It Happened in Paris- Part 5

Part 5

“So, what is this all about?” Richard asked as soon as he settled himself on a cozy chair inside a well-known coffee shop.

They had agreed to see each other that day. Maya is not really sure on what to say or how to start. She still feels uncomfortable facing him especially that he still have that effect on her. He is gorgeous for crying out loud! Everyone who sees this man for sure is attracted to him. She hates it how good-looking he is right now and how he smiles and looks at her this time is not helping to calm her heart down.

“Gusto mong umorder muna? I already ordered coffee, oorder na sana kita kaso baka lumamig.” She offered trying to buy more time constructing her sentences

“No, thanks. Someone already prepared coffee for me sa office. Anyway, I am very busy so please sabihin mo na kung tungkol saan ito, Maya.” He said as if trying to tell her that she is wasting his precious time.

“Uh.. I- I just want to know kung.. Uhh why did you cut off the deal with Jeffrey’s company?”

Richard nodded his head as if he knows all along what is this talk all about. He wasn’t surprised, he expected this question will be thrown at him. “Sa tingin mo, bakit?” He continued to stare at her waiting for her response.

Maya looked away becoming more uncomfortable as their conversation goes on. “Well, ayoko isipin but it crosses my mind na baka it is because of me, of what happened to us. Please wag mo na lang idamay si Jeffrey. He exerted too much effort in this deal.” She finally had laid the thought that’s been bothering her.

Richard smirked and for a while wished that he had ordered a coffee to sip, that would add to the perfect scene that’s happening right now. “Funny how you think that it is always about us, that it is always because of you.” He leans in closer and bit his lip “hindi ba pwedeng I studied their proposal and may hindi ako nagustuhan? Someone offered me a better one. So, sa tingin mo, why would I settle for something when a better-looking prospect comes along.” His stare is piercing straight to her heart, why does she still feels that it is about them?

Maya wanted to kick herself for always putting herself to shame. She blushes and how she wished that the ground would open now and eat her whole. “I– OK, uh.. But at least just give him another chance.”

Richard’s eyes turned into tiny slits. “Wow, what a perfect girlfriend that you are, trying to save your prince.”

“Look, pinaasa mo sila. You told them how much you liked their proposal before and that day akala nila you will sign the contract but you didn’t!” She said, and tried to ignore what he had said.

“Hmm.. Sounds familiar don’t you think? Well, someone taught me that. Yung paasahin yung tao by showing that you might like the proposal pero sa totoo, you don’t. And then what you can offer is only that maybe one day both of your companies can have a friendly relationship.” He raised his eyebrow at her trying to make a point.

Maya is starting to get pissed at him. He told her that it is not always about what had happened to them and yet it is! “Akala ko ba it is not about us!”

“Whether it is or it is not won’t change anything, Maya. But if you really want to save your prince then I have a business proposal.”

Maya meet his gaze and saw from his eyes how serious he is. She should have run away from him again at that moment but she decided that she won’t. And whatever it is that may stop him from ruining other people’s life, especially Tom’s, she will do it. “Okay, what is it?”

Richard smirked again and then Maya’s heartbeat starts to race. A thought of an indecent proposal pops in her mind. What if he will make her his slave? What if he will ask her to be his Anna while he will play as Christian Grey? Will she allow him to do those crazy things that she had read in the book? Darn it! “Hey! Basta whatever it is, hindi ako papayag kung yang proposal mo involves..” She trailed off unable to think of a right word to say it.

Richard raises an eyebrow as he curiously waited for what she is a about to say. “Involves what?”

“Y-yung.. You know. Basta if hindi decent yung proposal!” She blurted which earned a chuckle from Richard

“You are funny. So you meant that my proposal shouldn’t involve us joining together as one in a heated night?” He smirks while he looks amusely at her.

“Y-yeah! That. Whatever. So ano na nga?” She blushes. Her eyes scanning for a fire exit where she could run now to save herself from more shame. Darn this man for making her feel stupid.

“OK.” He pauses and raises his hand for he can’t contain his laughter

“Shut up! Just say it!”

He laughed some more. “OK. OK, sorry.” He chuckles and then stops. “OK, I promise that this proposal is not that ‘indecent’ as what you think. Anyway, what I want is a weekend get away with you. Just two days, Maya.” He grinned as if that proposal is the best deal he had ever made.

“Wh-what? Akala ko ba-”

He cut her off “Hey, I made a promise di ba? We will have two separate rooms, we will just have a short vacation, have fun, rest nothing is wrong with that, right?”

She nodded but still she doesn’t know what he will gain from spending a few days with her. “I don’t get it, what will you gain from it? What I want is for you to give my boyfriend a chance for that deal.”

“I know, but if you agree, I will sign their contract. Seal that multi-million deal. I just want to relive our friendship, nothing is wrong with that, right? Lalo na because you have a boyfriend na gusto mong tulungan and I am dating someone. So this time, we can try yung gusto mong maging magkaibigan tayo. Friendship is what I will gain from it.”

He is dating someone. That sentence echoed in her ears like an old unfamiliar chant. “You.. Are dating? Si-si Jane ba? Yung girl sa party?”

“No personal questions to be answered by me. That is our rule. So, ano? Payag ka ba? Friends?” He offered his right hand for a handshake which symbolizes a sealed deal and waited for it to be reached by Maya.

“I- I don’t know. Let me think first. Give me two days.” She said. Things are once again happening too fast. She doesn’t want to make a wrong decision, if this is a trap, she should be very careful. Crap that ‘best girlfriend in the world’ thing that she wanted to be.

“My time is precious, Maya. But all right since it is already Wednesday, I will give you two days to decide. Just call me if you’re okay with it. I will be waiting for your call.”

Richard finally stood up and left her wandering on the things that may happen on the weekend.


“Hello, babe.” Jeffrey answered on the fourth ring and no matter how hard he tried to conceal how problematic he is, he cannot hide it from Maya. Just the way his voice sounds is enough for Maya to know. They had known each other that much.

“Still in the office? Tumawag ako sa inyo wala ka pa daw eh.”

“Uh.. Yes, I am still here. Actually baka hindi na ako umuwi ngayon, kailangan kong gumawa ng another presentation. You see, my prayers were answered. Mr. Lim called and asked to meet me tomorrow morning. Sabi niya I should prepare another presentation baka he might reconsider the deal. Short notice but I won’t blow this chance. I badly needed this.” He said, in a hurry. She can also tell that he is really that busy.

“Oh. That is good. Goodluck, ‘Rey. I know you can get this deal.” She cheerily said. And she is also very aware that this meeting is a warning that she should decide soon if she will agree to Richard’s proposal. It won’t change anything, right? Just two days for Jeffrey.

“Thank you, Maya. Babawi ako sa’yo. We can celebrate after this.”

“Sure. Just don’t stress yourself too much.”

Two days with Richard won’t hurt. It might also bring her happiness for she indeed misses spending time with Richard.

However, she is afraid that she might fell deep in love with him with those two days alone with him. How much he affects her is just so scary for she can hurt herself in the process. But right now, she needed this to close that chapter with Richard and to help Jeffrey so that she can start another chapter with her boyfriend. This will help, she really do hope that it will.

It is already four in the morning and the bags were packed and she is ready to go. Yesterday, Maya’s boyfriend had informed her that after the meeting with Richard, he looked impressed but still was unable to give him an assurance says that he will call him on Monday. Jeffrey is still happy that Richard is reconsidering, at least he does.

And that did it, Maya made a decision that she really should accept Richard’s proposal. He really do know how to play well.

“Where r u?” She texted him. She’s been restless the whole night packing and thinking of what will happen this weekend and all that she wants to do is to sleep during the drive.

“Here.” She almost threw her phone as she reads his reply. What the hell does he mean that he is here? In her room? In their house? Dang!

Going down the stairs is not that easy especially if she is running as if there’s a price to be won at the last step. He shouldn’t be inside their house! All that they agreed is that he will fetch her at the gate, just that. Her mom will be throwing questions at him that he might not answer correctly.

Her excuse was that she and her elementary friends (yes, elementary because her mother doesn’t know most of them) would have a mini reunion and spend the weekend somewhere in Batangas. But to be honest, she is still clueless where they will be going because Richard wants everything to be a surprise. Imagine that!

As she made her turn on the dining room, she heard chuckles from the room. And true enough, Richard is there eating breakfast with her mother. She rolled her eyes before making her presence known.

“Good morning, everyone.” She greeted

“Good morning, ‘nak. Kanina pa dapat kita aakyatin kaso sabi nitong si Richard okay lang naman daw at hindi kayo masyadong nagmamadali. Halika na at kumain.” Maya’s mother stood up to put food on her plate like how a caring mom always does.

Richard on the other hand is staring at her from head to foot which made Maya uncomfortable. What now, huh? “You might want to change clothes, Maya.”

“At bakit? Anong problema sa suot ko? Sabi mo wear something comfortable? Well, I am comfortable with my top and shorts, thank you very much.” Maya is getting annoyed this early in the morning. How dare he tell her what she should wear?

“Because we are going to Baguio and you might catch a cold wearing that.” He smiled at her. Though she looks wonderful with her outfit, Richard is concerned for she might get sick.

Oh how evil he was! She hated him more. “What?! Eh bakit kasi hindi mo agad sinabi?”

“Teka, Baguio? Akala ko ba Batangas? At bakit hindi mo alam ‘nak na sa Baguio ang punta niyong mga kaklase nyo?” Maya’s mother interfered upon hearing the news and seeing how surprised her daughter was.

There it goes her mother’s questions. She will kill Richard for ruining her alibi.

“Uh.. I think hindi po niya nabasa yung last e-mail ng mga ELEMENTARY FRIENDS namin. Change of plans po kasi.” Richard emphasized the words ‘elementary friends’ to let her know that he is now aware of her alibi and is enjoying everything.

“Y-yeah, yun nga Ma. Anyway, I will go upstairs to change at para dagdagan na din ng mga jacket yung bag ko.” She almost cursed in annoyance as she lazily went back upstairs to fix her things.

“Oh, mag-iingat kayo sa byahe ah? Dun na pala kayo magkikita-kita. Mas okay nga yung sumabay ka na dito kay Richard kaysa ginamit mo ang sasakyan mo.”

“Opo, Ma. We will be OK. I will text you pagdating namin dun.” She assured her mother. She knows how worried she is.

“Don’t worry po, I will drive safely.” Richard told Tere after securing their bags in the trunk of his car.

“Let’s go!” Maya waved to her mother goodbye and went inside Richard’s car before he could open the door.

“Bye po.”

“Sige, Richard. Ingat kayo!”

And with a one last sound of his car’s horn, the two were out of the gate and out of the village. One excited with this weekend, and the other dreading what’s about to happen.


I know this is not that long, bukas na lang I will post the new story. Since nagulat ako dahil may birthday video greeting ako from Joni of Be Careful, hooray. Haha Wednesday pa naman birthday ko so baka hindi ako makapagupdate nun kaya bukas na lang. Thank you guys sa lahat. Hugs!! πŸ™‚


26 thoughts on “It Happened in Paris- Part 5

  1. Thanks for the update Ms. Katey… Baguio is a romantic city… Definitely Maya will fall hard for Richard, with the perfect ambiance plus his moves, she will finally choose him over Jeff… Thanks again and advance happy birthday, I wish you all the best… πŸ™‚

  2. Hey guys help naman oh! Matagal na kasi akong di nagbabasa nang mga stories and nakalimutan ko na talaga ang mga pw. Can someone please tell me anong pe sa The one that got away Chapter 25.. Pretty please gusto ko talaga syang mabasa eh.. May email is Thanks in advance!!

  3. Maya maling mali na nakipagbalikan ka sa ex mo at eto ang papatunayan ni Richard sayo. Sori Jeff, kahit very remorseful ka…maraming paraan talaga ang karma. Hayy why does loving someone sometimes hurt this much…like loving JoChard. Haisst!

  4. thank you sa update and i’m ;ooling forward sa next update..hehehe naku kinikilig na ako sa mga mangyayari..advance Happy Birthday and may God showers your mind with brilliant ideas…

  5. Happy birthday Ms. Kate πŸ™‚ may God bless you and your family always, keep safe and healthy πŸ™‚ next chapter please πŸ™‚ Thank you. Ms. Kate wala na po ba talagang epilogue ang TOTGA hehe….thank you πŸ™‚

  6. Advance happy birthday ms.Katey!!!!….ahhhum ano kaya ang mangyayari sa Baguio…will it be “love is lovelier the 2nd time around” ang feeling? o baka maging aso’t pusa sila dun?…naku Maya baka mabuking ka ni Jeff sa ginagawa mo hala ka – mag break na kayo! (pero sana nga para magkabalikan kayo ni Richard)…hehe..thanks for the update ms.Katey!

  7. happy birthday ms. katey πŸ™‚ and thanks sa update, ok naman sana si Jeff kaya lang R&M lovers kami, kaya lahat ng wish ginagawa upang magkatuluyan ang aming fave couple πŸ˜€

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