The One That Got Away Chapter 22: Rekindle?

Chapter 22: Rekindle?

The day after Richard and Maya had talked about their past, they are seated on the couch of Richard’s sala waiting for their lunch to be prepared. He’s smiling like a fool as Maya allowed him to borrow her phone that is full of their baby’s pictures. While Maya patiently answers all of Richard’s questions regarding their baby. Her full name, birthday, first smile, and other stories about Abby that he had missed.

Richard’s been listening attentively and noting everything about his baby. He noticed how his baby looks like him. No one can ever doubt that Abby is his child.

At that moment, they looked like they are good old friends who enjoys their time together, but the truth is, they still haven’t talked about their relationship. All they converse about was Abby. After their dinner last night, they hadn’t talked about them anymore.

Surely, Richard wanted so bad to patch things up between them. However, he doesn’t want to scare Maya away for she might run again if he open up the topic. He is afraid of losing her for the second time especially now that he found out that he has a child with Maya. He is more determined to win her back but he should be sure in his ways and actions for its consequences might affect them big time.

Maya beamed when her phone flashed Abby’s picture in her pj’s while she grins to the camera. Maya happily narrated what transpired behind the camera when Abby would laugh every time Maya’s father make funny faces.

Too many months he had missed of Abby’s life. He should be the one playing with their baby, making her laugh. He should have been there for Abby every day that she grows.

“Richard?” Maya called his name when she noticed that he’s been staring at the phone but his mind is wandering elsewhere.

“Uh.. Y-yes?”

“May problema ka ba?” She asked

“Wala naman.. It’s just that.. I-I am overwhelmed of seeing Abby in pictures.. B-but..” He started then trailed off, unable to finish his sentence. He wasn’t sure if it will be all right to Maya, but maybe he should push his luck.

Maya gave him an assuring look that whatever it is, it would somehow be okay. She already has a hunch on what he wanted.

“Can I.. Can I see her personally?” He said in a huff, words stumble right after the other. “I-I mean, if or course it is okay with you..” He added, staring through her eyes hoping that she will allow him to.

Maya took a deep breath and stared back at him. Her baby indeed looks like this man in front of her. How can she even take away his right from him to meet their child? Anyway, she saw in his eyes that he had been honest to her since yesterday. Although she would constantly remind herself never to trust this man again that instant, she should only apply that to herself. Somehow she knows that their baby needed a father, and that is actually why she is here.

If Richard wouldn’t accept or believe her that Abby is his, then he won’t push her baby to him but if he happily embrace the news, she won’t take his rights away as a father.

“Of course, you can. Actually kaya ako nandito talaga. Gusto ko na makilala mo din siya. Ayoko namang ipagkait yung karapatan mo na yun.” She said, his eyes light up with that. “Tsaka gusto ko din mapabinyagan na si Abby. Uuwi na lang din siguro kami dito for you to meet her.”

Her words make his heart ache with so much love for them. Indeed, Maya remained the nicest person he had met. She never hated him and still thought of his rights even though he had hurt her once upon a time. She make him love her more than ever.

“So hindi pa siya nabibinyagan?”

“Nope. Gusto ko kasi nandun ka sa event na yun. Tsaka gusto ko din na dito siya mabinyagan since nandito din yung mga kaibigan ko and other relatives.” She explained.

“Okay. I will talk to mama so that she can help me with the place, church, and food.” He excitedly told her. “And oh! By the way, when is the date? When will I finally see my baby?”

She pursed her lips trying so hard to prevent herself from laughing. She had never seen Richard this excited. “Ah.. Okay lang Richard. I can talk to my mom na lang since may mga kakilala naman kami. We can ask them to help us with the preparations.”

“No, no, no.” He shook his head in disagreement. “Please Maya let me do it. Mama can help me para naman wala na kayo isipin. Ito man lang pambawi.”

What else can she do with his deadly stares? “Okay, fine. Mas okay na din yun para pag uwi namin dito konti na lang din siguro ang iisipin namin. Para afterwards, makabalik kami agad sa Canada.” She said as if she had planned everything a few weeks ago.

Richard paused for a while as he processed what she had told him. She is leaving again after their baby’s Baptism? Oh no. Not again. He won’t allow it. “So.. You mean babalik kayo sa Canada?” He asked slowly, as if testing if he heard her right.

“Oo.” She answered

He nods and bit his lip. He wanted to stop her, but how? He can’t just say that he won’t allow her to leave. She might get mad at his possessiveness and might tell him to back off because they are no longer together and worse, she might hide again.

He can’t take that risk. Not now. “Uh…”

She saw how his face changes emotions after she told him that they will go back to Canada, and she knows that he might stop her. But she already made her decision. She won’t stay. She is not here to rekindle their relationship. All she wanted from this trip is to let him know about Abby and to fix things between them for the sake of their daughter and not for their own benefit. Just for Abby.

“Don’t worry Richard, you can always visit Abby there. And pwede ko din naman siya ipahiram sa’yo dito pag medyo malaki na sya.” She laid what she thought would be a better set-up.

He slightly nodded and gave a tentative smile. “Y-yeah. All right.”

Whatever set-up Maya could possibly think of, Richard can’t seem to handle without being with her again. Whatever it takes, he will win her back.

He strides along, hands in his pockets, shirtsleeves rolled up to the elbows. He glances at her with his bright gaze and gives his lopsided smile.

Maya tried to hide her blush with his stares but couldn’t do so. She reminded herself to stay away from him but his actions and sweetness these past few days couldn’t left her mind and heart. Fortunately, she had already managed to guard her heart and built a wall that he can’t break that easily.

The sun is just beginning to turn orange, sprinkling drops of gold through the windows. Her flight back home would be today. She promised Richard and his family that she will come back after two weeks with Abby and her parents.

“See you and Abby after two weeks.” He smiled at her hoping that she will be back sooner than that.

Maya nodded and smiled back before she took his luggage from his hand and embraced Richard’s parents who also insisted in sending her off. “Mag-iingat ka Maya.. I can’t wait to see my apo again!” Esme embraced her tight, kissed her cheek and waved goodbye

Her footsteps were heavy, as if her feet remembered what it feels like when she left Richard before. She was sad then, more than the fact that she hated him, she still feels unhappy with her decision. Now she can’t understand why such feeling is bubbling up inside her once again. She shouldn’t feel like this especially when she will be back again soon.

Indeed, love is a trap. She would need those two weeks to keep her mind off him, to remind herself of the hurt that he had caused him. Even though what Sandy told her wasn’t true, Richard and Sandy still had a relationship before and he loved her.

After a few, she quickened her steps and never dare to look back.

“Hi. We’re here sa church. Everything’s okay. The venue, the food, invitations. Ipapamigay na lang.” He called her two days before her supposed flight back. He’s been very excited. Richard would always update Maya about the Baptism, every detail that he could share, he will call her right away. Indeed, it was an excuse just to hear her voice as frequent as possible.

“Ahh.. Okay. Thank you Richard! And oh! Pwede pakisend sa e-mail ko yung invitation? Even scanned copy. I will send it to my friends here na gagawin kong ninong at ninang sana.” She replied

“Sige, no problem. I will e-mail it to you agad. Hey, by the way what’s Abby been doing? Can you send me a photo of her, too?” Almost everyday, Maya will send him pictures of Abby in his e-mail which he would stare at all day.

“Eto, natutulog. Kakatulog nga lang, nagising kasi kanina. Anyway, thanks. Sige I will send you pictures later. Bye.” She hung up immediately without waiting for his reply. She’s always like this whenever he calls, always the first one to hung up.

He doesn’t even notice her action. He’s been too happy just to hear her voice on the other line.

They are all too early to pick up Maya. Richard’s been so excited that he even lack sleep. He stared for what seems like eternity on Maya and Abby’s picture that was taken by his mother when Esme visited Maya and Abby a month ago.

Maybe he even dozed off a bit for he remembered having a dream of Maya and Abby with him, out for a family outing. He is so happy that he wish it was real. Whatever, if that is just a dream, he will make sure that he will make it real.

“Anak, I think palabas na si Maya.” He jolted up from his sleep inside the van when his mother reminded him of the time. True enough, Maya’s plane already landed.

A lot of people were walking around the airport some are waiting for their family and others are on their way out to hail a cab. Richard’s neck has been stretched already as he looks everywhere for Maya and Abby.

His eyes lit up, his lips curved up in a smile as soon as his chinky eyes saw Maya, and her parents walking behind them. He waved his hand at them and started walking towards them to greet them. He didn’t notice his baby. He wondered where is she?

He was already near them when his feet got glued on the floor. Behind Maya’s parents was a man. Tall, good-looking, possibly just as old as Maya, and to worsen his imagination, that man is carrying Abby.

His heart beats race. He felt a sudden ache in his chest. Whoever that man is, he have to be assured that he is just a friend of Maya, or rather, a gay friend who happened to be one of the godfathers of Abby. Someone should do it now before he starts to get mad.

“Hi.” Maya kissed him on the cheek as she greets him and also did the same to his parents who was unaware of his feelings.

“Ah.. Good morning po. Ma, pa.” He greeted Maya’s parents. Art and Tere nodded and smiled at him.

The man behind them is still holding Abby in his arms. Maybe they noticed him looking at that man because Maya took Abby away from him and went back to where Richard is. “Say hi to daddy, Abby.” Maya held Abby’s right hand and waved it Abby smiled at him. He grinned at the sight of their baby. Whoever that man is, he will settle that issue later. For now, he will be the best father for Abby.

He scooped Abby from Maya and kissed her cheek lovingly. Esme ‘awwed’ and took a photo of Abby and Richard because she insisted that such moment shouldn’t be missed.

The whole family then went inside the van, Abby is still with Richard, their parents were behind him, chatting like forever. While he looked back and searched for Maya only to find him smiling and walking beside the man who’s with them.

To make things worse, that stranger also went inside their van and sat beside Maya on the third seat. If he will also eat with them later, he might kill someone.

Staring at the rear view mirror, Richard noticed how close they were. With that guy’s actions, he is sure that he is an enemy of him. He is not just Maya’s friend, and also he is not gay. He is sure of that.


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Merry Christmas, Friends!!

Merry Christmas and..


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The One That Got Away- Chapter 21: All Right?

Chapter 21: All Right?


Down the hall, it is very quiet that day. The waiting room is almost empty, Maya’s head is resting against the wall waiting for her turn.

Almost every night, she lies in the darkness, on her bed with pillows as her company, where she would shed an impossible amount of tears. Since the day that she left him, she’s been like this. Blaming herself on why did she let everything happen, when she could have stopped this if only she didn’t push herself to him. If only she didn’t allow her heart to hope that he will someday love her, too, then maybe she wouldn’t end up like this. Alone. Then, she remembered that she’s not alone anymore..

Right now, she’s in the hospital waiting for her check-up. She rubs her still small belly, where a little one is growing day after day, she will never be alone. She is not sure what kind of world she could give her baby without a father. But the fact that the sun still shines, that there are still people laughing and smiling no matter what they have been through the day, she should, too keep on moving…

Without him. Who needs him anyway?

He needed to rectify things. That is the mantra inside his head as he watches Maya’s every move. His eyes were glued at her direction. Somehow he thought that if he glances away to where she is, she might disappear again.

He missed her so bad that seeing her now feels like a dream. His smile never left his lips although he is also nervous inside. He doesn’t know why all of a sudden she appeared again. He is grateful, yes he sure is, but he can’t help but think of why?

Why is she here? Why does his parents know that she will be here? How the hell did they find her? And why didn’t they inform him? Too many questions that he wanted to ask, but he will reserve those questions later. Meanwhile, he should be happy that she’s beside him.

Esmeralda and Roberto were asking Maya random questions, about her trip, her job, blah blah blah. However, Richard couldn’t help but just stare at her. Those voices of his parents would serve as his background while he continues to stare. Sometimes, he would listen to what Maya were saying. He could catch few replies of Maya, something like “Yes”, and “no”, “I’m okay” those one liner answers to his parents’ lengthy questions. He couldn’t blame her though, he is aware that she is uncomfortable. Who wouldn’t be?

“Ay, my dear Maya. My son is now working with expanding his own business.” This caught his attention that made his head turn towards his mother. He has been so quiet that his mother already tried to engage him in a conversation. Geez.

He knows that she is looking at him but she blinked quickly when he looked at her and turned away. As if she, too was nervous. “Congrats.” She said almost in a whispher. That one word made his heart thump loudly. He wonder if they can hear the wild beating of his heart.

“Thank you.” He replied sweetly. His eyes reflecting the sweetness in his voice. He prayed that she will turn her eyes back to him, but she didn’t. She just nodded and resumed eating her food.

If earlier, he was mad at his parents for not informing him, now, he is thankful for their presence. They tried to make the dinner as comfortable as possible.

Richard’s parents continue to talk some more about things that happened with them, more about his business, his achievements these past few months, blah blah blah. They are really talking like proud parents. Bragging all of his awards that he received. He was really ashamed of it, like really, why would Maya want to know all of those? Surely, she didn’t came here to see him just to know that. She is here because of something else, in which he is somehow scared to find out any soon.

“Okay, time for us to go.” Esme checked her watch and informed them.

“Where are we going?” Richard asked, he wondered where will they go next.

“Son, kami lang ng papa mo ang aalis. You guys still have some dessert to finish.” Esme smiled then, her whole face changed with it. Very happy with her idea. He knows it’s all her idea.

Richard turned his head to look at Maya, somewhat searching for any hesitation whatsoever about his mother’s idea, but there was none. She seemed very cool with it.

Maya smiled at his parents and nodded. “Ingat po.”

“All right! Goodbye.” Esme and Roberto kissed them and bid their goodbye. Esme even whispered something before she left. Something like “just relax. Good luck, son.” Like really, he can’t even breathe with the thought that Maya is finally beside him. How can he even relax?

As soon as his parents were gone, Maya focused on her food. Digging her chocolate ice cream without even eating it. Slowly, the ice cream is already melting so Richard had asked for another serving for her in which Maya didn’t even decline.

“Ahm.. Maya.. How are you?” He shifted a little to see her and decided to ask her anything to start their conversation. It took him a few minutes before he started to talk to her. The waiter even had already served the ice cream to Maya before he started talking. He is really nervous. Add to that, Maya never looked at him. She just keeps on fiddling with her fingers.

“Fine.” She replied tersely after a few seconds.

That cold tone she’s using is unbearable. “That’s good. So.. So anong ginagawa mo? In Canada, of course.” He asked. Earlier, he had learned with the help of his parents that Maya is staying in Canada with her mom and dad. Apparently where they also had met accidentally blah blah blah. She described the weather there and how much she missed “home”. That is all that he can remember. He somehow hoped that that ‘home’ was with him. Unfortunately, he is hoping too much, and that is bad for himself.

She now managed to look at him with one eyebrow raising. “I actually said earlier na I am helping sa family business and I also work sa office. So hindi ka pala nakikinig.” She replied. Her tone makes him more nervous.

“Oh. I-I am sorry.. It’s just that-”

“It’s okay.” She cut him off. “Anyway, it’s getting late and I really need to tell you something important.” She informed him. He can see that she is serious.

“O..kay.” Deep within him, Richard would really want to say no. He is afraid that Maya might want to file for an annulment. He will definitely say no!

Despite the presence of Maya at his side, he still feels that there is a space between them, an indefinable distance. Even when her eyes are on him, she doesn’t quite see him, her thoughts wandered somewhere else. He wanted to embrace her again, he wanted so bad to feel her solid and alive. Just to make sure that things are real for the nth time.

The restaurant is filled with different types of people. All are lost in their own world, chatters and laughters were heard from table to table. With all of these people having fun, it didn’t even make Maya’s mood any better. Maya may look calm on the outside, but she was trembling inside. She pauses for a while and took a deep breath before she decided to talk. “I am really sorry if I left without any notice. I didn’t mean to. Pero kasi.. Siguro naman naiintindihan mo di ba?”

His forehead was creased, he sure know the answer, but he should wait if what’s inside his head is the same reason why Maya left. “I really don’t understand the reason why, Maya… I thought we.. We were kinda okay.. So I.. I really don’t know…”

“Sure you don’t know.” Maya sarcastically replied, half smiling. “Siguro ako yung una nyang sinabihan, which is funny kasi dapat ikaw muna pero, I understand how much she wanted me to be out of your life. She succeeded eventually.” She nodded remembering the day and started digging her almost melted ice cream again.

He shook his head, he is now unsure what they are really talking about. “Wait. She? You meant who?” He asked, although of course he knew the answer. “Si Sandy ba?” His eyebrows were furrowed as he waited for Maya to talk again.

“Yes. Her. Actually, napatawad ko na naman kayo eh, di ba? You asked for a second chance but… Yung sinabi nya, that is too much!” She raised her voice a little. It was a long time ago, but saying it to his face feels like it was only yesterday.

Her words darted straight to his heart. “Maya…” He sighed. Now he’s sure that Sandy’s revelation to him is the reason why Maya left him. Damn! How a lie can change things. “Y-you can start by revealing to me what she had told you. Because I think that is why you left so suddenly.”

She looked down and he watches her as she closes her eyes. “Nu-nung araw na yon.. Nakipagkita siya sa’kin. Sabi nya may importante daw siyang sasabihin. So, pumunta ako. Kasi naramdaman ko sa boses nya na may kailangan akong malaman eh.” She started looking straight into his eyes. “Dapat pala hindi na lang ako pumunta, kasi yung nalaman ko.. Sobrang hindi ko matanggap. Ricky alam mo ba kung anong nalaman ko?”

She shook her head. “Of course, malamang alam mo na ngayon, pero that time mukhang ako yung unang nakaalam… Sabi nya..” She paused, gathering courage. “Sabi nya… she’s pregnant. Sobrang sakit eh. Hindi ko matanggap. Mas masakit pa sa nalaman kong may iba ka. Kasi that time na nalaman kong may iba ka, alam kong hindi mo ako ganun kamahal, pero nung sinabi mo na mahal mo ko, tapos nabuntis mo sya, dun na ako nasaktan kasi alam kong nagsinungaling ka. Baka nga never mo akong minahal.” She finished. Tears were already falling down her face as she was done explaining. Richard tried to touch her, but she brushed his hands away.

“Maya..” He knows the truth, but words can’t come out of his mouth. He is hurting for her. Damn! He had make her miserable. All this time. “I am so sorry for all the hurt I had caused you but, you have to know that is not true. We.. We don’t have a child.” He blurted. Maya momentarily stopped from shaking. As she was already shaking from trying so hard to stop herself from crying.

“What do you mean?” She asked without looking at him. Her heart started thudding wildly. She reminded herself to breathe. It felt like she was underwater and running out of oxygen.

“Wala kaming anak.” He replied immediately. “Nagkita kami recently and she told me everything she had told you. She lied, we never had a child.” He waited for her to say something but she only stared at nowhere for a while.

“Maya…” He rested his hand on top of hers on the table, this time, she allowed him to.

“I–I..” She sighed “nagsasabi ka ba ng totoo?” She studied his face intently and had noticed the shadows beneath his eyes lend him a haunted look.

“I swear I am telling the truth!” He almost shouted. Hoping and praying that she would believe her.

Silence fell. Maya raised her hand saying that he needed to stop and let his words sink in first. She pressed her lips together and stopped talking for a while. Like words had deserted her. She doesn’t know whether she should believe him or not. The heck, what can that revelation change now? Nothing! Everything had already happened and it can’t be undone. She left, she believed Sandy and chose to leave Richard alone.

When her gaze turns back to him, his eyes shifts away, the sadness in his eyes stayed and the lip-biting starts up again. She wondered what is running inside his head. She can hear the sound of his heaving breaths filling the air.

“When you left, I felt so alone. I’ve been used to seeing you everyday. I never thought how it would feel when one day, you will go away.. I searched everywhere for you, Maya.. But I never find you.” A jagged pain runs through him. There is a mounting pain at the back of his throat, a warning pressure behind his eyes.

“Kayo walang anak?” That sounded more of a question, in which Richard just nodded. “Tayo meron.” She added after a few.

He even didn’t understand what she had said. It was a jumble of noises. At least that is what it sounds like, he can’t process what she had said, it doesn’t sound true. The air conditioning chilling his whole body before he can produce a word.

His lips were parted, eyes staring at her. “Wh-wait.. What?”

“The day that I left.. Ricky, I am pregnant then.. I– I was about to see you, right? But.. But -” she was surprised because she didn’t manage to finish her sentence as Richard already engulfed her in a hug. His lips curved up in a childish smile.

“I am already a father! I am a father..” He keeps on saying while embracing her. Maya, then wrapped her arms around him. Happy about the things that transpired. She never thought things would be like this.

Things changed then, everything slowly sinking in. Richard slowed down, while everything around him sped up.

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