It Happened in Paris- Part 4

As I promised that my next update will be IHIP’s part 4 so here it goes. Sorry if there are any errors. 🙂

Part 4

The room is covered in darkness, her eyes shut but her thoughts cannot stop from flowing. Sudden realizations makes her headache.

For a second, she deplored on why she left him. Or maybe for all of her life she would regret what she had done.

But isn’t it just right to pause and think? She should stop herself from being too close to him at that time because things are just going too fast. Also, Jeffrey contacted her and for some reason, she knows that she should at least let him explain.

She swallowed.

Is it better to have had a good thing and lost it, or never to have had it?

She took her pillows, covered her face and screamed. Why is just the sight of him shook her walls?

Maya tossed and turned on her bed unable to sleep after the sight of him. Who is she kidding to? She never forget about him. She only chose to forget him because she knows it’s dangerous. Once upon a time, she had learned that falling in love is dangerous like all the fairy tales she had read.

The princess always fell in love in a snap, when the prince kissed sleeping beauty and she woke up, when snow white met the prince, she already knows that she’s in love. And when finally, he had saved her from the witch or misery, they will live happily ever after. BUT NO. She is old enough to know that believing in fairy tales is dangerous. No one ever narrated how things went once the princess and the prince got together. Whether they never fought, still enjoyed each other’s arms, or did they filed a divorce after a year or so? See, there is no such thing as forever and always. The only constant in the world is change.

Two weeks later, she had managed to divert her attention with work and dinner dates with Jeffrey. He seemed very much into her, giving her more time and attention than before when they are still together. Jeff would sometimes ask her when she will agree to be his again but often times, Maya will shrug her shoulders saying that she is not yet ready. Jeff, on the other hand gave her all the time in the world if that is the only way that he could prove to her that he was sorry for what he had done and he is a better man than before.

As usual, Maya and Jeff are out on a date that friday night. Walking hand in hand on the busy streets in Makati looking for a place to eat.

After half an hour, they settled in an Italian restaurant with good ambiance and random paintings.

She is staring at the huge painting near their table while Jeffrey ordered something for them. The painting shows a couple holding hands outside the coffee shop somewhere in Italy, she guessed. She can see, even from afar how the two gazes lovingly at each other.

She smiled. How cute that painting is. She surely misses those days when someone looks at her like that and would be happy being with her.

When she tore her gaze away from the painting, the waiter already left with their orders leaving Jeffrey staring at her. He smiled at her and muttered a “thank you.”

Puzzled, she replied “for what?” She tilted her head, confusion all over her beautiful face.

Jazz music started playing on a distant giving them a better mood. All around them seemed to be couples enjoying their night.

Jeffrey held both her hands which are on the table and answered “for giving me another chance to prove how sorry I am and how much you mean to me. For spending dinner dates with me. I realized that I am loving you more each day, Maya. Thank you.” His eyes were sparkling as it fixes on hers.

She blushes with his words and nodded. Maybe, it is the ambiance of the place, or rather his sweet words for her that made her thought of this. The time and place feels just right. Although she is still confused with her feelings, she thinks that Jeffrey is the best choice. She knows him more and he proved himself already.

She breathes in and look straight in his eyes. “Jeffrey..” She started, her voice is breaking as if she’s unsure of this but still she continued “I..I am..”

His brows shoot up while staring back at her. “Ano yun, Maya?”

She held his hand tighter “I..I am..thankful also for your company. And.. I appreciate all of your efforts…”

Jeffrey nodded while waiting for her to finish what she is about to say. Bracing himself on whatever it is that he assumes, might break him. His heartbeats raced, thinking that she will dump him already.

Scenes flashes on Maya’s head. Richard holding her hand, Richard taking her to different places in Paris, them laughing at some silly jokes, watching movies, and them kissing near the tower. She shook her head lightly to wince those memories away and starts reminiscing how She and Jeffrey were happy before he committed a mistake.

Maya and Jeffrey were also happy. She was once happy with him, so she knows she can still be if she will share more moments of her life with this man. Without consuming anymore time of her life, she blurted words that might be the key to happiness.

“I am accepting you again.” She said out loud looking at him in a straight face.

Suddenly, Jeffrey’s face lights up. His lips curved up in a smile. “A-re you sure? Really? Tayo na ulit?” He asked her, unable to believe that this is happening. Cold sweat started running down his face which he quicky wiped off. He had never been this nervous in his life.

She bit her lip and contemplated. Is she really sure of this? She knows the answer, really. However, this might be a better path for her to take. She turns away and concentrate on the paintings hanging on the walls of the restaurant. Somehow, those paintings of couples made her heartache. She want to be happy again. And this is the best way she could think of.

“Oo nga! Ayaw mo ba?” She smiled teasingly. Faking an amused reaction. She should at least sound very excited, she thought.

“Wala ng bawian!!” He jumped from his seat and embraced her. “I love you, Maya.” He is so happy. Never did it occurred to him that she will finally say yes that night. Nothing changed on how she treat him so it never crossed his mind that he might win her heart again.

Maya smiled at him. She is also happy, but not as happy as she can see Jeffrey now. She wanted to scold her heart for being like this. She should be happy, her heart should leap with joy. Why doesn’t she feel anything like that?

“Thank you, babe.” Jeffrey kissed her cheek and engulf her once more in an embrace.

Jeff is so engrossed in the situation they are right now. While Maya’s mind is drifting off somewhere else, assessing the situation. Thinking about their future after this scenario.

“Ehem” someone from behind their table coughed to catch their attention. But suddenly, she recognize some familiarity in that voice. Her heartbeats raced. When the two of them turned their heads, she confirmed that her heart knew Richard well.

Richard is standing behind them with his arms crossed, his face unreadable.

“Oh! Mr. Lim! Fancy seeing you here.” Jeffrey greeted him in the happiest tone of voice she had heard.

“Hey. I just thought I saw you here, and I am right. Kayo nga. Anyway, sorry if nakaistorbo ako. Lumapit lang ako to make sure and to say hi if ever… So hi.” He said, his face devoid of any emotion. His eyes never laid a glance at Maya.

“Ah.. Yes, we are having a date. So, sa inyo din ba ito?” He asked when he realize that this restaurant must be owned by Richard’s family as well.

He nods and smiled a little “Oh, ah.. Yes. Anyway, you two seemed so sweet.” He said still not looking at Maya, even acknowledging her

“Ah..” Jeffrey grinned, held her right hand tight and glances back at Maya then back to Richard. “She already said yes” He answered happily.

Richard’s eyes rounded in surprise as soon as Jeffrey’s words travelled in his ears. Did he heard it right? She said yes?

“W-wwhat?” His words stumbled, he needs to know that what he thought is wrong. “She’s already your fiancee?” That question would be fine with him if will be left unanswered if the truth will shatter his heart into pieces.

“Ano?!” Maya was shocked at his assumption then she remembered what Jeffrey had told him to lead him in such thought. “Hindi ah.”

His forehead creased. So he misunderstood what he meant? Oh great. “But you said..” Richard asked again, pointing at Jeffrey. He needed a clear answer this time

When Jeffrey saw Richard’s confusion, he realized he needs to do some explanation “Ah.. Kasi I am courting Maya again, she said yes, so she’s my girlfriend again.” He explained, still smiling.

“Oh.” He was relieved of his explanation and released a breath that he hasn’t noticed he’s been holding. “Well, congrats then. I should go. You should try our chocolate mousse..don’t worry about the bill. Everything’s on me.” He said and left afterwards.

Maya’s eyes followed him until he entered the door near the kitchen of the restaurant. That is such an awkward scene. With his action, his voice, she can tell that he still hasn’t forgiven her. Should she talk to him and say sorry? Then what? What would she want from that? For them to be close again? No. She should stop, she already chose Jeffrey. If he would ignore her forever, then so be it.


An unregistered number flashed on Maya’s screen with a simple message. She usually ignores such unknown number but that moment, it kept on texting her with a simple hi, so she replied.

“Who’s this pls?”

She took her heels and put it on before her phone vibrated


She almost dropped the phone as she opened it. Is it really Richard? As in Richard Lim? If it is, why would he text her anyway? The last time that she checked, he’s mad at her. Like as if she never existed and they never met. What now?

“Richard?? Lim?” Her fingers were shaking as she thumbs a reply

“Yes.” He replied a few seconds later

What would she reply with a ‘yes?’. Does he expect a reply with that? Geez!

Beep. Another text from him before she can type a reply

“Just save my number.” His reply says.

What’s with Richard now? She’s puzzled with his sudden action, but she shrug her thoughts away.

“All right.” She managed a reply before she left their house and silently hoping for a text from him that will somehow stop her from thinking about him a lot.

The elevator opened on the 21st floor where Jeffrey’s office is located. She planned on surprising him that day.

She would remind herself to start acting like a good girlfriend and this is what she usually do before. Before lunch time, Maya would normally visit Jeffrey before in his office to ask him out for lunch, or sometimes she will bring lunch for them to eat there.

As she walks, she smiles at the familiar faces who are Jeffrey’s employees. She greeted them back and walks straight to her boyfriend’s office.

Maya greeted Jeffrey’s secretary who asked her to wait for a while because her boss is still inside on a meeting. So she sat and waited outside his office.

She stared at her phone checking for a new message from Richard who hasn’t texted her again, when suddenly Jeffrey’s door flew open. She lifted her head and readied a smile for Jeffrey. However, her smile fell when she saw who it was.

Richard. It’s him again. Haunting her forever.

“Hi, Maya. Waiting for your prince?” Richard walked his way to her and asked. His smell lingered on her nostrils. A reminder of those good days with him which she is trying to forget.

“Ah..” She cannot think of anything to say as she was surprised to see him there. Why is he always there wherever she goes?

He gave her his lopsided smile and added “that’s Jeffrey of course. Well, we just finished our meeting. I think he needs some comforting.” He turn around to leave, then remembered something so he faced her. “One more thing, you can always give me a call.” And with that, without waiting for her response, he left.

Why the heck would a woman call a guy first?! The nerve of him! Maya was annoyed by how Richard’s been acting around her. He’s very different from the man that she became friends with before. He is not like that.

Ang kapal talaga! She muttered. She made a mental note that she will delete his number on her phone later. For now, she must see Jeffrey and love him for the rest of her life. Surely, she decided, she made the right choice.

The same looking office welcomed Maya when she turned the door knob. The room is spacious, enough for him to have a mini sala, a bookshelf, a small comfort room, and on the corner was Jeffrey’s table.

Her eyes stayed glued on the shelves above Jeffrey’s table where pictures of his family and surprisingly, their old happy couple pictures were displayed. She smiled for him being this sentimental. While she had already thrown their pictures away, Jeffrey still managed to keep them.

“Hi babe!” Maya greeted the man seated on the swivel chair with his head resting on his hands. He looks troubled, what happened? He didn’t even notice her at first.

“May problema ka ba?” She sat on the chair near his table, concerned of his look.

Slowly, as if realizing how much he made her worry, he snapped out of his sadness and grinned. “You’re here, babe! You should’ve inform me kanina.” He stood up and planted a kiss on her cheek then sat on the chair in front of Maya.

“Tell me, anong problema?” He won’t get away with this. They’ve been together that long for her to know if there is something wrong.

He sighed. There he goes! She knew it. He cups his face and rubbed his cheeks with her thumb. “Bakit?”

A few moment of silence ensued before he released a deep breath. “Look, babe. I don’t want you to worry about this. Problema lang naman sa work but I will find a way to fix things. Hindi pa naman huli, I can still talk to Richard again—”

“Wait! Si Mr. Lim? I saw him kanina so yun yung meeting nyo?” She cut him off. Maya’s heart starts to race. What did Richard do?

“Well, yes. Apparently, dapat we will seal the deal today. I thought everything’s fine pero yun pala he will cut our deal off. I mean, I don’t know what I did wrong. I planned everything, I worked for this multi-million deal and then ayun.. I don’t really know what happened so I need to talk to him…”

Maya listened attentively. She doesn’t know what kind of business deal they have but as how she sees Jeffrey’s face earlier, she knows how big this deal was.

“I know you will ask me out for lunch babe but I think I have to do some research and try to think of anything that will make Mr. Lim change his mind. If dad finds this out, I am a dead meat!” He ran his fingers on his hair frustratingly. He is sweating eventhough the aircondition in his room is high.

“Okay, I understand. But if there is anything that I can do to help, please tell me.”

“I will be fine. I don’t really want to bother you with this. Wag mo na lang din masyadong isipin ha? This is my problem and I will handle this. Just the thought that you are with me is enough.” He kissed her hand and gently caressed her face

“I should know everything ‘Rey. Basta promise me na kakain ka pa din, okay? Magpapaorder ako ng lunch sa secretary mo so that you will eat. Also, keep me posted. I will leave now. Don’t stress yourself too much.”

“All right. Thank you, Maya. I am so lucky to have you. I love you.” He kissed her one last time before they bid goodbye.

It isn’t clear to her if this is something personal or what. But she should at least try. Jeffrey’s been really nice to her, she saw how much good work he put into his work. As she promised to be a good girlfriend, she knows that she can help him right now. And with a phone call to be done, Maya fished her phone in her bag, on the contact list she searched his name and taps the call button.

After three rings, he answered “Yes, Maya?”

“Richard..we need to talk.”

I know, I said that there will only be few parts of this but.. I think few more parts won’t hurt. 🙂 TOTGA update soon… Salamat po! xx 🙂


15 thoughts on “It Happened in Paris- Part 4

  1. Happy New Year Ms Katey!!!! Why did Maya went back with her EX??? When she knows deep down inside she’s in love with Ricky????? I hope everything will clear the air once they have their “TALK”

  2. awwww ms. katey, sumakit ang dibdib ko sa chapter na ito, at bakit parang ang bad ni Ricky? para makuha nya si Maya inipit si Jeff? kahit na si Maya nabubulagan sa mga desisyon nya na ginawa.

  3. awwww ms. katey, sumakit ang dibdib ko sa chapter na ito, at bakit parang ang bad ni Ricky? para makuha nya si Maya inipit si Jeff? kahit na si Maya nabubulagan sa mga desisyon nya na ginawa.

  4. Miss Katey, di ko alam kung ang ulo ko ang iuuntog out of frustration or si Maya para mabukulan at matauhan and accept the fact na si Richard ang mahal niya…….waaaaaahhhhh! Please don’t let us wait too long, releave us the misery…….thank you.

  5. Now it’s all clear richard is jealous after Jeff and Maya back on its others arm and richard will do everything to get even them…..exciting!!!!! Ms Katey thanks for the update and excited too for the TOTGA nxt chapter….happy weekend everyone!

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