The One That Got Away Chapter 24: Leaving

Chapter 24: Leaving

Two more days were left before Maya, Abby and her parents will go back to Canada. And after Richard had talked to Maya three days ago about his disagreement on filing for an annulment, Richard had been a very constant person in their family.

At five in the morning, Richard will text her a good morning and I love you. Not only that, because at such time of the day he is already inside Maya’s house. Richard would cook their breakfast much to her surprise. Well, of course he couldn’t cook. One time he prepared an omellete and bacon for her and all were burned but still were edible.

Richard spent most of his time inside their house taking good care of Abby. She allowed him to spend most of his time with their baby because they will be separated for a long time once they headed back to Canada.

This day, however is the last day of Tom in Manila for he will be coming back in Canada a day earlier. Days after Tom and Richard had a fight, Maya asked Tom to distance himself on her first. He obeyed and didn’t visited her for the next days but still texted and called her all the time. He just keep his day busy exploring museums and theater plays around Manila.

Tom asked her out on a date before his early flight the next day. Although he will only leave her a day early, he still couldn’t help it but to miss her and to fear that someone will snatch her away from him. It scared him more that what he and Maya was, is still unclear to him. He is not assured that she indeed loves him the way that he does and he is afraid to ask because he is also scared that she might answer him with a response that he doesn’t want to hear.

Tom remained quiet after he parked his car on the side of the street outside Maya’s gate. Questions he is afraid to ask were flooding in his head.

Maya noticed how quiet Tom had been during their dinner. He is not his own self this night and she has a hunch on why he is acting like this.

“Maya…” Tom started to get Maya’s attention and cleared his throat before continuing “I… I will miss you.” He told her, his love for her is evident with just the way that he blurted those words. That is what Maya likes about him, he loves her so much that she is assured that he will never hurt her and she won’t shed a tear if she’s with him.

“Ano ka ba naman, isang araw lang naman inaga ng uwi mo sa’min.” She laughs

But his eyes remained sad, unsure if he should say those things that worries him. “But…” He sighs

Knowing that he is bothered by something, Maya touched his hand and squeezes it to encourage him to talk some more. “What is it, Tom?”

He exhaled and tightened his grip on the steering wheel before he had the courage to continue. “It is just that… Are you… Will you.. Will you really leave him for good?”

His question didn’t surprise her. She knows he is scared and she can’t blame him. She is not his and she never gave him an assurance. They are just dating, nothing more. “Tom, Richard is and forever will be part of my life. We have Abby.”

“I know, but I can be a father to Abby, too.”

“You have been a good father to Abby when we’re in Canada. You showered her with love and I thank you for that but the thing is, si Richard ang daddy nya. Hindi ko naman pwedeng ipagkait yun sa kanya.” She explained while still holding his right hand

“Pwede naman nyang dalawin yung bata, he can provide her with her needs but can’t he just stay away from you?” There he said it. He hates it when Richard is near Maya the same way how Richard hates Tom when he is with Maya.

“Yun naman talaga yung plan eh. I am here for Abby. We are talking because of Abby. Yun lang.”

“That is not how I see it, Maya. I know that he still loves you and you love him.” He stared into her eyes to see that even her eyes still mirrors her love for Richard.

“That is not true!” She looks away and sighs “Tom, hindi ako umaasa na magkakabalikan pa kami kasi desidido na ako na layuan siya. Uuwi kami ni Abby sa susunod na araw, yun na yon. Ngayon kung marami kang iniisip na iba, hindi ko na problema yun. Kung hindi mo kayang makita si Richard na part ng buhay ko dahil kay Abby at kung palagi kang magseselos, eh di wag na lang natin ituloy kung ano mang nasimulan natin. I think we are better off as friends.” She keeps her gaze back on the empty road of the village and unbuckled her seatbelt but before she can reach out for the door, Tom held her hand

“Wait. I am so sorry, I don’t want us to be just friends Maya… J-just please…” His voice is breaking. Maya settled back on her seat and turned his head to look at him. They are staring at each other before Tom asked her something which she doesn’t know if she can say.

“I want an assurance Maya… Just tell me that you love me and I will go back to Canada tomorrow morning feeling better. Yun lang just say that you love me and I will be secured.” He is close to tears because he knows that asking her to do so is very risky. No matter how much she denies it, he is sure that she is still in love with her husband. No mask can hide it.

Maya felt cold. She doesn’t know if she really loves him or even if what she feels is close to love. She likes him, all right. But still, she doesn’t know if she should tell him that she loves him just so that he could stop with this. She doesn’t want to hurt a good man who only wants to love her with all of his heart.

“I- I…” Maya started while Tom waited patiently for her to continue.

“Tom.. Y-you do know that we are still getting to know each other, right? I am still not that sure and I –”

Tom cut her off with him kissing her hand. “You don’t have to continue Maya. I already got my answer. If anything goes wrong, always remember that I will still be here for you and will still love you. OK?”

“What are you saying?” She asked, confused with his action

“It’s OK, I will be fine. It is getting late pumasok ka na sa loob baka miss ka na ni Abby.” He smiled at her before he went out of the car to open the car door for Maya. “I had a good time. I will see you soon.” He kissed her cheek before he left her standing at the side of the street staring at his car.

“Ginabi ka ata?” Richard appeared from upstairs as soon as she opened the front door. She rolled her eyes at the sight of him. She is pissed at the sound of his question as if he’s mad at her for going home late. She should have remind it every single day to him that they are over.

“Ano namang problema dun?” She asked as she clutches her bag. Richard stared at her and hated her for wearing shorts and sleeveless in the evening. She could catch a cold and that monster could have feasted on her. Damn.

“Abby is waiting for you. Anong oras na siya nakatulog and I bet it is because wala ka pa.” He crossed his arms trying to keep his emotion in check as he is already boiling in anger when he saw Tom’s car outside earlier. He is jealous and he hates Maya for removing that right from him.

“Natraffic kami. Anyway, I don’t have to explain myself to you matutulog na ako. Umuwi ka na din dahil gabi na.” She said then headed upstairs to her bedroom

Richard grabbed her arm to stop her. “I am your husband! I have the right to know where you are and even the right to get jealous when you are spending the night with someone else! Tell me, kaya ka ba nalate ng uwi and hindi inintindi si Abby because dumaan pa kayo somewhere dark ni Tom?!” Richard lost his temper when Maya didn’t seem to care for his feelings. Anger and jealousy took over. He yelled at her and had said harsh words which earned a slap from Maya.

Richard instinctively touch his left cheek where Maya’s hand landed. Both stared right into each other’s eyes. “Huwag na huwag mong ibibintang sa’kin yung mga bagay na ginawa mo noon! I never confronted you before kahit na aware akong may ginagawa kang mali. Kahit masakit tiniis ko lahat. Ngayon, natatakot kang baka ginagawa ko yung ginawa mo noon?” Maya smirked “you are pathetic. And damn you to think na I don’t care for my daughter. Palagi ko siyang iniisip that is why I gave you a freaking chance na makasama siya! But I never gave you such right para pakielaman ang buhay ko! I will file an annulment and you will sign it! Leave me alone!”

“Is that what you really want?” He asked calmly, his eyes were close to tears. He is losing her again, and this time he won’t be able to get her back.

“YES! Leave me alone!” Maya shouted at him and half run upstairs leaving Richard at the foot of the stairs staring at nowhere.

He closes his eyes as he realized that he messed up again. Big time.

It is two in the afternoon when Maya decided to go to the mall for a last minute shopping for her co-workers in Canada. She tried so hard not to remind herself of what had happened yesterday and this alone time might help herself from forgetting.

But she’s wrong. So wrong. Because when she took a turn inside a boutique, her eyes locked with someone from her nightmares. The last woman on earth that she would want to see. It’s Sandy, standing infront of her with a surprised look but later on her lips curved up in a smile and apparent delight.

“Hi, Maya.” She greeted “how are you? It’s good to see you! Finally! Gusto sana kasi kita talaga makausap, kaso sabi ni Richard hindi ka daw niya makita.” She told her.

Maya stared at her and was shocked to know that Richard and her were still talking. “Nag-uusap kayo?” Maya asked her. She needs to know.

“Uh.. No!” She responded quickly as she sensed that she might have misinterpreted what she had said and might start another fight. Sandy doesn’t want to ruin anything, not again. “But uh.. We did talked two months ago na ata? I am not sure. Basta I called him to talk. I asked forgiveness, dun ko natanong kung nasaan ka because gusto din kita makausap to say sorry. I have ruined a relationship.” Sandy reached for her hand. Maya saw the sincerity in her eyes and at that point, the hatred that she felt for her lessened.

“You actually didn’t ruin anything. Our relationship is not founded with love. Fix marriage lang kami so I don’t think you need to say sorry.”

Sandy smiled at her and looked away. “No, Maya. Richard loves you. He really does. Kahit nung kami pa he adores you. In denial lang siya but.. Mahal ka niya. I think we have something in common at first sight, I don’t know, but yun yung pakiramdam ko.”

“The day that we met, I was crying sa coffee shop. Then one day, I asked him kung paano kayo nagkakilala and he said, you were childhood friends. You know what? He was smiling the whole time na kinwento nya na nung first day na pinakilala kayo, you were playing tea party with your dolls sa garden nyo but you were crying so hard that is why lumapit siya and joined you. He kept you company.” She pauses and shrugged “I think after hearing that story, and with the look on his face, alam ko na nung araw na nagkakilala kami, somehow he remembered the day that the two of you met. But during those times, I am so in love with him na ayoko pansinin yung nakita ko.”

Maya bowed her head and wiped away the tears that fell from her eyes. She hates it how Richard can make her feel this way. “I.. I don’t think that would change anything now Sandy. It’s over.”

Sandy squeezes her hand. “Please Maya, nung huli kong nakita si Richard he is so sad. He loves you so much. I can see that you love him, too. Give him aanother chance to prove himself. Nung araw na nakipag-usap ako sa’yo, galit na galit ako sa’yo kasi iniwasan na ako ni Richard. He left me telling me na ikaw yung mahal nya noon pa. Na he was a fool not to notice that his heart is beating only for you. Takot lang siya na masaktan nya yung babaeng pinrotektahan nya simula pagkabata but then he ended up hurting you still. He had learned his lesson Maya. Give him another chance.”

guys, yung susunod dito would be the last chapter. Then after TOTGA, IHIP naman tatapusin ko but I will post a new story. πŸ™‚ thank you for reading. Btw, pls pray for my daddy’s soul. And also for our Aud subj.


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