her hand that he’s holding. “As soon as we’re back in Manila. Don’t worry, I will tell you when. Even the place. Every single detail. And I that will be the last time that we will see each other again, I promise.”

She nodded her head and turns back to him. “I will give you my trust again Ricky. I believe in you. Just don’t even try to break it again.”

“I promise I won’t.” He cups her face, tilted her chin, and closes his eyes before he claims her lips. They kissed so slowly inside the gondola. Not minding that the ride will end soon.

With their eyes closed, Maya rested her head on his shoulder while Richard rested his head on top of her head. They stayed there and waited until the ride stops. They are contented and happy with just being beside each other. Unaware of the surprise that the two of them will be facing soon enough. A surprise that will test and might even collapse the walls of their love that they newly built together. A storm that might tear them apart.

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