This Time- Chapter 6: Date

Chapter 6: Date



“Aaaaghhh!!!” Maya screamed her lungs out as soon as she heard the door shut closed behind her and saw Richard stepping inside the room.

What she really wanted to happen is that Rafi will follow her and will change her mind but, obviously she didn’t. And she hated the fact that her best friend all of her life seems to love his boyfriend for a few years more than her. It pisses her more. “Nasaan sila?” She pointed at Richard, asking him. She noticed that he is watching her quietly and is not moving an inch.

Suppressing a smile, he answered “sa kabilang room.”

Although she already knew, it still surprises her that Rafi opted to stay with her cheater boyfriend than to have some girl talk until morning with her “Ughhh!! I hate her! How could she do this to me? Paano nya nagawang ipagpalit ako sa mokong na yon?!” She started pacing back and forth in the room while Richard made his way on the bed and sat on it comfortably. “Di ba nya alam kung anong iisipin nila tita kapag nalaman ‘to? Nakakainis!” Maya ranted on.

Richard on the other hand started removing his shoes and rested his feet on top of the bed as he watches her amusely. There’s a smile coming up on the corner of his lips which was then caught by Maya as soon as she halted pacing and saw him seated on the bed. It irked Maya more that he finds it funny when there isn’t anything funny at all. “At bakit ka nangingiti dyan ha?” Arms crossed, she gave him a deadly stare.

He shrugged and grinned finally showing his dimple “Wala. Nakakatuwa ka lang kasi. Maya, hindi na sila teenager and they know what they are doing. Alam na nila ang tama at mali.”

Maya huffs “No! Madali madeceive si Rafs kapag yang mokong mong kaibigan ang kasama!” She glared and pauses for a while as if thinking of something “At oo nga pala! Bakit ka ba kasi pumayag? Baliw ka na ba?!”

Richard chuckled and slowly rested his head on the headboard. “Maya, you planned everything at ayoko naman masira yung plano mo. We should act like a normal couple, right? And I suggest na instead of you stressing yourself, bakit hindi ka na lang matulog at magpahinga?” He gave her a small smile and patted the empty sace beside him.

She sighed in defeat, really he’s right. What can she do if Rafi just made a choice? All she can do is to trust her best friend that she won’t do anything that she might regret later on. “Fine..”

“Good! Okay, goodnight then.” Pulling the covers up, Richard turned on the left side of the bed and closed his eyes leaving some space for Maya.

Eyes rounded in shock, it just occured to her that Richard is already comfortable on her bed. Her own bed!! “Riiichaaaard!!!!!” She squealed shaking him hard as if making him experience an earthquake.

“Wh-what?” He mumbled lazily

“Wake up!! Hindi ka diyan matutulog! No way!”

Throwing a pillow on Maya’s side he groaned “And where do you plan to make me sleep? Sa floor?”

“Yes! Kahit saan wag lang sa kama! Maging gentleman ka nga!”

“Well I am! Wala naman akong ginagawang masama all I wanted is to get a much needed sleep.” He shifted his position ignoring her

“Richaaaard!!” She shouted and an idea hit her. Without even thinking, she tickled him everywhere her hands may land. She tried tickling him on his neck but he didn’t budge so he tried on his arms, feet, knees and on his sides. That did it! Richard started laughing hard “stop it, Maya!” He chuckled while trying to get Maya’s hands off him but she didn’t stop.

“Umalis ka na kasi dyan!” She said, laughing as well at their playfulness.

“Ayoko!” He shouted as he chuckled some more. His breaths are heavier now, his chuckling stops every now and then with each intake of air. When Maya reaches the point where she paused in tickling him, Richard quickly took that chance and catches her hands pulling her on the bed.

“Ano ba!!” She squealed trying to get away from him but his firm hold of her didn’t let her. She wiggled some more as she attempts to escape from him but he just pull her hands tighter.

As she struggle to kick him, he tightens his hold of her and leans in closer. Much way more closer than earlier. Facing each other, their bodies only inches away. Watching her with an unreadable expression.

He continues to look at her then unanticipatedly, the atmosphere quickly changes. His eyes drop to her mouth, his lips parted as he takes slow breaths. His gaze melts her heart. That familiar sensation that she brushes off often is once again creeping to her heart.

Maya positively do not want to be having this reaction right now. The very last thing she want or even need is to develop a crush on Richard. Her brain tries to reach for her heart silently instructing it to stop from beating fast. She can’t feel such. Crap. But she wants him to do what she thinks he will try to do. So she waited…

Kiss me. A part of her brain sends signal to Richard’s brain and she hates how her brain could think of such idea.

Suddenly, He inhaled sharply, as if he was realizing something. Richard rolls onto his back without making eye contact and sighs a deep sigh. He sat up in silence for a few minutes before standing up. “I… I will just sleep here sa couch. Akin na lang itong isang unan.” He said still not looking at her. “Goodnight.” He lay down on the couch and closes his eyes waiting for sleep to come.

Maya was left lying on the bed staring at the ceiling. What the hell did just happened?, she asked herself. Disappointment written on her face.


A loud knock from the door woke Maya up the next morning. She is having a headache with a little sleep. Last night, after what had happened (or she hoped to happen) she can’t drift off to sleep as thousands of thoughts came rushing inside her head like a tsunami. And she is not ready for it.

True might be known that Richard is deadly handsome and attractive but it never occurred to her that this day would come. She has a crush on him, a huge crush on him! Or maybe more…No! Just no.

“Maya?” Knock “Richard? Gising na guys let’s go out for some breakfast.” It was Rafi knocking on their door like as if it would break.

She groaned and unreluctantly pushed the covers down from her body. The sunlight slips through their room indicating another day full of promises. She hopes it would be a beautiful one.

Knock. Knock. Knock. Rafi turned their locked doorknob and knocked again when it didn’t open. Maya should have shouted at her to stop being so loud in the morning but she seem too tired to talk.

As if remembering something, Maya’s eyes scanned the room and found Richard on the side of the room still lying on the couch. She thought she might still be sleeping but when she stood up to take a closer look, she found him staring at the ceiling, contemplating. Great. Good for him, she must not be the only one affected.

She cleared her throat to get his attention but he just stared at the ceiling ignoring her presence. “Uh…goodmorning!” She greeted almost inaudible.

This is way too awkward.

He nodded once acknowleding her existence but didn’t look at her. Her heart racing early in the morning, she tried to talk some more. “Ah.. Sabi ni Rafi-”

“Yeah, I heard it. And am still hearing it.” Said he. That is true, Rafi is still knocking and shouting at their door. It is a miracle that no one from the other room is requesting her to shut up. But Maya hated the way that he say it like she’s a stranger and he doesn’t care. And come to think of it that Maya earlier wished to wake up every morning someday with him near her! Darn feelings.

“Di mo ba bubuksan yung pinto?” He asked when he noticed that Maya is just standing a few steps away from him still not moving an inch.

Maya bit the corner of her lip, pissed at him. Way to start a beautiful morning! “SHUT UP, Rafs!!” She shouts

The knocking magically stops. “O! Good morning, too!” Rafi cheerily greeted as if it’s the most wonderful morning ever made. “Go downstairs sa may diner Simon and I will be waiting for you guys!” Fading steps were heard before they were left with complete silence.

When it is really, really obvious that Richard won’t talk to him, she went to the bathroom and slammed the door shut. Inside, she watches as the cold water from the shower lands on the floor, not ready to have a morning bath.

No one dared to talk to the other after their morning rituals in the bathroom and they headed to the diner. Maya notices the concerned look being exchanged by Rafi and Simon who were seated in front of them. They are eating pancakes and bacon quietly.

She is focusing on her plate ignoring the whole world when Simon talked “Ah.. Nagkatampuhan ba kayo kagabi?” He pauses “dapat kasi Maya pinagbigyan mo na!” He chuckled at his own joke with Rafi nudging him. Maya wanted so bad to pull his tongue out of his mouth and cut it with the bread knife that she’s holding. Can’t he just shut up? Looking up at him and Simon reading her expression, she knows he had wish the same.

“Oops..sorry!” He dropped his utensils and raises his hands up in the air in surrender. Richard just stared at his friend expressionless.

“Bro, joke lang yun!” He faked a laugh like a nervous boy in trouble.

“Ah.. Pero… Kasi… Parang may mali talaga.. Magkaaway kayo?” Rafi joined in the conversation looking at me longer with her eyes showing her concern. Oh how she wanted to embrace Rafi right now.

“No, we are good.” Richard answered before spooning some pancakes. “What time tayo aalis?”

Simon wipes his mouth with the napkin happy that Richard seemed not to care with what he just said earlier. “Mamaya pang hapon bro. Kasi yung gagawa ng sasakyan padating pa lang eh.”

Maya glances at Richard and saw him frown. He quickly took his phone out from his pocket and thumbs in something to someone. She wondered who that might be? She sighs and looks away then she catches Rafi staring at her. Her face full of concern. She raises her right thumb in an okay sign for Rafi to see. She nods at Maya and smiled but she knows that Maya is not okay. She doesn’t look okay.

“We can watch a movie sa room if you guys want? May cable naman yung tv nila eh.” Rafi suggested after having their breakfast and Simon and Richard were now talking about work.

“That sounds fun, babe.” Simon agreed

Rafi then waited for the other couple’s reply. She’s worried about what’s happening “Okay, pero babalik na muna kami sa room ni Richard we need to talk kasi about something.” Maya told her friend what her plan is that day. She really needs to talk to him and tell him what bothers her. She should block this feeling right now so that it won’t affect her plans.

Richard turned to her and gave her a confused look. “I actually texted Joma to come and pick me up. He will arrive in two hours. I will be working then as I waited, replying my emails.” He told Maya as if it should be now clear to her that he have to do that. Wait. Is he trying to stay away from her? So he is also affected? Did he nearly kissed her because he likes her? But why he didn’t?

“Ganon? Bakit saan ka pupunta bro? And iiwanan mo kami dito?” Simon asked him but Maya knows that what he meant by ‘US’ is really about her. Why is he leaving her?

“I need to check yung planta sa Pampanga. Kakatanggap ko lang ng text and I have to go as soon as I can. Hindi ko na din kasi mahahatid si Maya so can you guys just take care of her, please?” He said like it is true, or maybe it is true but Maya doesn’t want to buy it.

“Okay, ingat ka sweetheart. I will be fine with them.” She gave him a small smile and stared at Rafi with her eyes requesting for something.

Quickly, Rafi realizes what she wants. “Uh. Aakyat na muna kami ni Simon ah.” She turned to Simon and started pulling her up “Let’s go.” Simon looked confused but still followed Rafi.

“Richard, umiiwas ka ba?” She asks right away not wanting to waste time.

“Nope I am not.”

“Oh yes you are! If this is because last night, di ba dapat ako yung mailang?” Her forehead creased, pissed on how he is acting.

Richard sighed deeply and shifted on his seat to look at her in the eye “Maya…” He started “I am sorry, I didn’t mean it. That won’t happen again. I was just caught in the moment and–”

If Maya heard what he just said when she still doesn’t have any crush on him she will be fine with everything but right now, his words lashes her heart. It completely slays her.

She nods in agreement like she’s cool with it. “Yeah, whatever. Kalimutan na lang natin yon, okay? Wala namang nangyari eh. It shouldn’t bother us nor create such wall between us. We are partners, remember?” Her lips curve up in a smile pretending not to care. But really…

“I know. But I really need to go. Is it okay kung kila Rafi ka na lang sasabay? Tatawagan ko na lang si Nay Tere to inform her.”

If he is her real boyfriend he won’t leave her alone. If he loves her, he will spend more time with her. However, he is not. And he doesn’t love her so be it. “Oo naman, okay lang. And don’t worry di mo na kailangan pang tawagan si mom ako na bahala.” She smiles at him for a while and stayed there beside him as he waited for his driver to arrive.


One month down, four more to go. The plans were still not finalize as they still have a lot of time to plan. But Maya can feel the excitement everywhere she goes. At home, her mom keeps on bugging her about the wedding. In the office, Rafi would often call her to update her and talk to her about her plans not caring if she has a report to finish.

“Don’t forget bukas, ok?” Rafi reminded her on the other line for the nth time. Maya rolled her eyes as she hates being reminded like she can’t remember anything.

“Oo na. Paulit-ulit ka naman. Alam ko, ok? Even si Emman pinapaalala din sa’kin. Richard and I will be there bukas. On time.” She tried to assure her energetic friend

“Good! Good! Okaaaaay! See you!”

“Sige, bye.”

After the incident in the inn, Maya noticed that Richard really stayed away from her. She of course thought that he must be really busy with work but she just can’t brush off the idea that he somehow tries to get away from liking her. As if it is wrong, as if he’s in love with someone else.

Ouch. That thought hurt her. She sighs and shakes that thought away. He is just busy. That’s the real reason.

Richard rarely texts her much even calls her. He will just text her if Simon will tell him something about the wedding then that would be it. Maya attempted to engage him in a conversation countless of times but he will reply in few words. And it is hard for her to keep on giving topics when she is sure that he doesn’t like to talk to her. Ouch again.

“Sweetheart!! ;)” she texted him their sort of endearment earlier that day and is still waiting for his reply after her conversation with Rafi but to no avail.

So she tried again, “Busy? Don’t be late tom! 8am SHARPie. : ) okokokok?”

Then she followed up “Kumain ka na ba? Lunch na! Eat well.”

Maya chewed on the corner of her lower lip as she waited… And waited. Each passing second hurts. She hates having a crush on someone and even caring like this. This is all his fault for waking up this feeling buried deep inside her when he nearly kissed her.

“I will be there. Sabay ba tayo?” He finally texted back which made her to half shout a big YES. That earned some head to turn on her direction. She gave them all an apologetic smile and then shifted her attention back on her phone as she thumbs in a reply.

“Yes pls. Mom misses u.” She sent. Her mother even asked her why Richard is no longer visiting them for the past few days and has been asking her if they are fighting.

“Ok. Tell her that I miss her, too. Oh wait! I will just text her myself. See u tom.” WHY can’t he just tell her that he misses her as well. But not in a kind of way that he misses her mother. Maya’s been confused with what she’s feeling. She can’t feel like this because she knows that she will lose. She kind of feels right now that Richard doesn’t like her. Maybe a tiny bit he does, but that won’t lead to something more. Oh wait! Does she hopes that there will be something more? She is indeed in big trouble!!


“Nag-away ba kayong dalawang bata kayo ha?” Teresita started throwing questions at them once Richard arrived to fetch Maya. She could only roll her eyes at how her mother sounded mad at them for fighting. “Aba, magiging mag-asawa na kayo dapat kung may hindi pagkakasunduan ay ayusin agad! Wag papaabutin ng ilang araw.”

Oh stop, stop, stop mom. Don’t go in there, she thought. Guilt starts to creep its way up to her heart once more.

“Nay, sorry busy lang po talaga kaya di ako nakakadalaw madalas.” He reaches for Tere’s hand and squeezes it. “Namiss ko po talaga kayo lalo na yung mga luto nyo.” He smiled.

“Nako, ikaw talagang bata ka oh!” Maya silently smiled at the sight. No wonder Richard is her mom’s favorite. “Hayaan mo, after nyang meeting nyo sa designer ay bumalik kayo dito para kumain. Isama nyo na sila Rafaela.”

“Okay po.” Richard agreed which surprises Maya. “Bye Nay, see you later.” Richard leans in and drops a kiss on her cheek before turning to Maya. “Let’s go?”

She pauses before nodding her head. “Y-yeah. Sige tara na.”

Richard slips his hand to hers and intertwined it with his as they made their way out of the house to his car.


“Red would be a good motif!!” Rafi suggested

“That would look good since Red is an eye catcher. However, if red yung motif then you girls will be wearing white, matatabunan ang beauty nyo!” Raul, the designer said shaking his head “not that I can’t make your gowns look good pero I just think not advisable ang red.”

“Ow. You’re right.” Rafi pouted then turns at Maya “What do you think Maya? Ikaw? Anong suggestion mo?”

“Um.. Blue?” She smiled then glances at Richard. She saw him flipping through the magazine but then stops on the page where there is a very beautiful engagement ring being advertised. Maya’s heart momentarily stopped. Is he thinking of finally giving her a sort of engagement ring that he once said to cap off their pretend relationship? Maya’s spirits went up.

Raul and Rafi loved the blue idea and started going through Raul’s designs with Simon peeking at the designs beside Rafi. Raul even asked what shade of blue they might like and she leave it to Rafi to decide. They were absorbed in the conversation that Maya easily slipped away in the discussion staring at Richard.

“Richard!” She whispered to get his attention. He was startled that made him flip the pages of the magazine fast. Maya chuckled as if his action just confirmed what she’s thinking.

“What?” He turns at her and smiles she notice how nervous he is.

“Wala naman, parang masyado ka kasing busy dyan.” She gave him a knowing smile not minding at all if he will tell her now what he’s up to.

“Ah.. Just trying to look excited and hands on.” He whispered back

“Well.. I suggested na blue yung motif ng wedding. Sa tingin mo it’s okay?” Maya asked him waiting for his answer.

He shrugged and leans in closer, obviously he doesn’t want to be heard by the people around them. “Anything’s fine with me. We shouldn’t really care. Try to make Rafi decide as much as possible this is her wedding afterall.” He sat up straight and looked at her with an unreadable expression. She flinch. Her heart felt like it beat its last. He’s right. Why should they care?

She should be busy making plans to ruin this wedding, why is it now that she is starting to get excited about everything like she is indeed part of everything. She needed that wake up call from him. Time to go back to reality. “Oo nga. But.. But we at least should try to engage ourselves.” She mutters

“But try not to get too engage.” He replied noncommittally

She hates him for suddenly making her feel this way. His presence makes her happy, makes her excited. They really did built a strong connection for the last weeks and it affected Maya more than she could imagine. She was attracted to him the moment that he walked inside the karaoke booth and as day passes, she seemed to like him more. Now she feared that her plan is backfiring at her.


With her closet open wide, Maya spent the past half hour deciding what to wear. She even bought two nice dresses two days ago so that she could have something to choose from but those dresses, but unexpectedly it seemed as though they don’t fit the occasion anymore.

Two days ago, Richard texted Maya asking her out to go with him somewhere on Saturday night.

Hi. Can u accompany me somewhere? It’s a dinner party and I need a date. Saturday. 7pm. Will pick u up. πŸ™‚

His text message reads and no matter how simple the message is, HE is still asking her out on a date!! Or at least, that is how it sounds like. It still sent shiver through her body. She tried to brush away the feeling but because it feels like ages since the last time that he asked her out somewhere, that text makes her heart race. She is excited that she silently prayed that Saturday would come so fast.



Be ready in an hour. I am on my way.

She almost drop the phone in surprise. She didn’t notice the time! As quick as she could, she took a black little dress and wear it. She bolted her way to the bathroom to fix her hair and do her make up as fast as a girl can do.


“Nako Richard, kanina pa yun nasa itaas. Eh pagkatapos ng tanghalian eh di na bumababa yun pagkaakyat.” Teresita sat on the couch near Richard. He is wearing a suit that looks so good on him. He checked on the time at it says that it is already seven thirty. What is taking her so long?

“Ganun po ba?” He smiled at Teresita and shifts on the couch then fixes his tie.

“Ay sandali nga at tatawagin ko na. Sasabihin kong kanina ka pa nandito.” Maya is still unaware that Richard is already in there so maybe that is why she’s taking all her time. As Teresita stands up, she stops abruptly and grins. “Ayan na pala!”

Richard gasps for air as soon as his eyes lay on her walking down the stairs. Her curls resting on her shoulder, her simple make up that makes her more beautiful.. And that dress that fits her perfectly. Her legs were exposed and he can’t help but appreciate how sexy those were. She fills out the dress well. He is not used in seeing her this beautiful. Not that she isn’t, he is just not used in seeing her in a dress. He is indeed lucky that she is his date that night.

“Sorry!” She apologizes when she’s at the last stair. She doesn’t have to apologize anymore, her grand entrance already made up for it.

Richard stood up and walks to her. He kissed her cheek and he saw her blush. “You look beautiful.” He complimented and he saw her blush even more.

They look at each other, smiling. That moment, they really looked like two people madly in love. Their eyes glittered with attraction that simply cannot be shrugged off.

“Ehem” Nay Tere clears her throat helping them to wake up to reality. The two slowly turned to look at Teresita and saw her giving them a teasing smile. “Oh, Maya. Curfew mo. Kailangan twelve nandito ka na.”

Maya rolled her eyes. With the travel time, it will only give her about 3 hours to have some fun. If of course there isn’t any traffic. “Ma! Hindi naman ako si Cinderella.” She sounded annoyed

“‘Nak, hangga’t di ka pa kasal ay may curfew ka pa din.” Tere said firm. Maya kept mum like she always does especially when the wedding is brought up.

“It’s okay po, I will make sure nandito na siya by twelve.” Richard assured Teresita, cool with everything.

“Osiya, sige. Umalis na kayo at nang makapagenjoy kayo ng mas matagal sa party. Ingat kayo ha?”

“Opo.” Maya kissed her mother’s cheek and step aside to allow Richard to do the same.

Once settled inside the car, Maya noticed a small pandora paperbag on the floor of Richard’s car. Her feet accidentally feltΒ it and she knows that it contains something. Maya’s heart started racing. The image of Richard staring at the ring on the magazine enters her mind. She smiled giddily on the idea that he will give her that later.

After buckling his seat belt, Richard noticed her smiling so he asked, “Bakit?”

“H-ha?” She asked startled

“You are smiling.”

she frowns quickly wiping that silly grin off her face “Ah.. Wala.. Wala.” She looked at him lovingly “I am just excited to meet new people.”

Reversing his car, he said “Don’t be. Almost everyone in there will be businessmen. This will be quite boring but don’t worry I won’t leave you.” He reached for her hand and squeezes it giving her the most wonderful smile that she ever saw.


P.S. To those ppl asking for the pw of multiverse, you can read it if you like.Β πŸ˜‰

The TITLEΒ is the clue to the pw of my protected post. All small letters! πŸ˜‰


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  1. super kinilig ako sa first part pero naging ouch for Maya sa later part, sana lang masuklian ni Richard ang feelings nya in due time, para kasing there’s something that makes Richard to hold back his feelings at sana d masyadong assuming si Maya sa “engagement ring” na yan or laking bukol ang makukuha nya πŸ˜€

      • got it! thank u and also to Marian hahahhaha!!!

        I love the first part too! and i love it knowing na nadedevelop na silang dalawa…for Maya sure na sia but Ricky we dont know since wlang POV hahahhaha! ouch lang kasi in denial pa si Ricky at masakit un k Maya,,,,sakit sa dibdib no Sis Anne? ramdam na ramdam natin eh! Sana wag mag assume si Maya na ibbgay na dat nite ang engagemeng ring kasi pag walang iabot baka mapaiyak sia sa harap ni Chard awwww!!! sana my next na agad Katey…thank you and God bless!!!

    • I got the clue Sa tweet ni sis Katey…then read the note sa chapter 6, madali naman hulaan. I have not read the protected story but got excited to guess the pw coz someone texted me asking for the pw and only then I checked the site to find updates 😁 ha ha ha feel ko lang maging banker ng passwords.

  2. Thank u Katey sa update. May hadlang ba kaya umiiwas si Richard kay Maya? Later on kailangan ng kapartner ni Rchard kaya ininvite si Maya magdinner date. Is love coming around or pure business lang. Cheers.

  3. Thank you for the update…… hmmmm Maya sabi ko na ba eh, yang ginagawa mo na yan will be your monster. O di bah ikaw na ngayon di mapakali….. I think Richard is also having battle with himself about his feelings for Maya – nadedevelop na rin si Mamang Singkit ❀

  4. Hi Miss Katey!!! Thank you for the update πŸ™‚ kahit nasasaktan ako para kay Maya eeehhh kinikilig padin akooohh! Wushu!! But Ms. Katey,, JoChard ba itong Multiverse? Can I get the password for it? I found it hard to guess the clue.. Can I get the password please? Here’s my email again

  5. Hi Katey, Re your message yesterday, please see the attached at sana makatulong na makapagpaalala ng stories mo. Ito yung last chapter na u had shared with us bago ka naging busy. Meron pang isa e hanapin ko muna then iforward ko din sayo. Take care, cheers. Mwaaah, Marian Yip

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