It Happened in Paris -Part 1

It Happened in Paris

hi! This is a two-part short story update. Yung TOTGA is still on le process of writing. Medyo mental block. Hahaha :)))

Anyway, share ko lang moment ko kay Nanay Teresita. 😀

Nay Teresita: Ilang taon ka na?
Me: 20 po
Her: ah! So College. Akala ko High School lang kayo.

Magdiwang, mukha akong bata talaga. Hahaha :3 au revoir! Next update ko Totga pramissss :)))

A dusting of brown leaves crunches underneath her feet as she walks her way in the busy streets of Paris. Her curls that beautifully lay on her shoulder made her look more beautiful than usual.

The Seine River gave her that peaceful time of the day as she was already exhausted for too much walking. Indeed, most tourists would love to visit Paris because it is tagged by many as one of the romantic places on earth. She would definitely agree if only someone is with her during that trip. Unfortunately, she is alone.

The famous iron lattice tower known as La tour Eiffel located on Champ de Mars is already lighted early that night as the whole city was filled with darkness.

As she was already settled on a table outside the coffee shop, her eyes scanned the whole place. She remembered her trip here before. It was one of the happiest trips of her life. She was with her ex boyfriend. They held hands, laugh at each other, and they even kissed near the Eiffel Tower. It was very romantic together with your love one.

The two of them even went to Pont des Arts Bridge to lock a padlock on the bridge to show their affection towards each other which symbolizes their undying love. Her heart pierced with pain. How funny that the love locks are now banned because too much weight of love as they say, might cause the bridge to collapse. She laughed as the thought crossed her mind, because indeed, their love had already collapsed.

She took a bite of her Panini and grabbed her cup of coffee before standing up and walking once again.

She passed by Pont-Marie known as the bridge of lovers. Maybe, just maybe, if they had kissed under this bridge and wished for eternal love, as legends say, then maybe they are still together. Maybe he didn’t leave her to marry another woman. That man is a jerk!

Richard is busy taking pictures for his room of memories. His whole room is filled with snapshots of places that he had travelled to. Capturing scenes that he doesn’t want to be forgotten.

He loves photography but his father is against it so he only captures pictures for fun. He is on his vacation after a stressful year in their company. He deserved such rest, and maybe if God will bless him, he might as well give him a bonus. A girl, that will also capture his heart.


She went back to Hotel de Ville where she is staying. It started to drizzle so she had no other choice but to go back. She wondered when she will be able to move on.


The rain started pouring hard. He started running his way back to his hotel. Hotel de Ville, one of the romantic places in Paris. Maybe that is why he chose this hotel. He is hoping he could meet someone new here. Someone, who is deserving of his attention.

He is already drenched when he reached the cafe of the hotel. He decided to grab a cup of coffee so that he won’t get sick. Few people spare him a glance but went back to talking to their respective partners. Somehow he envies them for sharing a cup of coffee with someone. The whole place is full of people. Most are couples sharing coffee and laughter, while others are with their friends. He shook his head, all are happy with someone. He is the only one there who would have his coffee alone.

He took a deep breath and took a step backwards. He had lost his craving for coffee with the mere thought of sitting there alone, all soak and wet.

As he was about to enter the lobby on his way out of the cafe’s door, he saw someone sitting alone. And she’s the only one who is drinking her coffee without a company. He smiled as he pauses for a while to stare at her.

She is very beautiful. He cannot see her whole face as she was seated sideways. He can only catch a glimpse of half of her face, yet he knows that she is gorgeous. Her lips are inviting whenever she bites her lower lip after a sip of her coffee.

Without thinking twice, he ordered a cup of coffee for himself and two slices of chocolate cake. He made his way confidently to her table and coughed just enough for her to look up and notice this handsome man standing in front of her.

“Salut, je peux avoir un siege?” He tried approaching her in French, asking if he could join her. He was sure she’s Asian, or maybe American but he’s in France so maybe he should talk to her in French instead.

She stared at her and didn’t respond. He wasn’t sure if she understands what he had said. Her eyebrows were knitted. Crap. Maybe she was pissed at him or something. Perhaps he is disturbing her privacy.

So he tried again. “Desole. Je vais laisser.” He apologized and bid goodbye instead but before he could turn his heels, she started talking.

“I’m sorry, I don’t speak French. I only know au revoir and merci.” She smiled so sweetly at him. Crap. Her lips made him weak. What is this sudden feeling?!

“Desole. Uhh, I mean, sorry. All tables are already occupied and I saw you here alone.. Uh.. I wondered if.. Uh..So can I-”

“Sure. No problem. I’m tired of talking to myself anyway.” She cut him off. She finds him cute as he stutter while talking to her. Geez. He’s so cute! She wonders if he’s french.. But his eyes are chinky. Maybe he’s korean or Chinese? Perhaps, Japanese? Whatever.

He settled himself across her and gave her a slice of cake. She momentarily pauses from sipping her coffee. Surprised at his thoughtfulness. “Is this mine?”

“Uh.. Y-yes. I just thought of buying you a slice because I am asking for a favor. Just a thank you cake?” He smiled. Oh his teeth are perfect! She just love how guys smile with wonderful teeth. It turns her on. Big time.

“Oh.” She simpers “well, so if I declined, what will you do to the other slice?”

“I’ll eat it of course.” They laughed. Amazing how strangers can be this comfortable in a snap.

“Thanks for this. Anyway, so.. Are you on a vacation, too?”

“Yes. I’m here for three weeks. How about you?”

“Maybe a month. I am still not sure though.”

The two had engage themselves in a long conversation such as after drinking their cups of coffee, they ordered another cup. They lost track of time. Sure enough, they enjoyed talking to each other. Neither one had noticed how attracted they were towards each other. Their eyes are sparkling like stars that night.

The rain had stopped outside when they shared a comfortable silence. Richard wanted to ask more questions. It is indeed very surprising to meet someone from his own country.

“So.. Saan ka nakatira sa Pinas?” He asked her finally in their own language after finding out that she’s from the Philippines as well.

“Hm.. Makati. Minsan sa Manila. If I will stay with my mom, sa Manila ako umuuwi. Eh, ikaw?”

“Ah..Cebu.” He shifted and leaned forward. “Minsan din sa Makati or Pasig. Depende din.”

“Ooh.”She commented. It’s getting cold that night, she suddenly thought of checking her phone and was shocked to find out that it is already almost midnight. They enjoyed talking so much. “Geez! It’s late. Maybe we should go to sleep now.” She quickly took her bag and fishes for her room key.

But Richard wanted to stay there and talk to her some more. She’s like a magnet. Or a flower that attracts a bee. “Uhm.. Alright. But maybe we can hang out together and visit different places together, right?” He offered. Hoping that she would say yes.


“If.. If it’s alright?” He checked. Please say yes!

“Sure. Okay. See you tomorrow.” She doesn’t know him but somehow, his looks would just make you say yes.

His heart leaped. “Alright. Goodnight.”

“Night. Merci!” Before leaving him on the table, she pauses when she remembered something. “We’ve been talking for ages here, I forgot to introduce myself. I’m Maya.” She offered her hand for a handshake. Richard took it and squeezes it lightly.

“Hi. I’m Richard Lim.”


Her thoughts circle around the next day while waiting for Richard in the hotel’s cafe. She is not sure whether he will show up. She doesn’t know if he is really serious about going out together that day, and also, she is not sure where they will meet or at what time. So as soon as she woke up, she hurriedly prepared to go out.

It is almost an hour and she’s getting irritated. She hates waiting! She should at least cleared the time and place so that she won’t look like an idiot waiting for someone who seemed not really serious in his invitation. Oh Crap.

Her mind is already having doubts when suddenly; a manly scent engulfed her nostrils. And when she turned her head, she met his gaze.

He is wearing a long sleeve blue striped shirt and jeans. Simple yet he looks deadly handsome on it. Her breath hitches. She find it hard to gasp for some air. Why does he have such effect on her?

“I am sorry. Kanina ka pa? I woke up late. Sorry.” He apologizes as he took a seat in front of her. Actually, he find it hard sleeping last night because of her, so he ended up waking up late.

“Aaaah.. Okay lang.” She smiled trying so hard to hide her nervousness. What the hell. This is not a date, Maya!

“So.. Uh. Let’s go?”

“Yeah. Sure.”

Maya and Richard strolled around the whole rue for an hour before Maya pulled Richard to a theater nearby called Le Reflet Medicis. She wanted to watch something here in France. Given that she knew how well known France is in Film making.

Richard insisted on paying for their tickets which she tried to argue but didn’t win over him. At least she saved some money.

The theater is showing a classic American comedy movie entitled “The Bachelor Mother” starring Ginger Rogers. She loves watching old movies, good thing that Richard really doesn’t mind. She really likes him for being such a good company.

The film started rolling shortly after they managed to find a good spot to sit. This movie started and she loves every bit of it. David Merlin later on fell in love with the salesgirl named Polly which is played by Ginger Rogers and keeps the relationship a secret from his father. David thought that Polly is already a mother of a boy named baby John.

She was so engrossed in watching the movie so it took him some time before she notices that Richard keeps on shifting on his seat. Like as if he’s uncomfortable.

She glances at him and he smiled cutely. Her cheeks blush more for his smile. His arm is close to hers, and suddenly she wants to touch him. She lost her focus on the film. She wanted to lace her fingers to his, but she decided against it. How that would be comforting eh?

He shifts again on his seat with his left arm touching her right arm. She can’t breathe. She glances at him, only to catch him staring back. Geez! She’s paralyzed.

Right at that moment, everything around them stopped. She doesn’t want to press play. His lips slowly curved up for a smile showing his dimple. How much cuter can he get?

With all of her will power, she nodded and bore her eyes to the screen and stiffens. However, she can still feel his deadly stares. She knows, even in the dark that he is staring at her. What the heck!

Maybe she should talk and ask him about the movie? Yes, maybe he’s waiting for her to talk. Sure. That’s it. “Uhh.. Ganda ng movie no? Classic yet, cute.” She commented not giving him a glance.

He nodded in agreement. “Yes. But the woman seated next to me is much way more beautiful to look at.” She blushes. Her whole face is already red like an apple, good thing the shadows can hide her face. What is this guy doing to her? They only knew each other for a day! Just one day!

He is grinning. Her heart couldn’t stop from beating fast. Sooner it’ll explode for sure.

“Ah. Yung katabi mo sa kabilang side?” She pointed at the blondy girl on his right side. Richard shook his head and laughed.

Slowly, she felt Richard’s warm breathe near her right ear as he whispers. “No.”

Thank good heavens as he started sitting straight and focused his attention back to the screen. Is he flirting with her? Because she will seriously gonna freak out. She was used with such guys giving hints that they like her but she would do something mean to them to shoo them away. However, she seemed to like his closeness to her. Heck! She liked everything about him. She rarely knows him yet it seemed as though they had known each other for years already.

After watching the movie, they keep on walking with no exact direction to follow. Richard and Maya bought sandwiches along the way and munch to it while walking side by side.

They’ve stayed and sat for a while near a fountain while talking everything under the sun.

A week had passed and it is already their routine to go out together, visit random places such as churches and museums even have lunch and dinner together. The two had grown close to each other. And Maya is aware of the stares that Richard is giving him but she doesn’t want to entertain it, even though her heart is jumping with giddiness.

It is very clear to Richard that he likes her. He was attracted to her since the day that he saw her. She is beautiful, indeed but as he gets to know her more, she is not just a pretty face. Her whole personality makes him like her more. He is still not sure whether it’s love; all that he is sure is that he is happy whenever they are together.

On the 10th day of their vacation, Richard asked her to accompany him that night somewhere. For the past few days, they avoided this place so Maya was surprised on why they are there. It had been known as the most romantic part of Paris, or so she thought.

As usual, Richard is taking picture of the place like as if it’s his first time there. Maya stared at the Eiffel tower in front of her and scanned the whole place afterwards. Couples are making out and are kissing wherever she turn her head. Geez! It made her feel uncomfortable.

Richard took snapshots of Maya. His camera is already filled with her pictures. Some, she even asked for him to delete but he refused to do so.

The flash of his camera startled Maya, she half-run her way to him. “Uy! Ano na naman yan. Idelete mo yan!!”

“Ayoko.” The camera is held high so that Maya can’t reach it.

“Ricky!!!!!!” She stomps her feet in annoyance

“No.” He chuckled

“Nakakainis ka!”

“Okay, I will delete it. If…” His eyes stared right back at her.

“If what?”

He paused. Looks around and grinned. His eyebrows shoot up and down, teasing her more.

She blushes profusely with the thought that he’s asking for a kiss. “Hell no!!”


“Ayoko! I won’t kiss you!” She rolled her eyes at him. Richard laughed at loud in amusement.

“Whaaat? I am not asking for one.”

“H-ha?” Crap. Great. What is that sort of disappointed feeling inside of her?

He chuckled. He reached for her hand and held it tight. “Anyway, you just gave me a good idea.”

“Shut up!” She slapped his shoulder using her other hand, not wanting to let go of Richard’s hand.

“Seriously though, I am happy that I’ve met you here in Paris.” His eyes showed sincerity and so much more that she cannot decipher.

“Ditto.” She smiled sweetly.

Maybe because they’re in Paris. The most romantic place on earth. Perhaps, that is the reason why the mood changed. Slowly, Richard touched hair, her cheek and lifts her chin up. His thumb touches her lips and without haste, as if taking all the time in the world, he pressed his lips with hers.

A long lingering kiss. “I love you.” He muttered after kissing her and pulled her to a bear hug.

Maya cannot take it all in. She doesn’t know what to say. She hugged him back and they stayed like that for a while.

“Goodnight.” Richard’s smile was plastered on his face the whole time they are walking back to their hotel. He walks her to her hotel room.

“Au revoir.” She smiled as her eyes lovingly stare on their laced fingers. Finally.

“See you tomorrow.”


“See you.”

“Yes. Goodnight.”



He chuckled. Somehow he doesn’t want to lose the sight of her. Now he is sure, he loves her. “Okay, fine. You’re shooing me away.” He pouts acting hurt. She pinches him on his side finding him cute.

“I’ll see you tomorrow.”

He sighs. “I can’t wait ’til tomorrow.”

“Stop being so cheesy Mr. Richard Lim.”

“Am I getting too cheesy for you already?”

“Hmm.. For the past few hours. Yes, but I’m loving it.”

“Good.” He pulled her for an embrace and kissed her hair. “I love you.” He pulled back before giving her a light kiss on the lips.

Subject: how are u?

Hi. How’s Paris? Just wanted to check if you’re doing great. There are a lot of things that we needed to talk about, Maya. Let’s talk. Please.

Waiting for you,

She stared at his email for what seems to be an eternity. What is this all about? Such a freak! He already left her for another woman and the last time that she heard, he is getting married. What does he want?

Reluctantly, her fingers started typing.

Subject: shut up shut up

Shut up. What else should we talk about? Everything is crystal clear to me. So, shut up!

Hating you forever,

He is such a jerk!!!


Richard noticed that Maya is spacing out that day. They are walking around the whole city while her other hand is holding his camera and the other is holding her hand.

“What’s wrong?”

She was startled. She is actually thinking about Jeffrey if he already replied to her email. She’s dying of curiosity on why did he suddenly contact her? “H-ha?”

“You seemed out of reach. What’s bothering you?” He stopped and turned to look at her eyes.

“Wala… Uh.. Kain tayo ng ice cream?”

“Ice cream? It’s cold. Baka magkasakit ka.” He is so concerned; Maya can see the love that he has for her.

“Hindi yan, sige na please.”

He shook his head. He really can’t say no to this girl beside her. “Alright. How can I say no to you?” He gave her a kiss before pulling her to the nearest ice cream parlor.

Subject: I ran away

Yes. I am so stupid. I wanna talk to you. I love you. I want you back. I ran away from my wedding. I wanted to tell you all the details but you’re far away. I still can’t go out of the country. I need to fix things. I miss you, Maya. Please talk to me soon. xx


She read it for the nth time. He left that girl for her. She is now confused on what to do. She should hate him, right? But why does her heart tells her otherwise?

Her fingers already started typing a reply, creating drafts when suddenly her phone beeped.

From: Ricky icky

Hi. Lunch? I’m already outside ur room (:

Geez! And now here’s Richard. What now, Maya? Do you really like Richard that much? Or are you still stupidly in love with Jeffrey? Crap!

She rested her head on her palms for a while thinking on what she should do before standing up and opening the door.

Richard on his green polo shirt greeted her. Damn he looks so gorgeous.

“Hi, sweetheart.” He kissed her on her cheek and went in.


“Yes, I decided to call you that. Why? Cheesy na naman?” He chuckled while giving her a tight embrace. “I miss you.”

“Miss agad? Magkasama lang tayo kahapon.” She rolled her eyes at him

“But we always took breakfast together and you skipped it today. I got worried but I thought you overslept.” He said.

Dang! She forgot to eat. She’s totally occupied about her ex’s emails to her. She heaved a sigh. “Sorry.”

“It’s alright. Let’s just eat lunch together.”

She smiled weakly at him “uh.. Parang ayoko kasi lumabas Ricky eh.”

“Oh.” He nodded “Okay, order na lang tayo.”

Indeed, Richard knows how to take good care of her. He is sweet, a perfect man who deserves a perfect girl. Unfortunately, she is all messed up. She cannot give her whole heart. Not just yet.

Richard stayed some more in her room after lunch. They watched movies shown on different channels. On the 3rd movie, Richard fell asleep on her bed. She stared at his sleeping form. He is so handsome. Drop dead gorgeous. How can he be so sure that he loves her?

Carefully, she reached for her phone and started typing a reply to Jeffrey. Maybe she needed this. She needed him.

Subject: fine

Alright. Let’s talk. I am planning on going back to the Philippines soon. Maybe we can talk when I got back. Just talk.


She bit her lip, unsure if her decision is right. But what else can she do? She doesn’t belong in Paris. She needs to go back home.


Richard and Maya visited Pont Marie. He took pictures of the place as usual and another snapshots of Maya. This time though, his camera captured a very sad woman beside her.

“What is wrong? May problema ba?”

She shook her head and gave him a smile. “Ricky, thank you ha? Sobra. Sa adventures, sa memories, sa pag-aalaga.”

“You don’t have to thank me. The only reason behind my actions is because I love you.” He grinned before kissing her. He loves kissing her, with her lips so sweet, he just can’t get enough of her. He stared at her eyes tenderly. Oh how he loves this woman.

Her hand touching his hand on her face feels so cold. She’s nervous. She doesn’t know what to say. Should she now drop the bomb?

“You know what? Legends say that if you kiss with your loved one here, you can wish on staying together forever and it’ll come true.” He chuckled; he too still finds it weird. “I never believed in anything like that, Maya. But now, I am taking the chances. Because, right after kissing you, I made a wish.”

Silence. The cold wind lashes on to them, touching their faces. Maya couldn’t believe that someone is capable of loving her this much even though they’ve only met for weeks. “How can you say that?”

He turned his head to look at her with obvious confusion. “What do you mean?”

“How can you say that you love me? We’ve only met for few days.”

Richard held on to the brick of the bridge. “I just felt it. I never felt like this Maya. Sometimes, love will come without hints, or clues that the one in front of you is the one whom you will love. Believe me, we’ve been together for weeks, yet it felt as if we’ve known each other for ages.” He explained, his eyes shining that night.

Maya remained quiet, she feels the same way, too. Like as if they’ve known each other for quite some time already. And indeed, it is scaring the hell out of her. Things should be this fast right? You have to be sure with everything. She doesn’t want to take risk.

“Why? Don’t you feel the same way?” he asked. The moment that he blurted those words out, he already regretted it. No. He doesn’t want to know. He wanted to believe that she feels the same way.

Slowly, she faced him and smiled weakly. “I don’t know. I just—“

He cut her off. He’s scared on what she will tell him. “Look, it’s alright if you’re still not that sure. But Maya, my intentions are real. I met different women but this is the first time that I’ve been this happy and—“

“You’re happy because we’re in Paris. That’s just it.”

“Wait. Why are you saying that? I know, you also feel something, Maya. Whenever I kiss you, you never push me away.”

“That is because… because… I am thinking of someone. I am thankful that I met you. Just thankful.”

Richard was dumbfounded. Wait. Did he miss anything? Great! He never asked her if she’s single! Darn it!!

“so…you have someone in your life?”

She nods. Her heart is still occupied, and she is still hoping that when she gets back in Manila, the can fix things between them. She’s ready to be stupid again.

He released the breath that he’s been holding. He’s been very careful in approaching her, in dropping hints about his intention. He never thought things will end this way.

“Thank you Ricky for the memories. Thank you.” She tiptoed to plant a kiss on his cheek and turned her heels to leave him, but he grabbed her arm.

“Then maybe he is not treating you well that’s why you allowed me to kiss you. I am dying here Maya. You could’ve just told me on the first place that there is someone else.”

She quivers. It never occurred to her that he will react this way.

“I thought you are only offering friendship, Richard. Please. Tama na.” she tried to pull her arm away from his hold but he tightens his grip.

“Well, then. Thank you. Thank you for making me act stupidly. For allowing me to take good care of you, for having dates with me, for spending the day watching movies in your room, for letting me kiss you, hug you. Thank you for being such a great friend. I appreciate it!” he can no longer control his emotions. He is badly hurt.

Maya is biting her lip, stopping herself from crying. Why should it end this way? She wanted to stay friends with him, to go out as friends when they get back in Manila. But now, she ruined it.

“I am sorry if you assumed things Ricky. I am going back to Manila. Take care.” With one swift move, he lets go of her.

She is slowly fading away from his sight as the lamp posts gave her needed light from walking out. She needed to breathe. She doesn’t know why but after he released her arm, she wanted to run back to him and to embrace him. To say sorry and to tell him that she likes him, too. But that is such a stupid thing to do right now.

Maybe, what happens in Paris stays in Paris.

He watches her walk away from him. Her slow steps make it hard for him not to hope that she will go back to him. But she didn’t.

He shook his head and smiled foolishly. He is such an idiot to believe that he will find love in Paris. This is a nightmare that he needs to forget.

The next day, Richard didn’t saw Maya, even in the following days. Which made him feel like all that happened was just a bad dream.

He needed to wake up, as soon as possible.


again, next update yung totga. 🙂


17 thoughts on “It Happened in Paris -Part 1

  1. I think Maya should have her head examined. The guy had already left him for another woman so why bother. Besides she already has a new man who was willing to love her and accept everything so why doesn’t she just move on and ignore that ash… back in Manila

  2. Hay Maya! Well, you said it yourself, you’re ready to be stupid again. Ganun naman talaga, ang pagsisisi parating nasa huli. Jeff already left you for another woman!! If he was able to do it you the first time, he can do it to you again. Sana naman the next chapter is soon. I feel very sad for Richard here. I don’t feel bad for him in totga, but here yes. Thank you for this new story. Looking forward to the next chapters of both (totga and ihip).

  3. How could she do that to HIM!!! I hope Jeff is worth letting go of Richard”s love???? Which I know for a fact she made the biggest mistake of her life once she gets back and realized what she let go of………I hope when that time comes Richard would still take her back ……Hay ang lungkot naman ??? Can’t wait for the next chapter please !!!!’

  4. my heart is crying for Ricky – sana sa akin ka na lang … Maya how could you that to him? bakit ba tayong mga babae ang hirap nating e analyze ung totoong feelings natin? ms. katey, still hoping na maging sila sa second-half nito… ang saket saket lang, ininihahanda ko na ang dibdib ko sa kirot ng update ng TOTGA but kailan man hindi nawawala ang pag-asa na ano man ang mangyari sila pa din sa bandang huli – hindi kakayanin ng mga adik ng puso namin na hindi maging sila 🙂

  5. ouch…saket naman! i like the story but i think i am going crazy abt Maya’s attitude…magulo utak nia…she cant think straight…hayyy sakit sa bangs! next na pls? at sana ung TOTGA me kasunod na din…sana sana sana!!! God bless and thank u khit pnasakit mo dibdib ko hehehe

  6. Aray!! Ang sakit naman nito…para ka lang nanaginip ng maganda at masaya pero nagtapos ng di maganda, malungkot ang napakasakit.. 😥 Thanks for this po! Next na po please.. I hope may kasunod na rin po ung TOTGA 🙂 I’ve been checking your wordpress almost everyday or if there is a chance. 🙂

  7. OMG! I feel so kilig up on the topl and now down as they part ways with hurting hearts.. It’s heartbreaking…BUT this is just chapter one, so pls next chap na soon, pls.. For happiness!
    Thanks for this new story, love it!

  8. Aray naman, ang saket saket, please sana sa part 2 will be a joyous reconciliation for R&M….that Maya will have a rude awakening na Jeff is not worth her time, her love…..pwede lang bawal ang mag paka stupida and open ur self, your heart to Richard who loves you in all honesty.

  9. Kiss in the lips, holding hands, bear hugs, late night conversation, and unschedule breakfast and sasabihin friends lang? Grabe nakakaloka. Second reading ko na to. D parin ako makaget over. 😭😢😭

  10. Maya….you can have friendship and you can have love, but it’s only when you have both together that you can have great love. And I wish before you leave for Manila, you have realized you already found your great love right in the heart of Paris……you have found your Richard

  11. It’s the right love at the right time and place actually.. though Maya was there to mend her broken heart, everything will be clear between her and Jeff once they talk about Jeff’s stupidity and Maya will realize how she truly feels about Richard… and Richard just give Maya a few days, your wish will surely come true… it’s Paris!! the most romantic place in the world! It was fate that you met her, and fate will also bring her back to you… thank you for this ff Ms. Katey… can’t wait for the next chap…

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