This Time- Chapter 9: Suddenly It’s Magic

Hi everyone!!! I am so sorry if it took me this long to post an update. I’ve been sooo busy, I hardly even have time left for myself. 😩 anyway, we are all happy with the happenings so there’s that.

I hope you guys will enjoy reading this. Even though I think it’s kinda lame. 😣😂

For all #TeamChinoy out there. ❤

Chapter 9

Two weeks had passed after their engagement. With few text messages exchanged, Maya longed to see Richard more. She can no longer deny how attracted she is, well she is aware that it is more than just attraction.

She is in love.

At a wrong time.

In a wrong person.

She heaved a sigh as she lazily stood up from bed, thumbing in a quick “good morning” in her phone before sending it to Richard.

It has been a routine. She will send him good morning messages every morning while he expectedly replies the same. Then end of conversation.

Her phone alerted a new message. She swiped her screen and reads.

Good morning, too. See u

She wasn’t expecting a reply in an instant. Or a reply more than a good morning, too. But he did, and she wasn’t really complaining. She is happy that he did.

But she raked her brain on the reason why will he see her later? She didn’t forgot anything didn’t she?

Fingers drumming continuously on her chin, Maya tried to remember if she missed something important. She knows she didn’t. So what is up for today, then?

Abruptly, she grabs her bag and fishes out her planner which she got from the coffee shop after drinking cups of coffee while she waits for Richard before.

Since that night, whenever she will meet Richard  for a wedding preparation, he will arrive late. Maya somehow knows why, maybe Richard is now getting along with Alexis. She once brought that up and teased him but he shrug it off and said that he was just busy with work that is why he is usually late.

He could just be honest with her! It is their agenda anyway so he doesn’t get it why is he lying to her.

Anyway, she should be thankful for he is saving her heart from the pain that the sudden admission would cause.

The date today on her planner is empty. She wonders whether she totally forgot to write down whatever wedding prep is scheduled today or there isn’t just any.

Or hell! Maybe he sent it wrongly. It must have been his message for Alexis…
Darn it! That ache in her heart.

“why are we seeing each other today?” she texted back for she can no longer take the pain that she is feeling. She silently begs her phone to pop up a message that is contrary to her expectation.

In a matter of seconds, which is very unusual, he replied.

“Let’s go out. I want to date my fiance. ;)”

Thud. Thud. Thud. Goes her heart. Darn him for thinking as if everything’s a joke. And darn her heart for getting giddy with the thought.

“Why? May plans k n b for today??” he followed up. Her brain wants to command her fingers to thumb in a big YES and send it to him immediately, but her heart disagrees. She wants to be with him and even if she already have plans for today (which she doesn’t have any), most definitely she will cancel it in an instant.

“Wala naman. Pero ano na namang kalokohan ‘to?” she wanted to sound annoyed contrary to what she really feels. She have to mask her real feelings or things will get complicated as it already is.

She almost drop her phone when it buzzed with an incoming call from Richard. She was debating whether she should take the call or not.

But oh heck! Her heart won.

“ano?!” she answered grumpily although what she really wanted is to greet him sweetly.

“goodmorning, beautiful.” He teasingly replied. Maya’s heart drummed so fast it felt as if it will explode. Darn him for adding fuel to the fire. 😣

“shut up! Go straight to the point you’re wasting my time.”

He chuckled. Such a beautiful music to Maya’s ears. “Fine. Fine. Well, kasi I really want to invite you. I will buy something sa mall. Tapos later tonight pupunta tayo sa Club. Remember my friend there? He invited us.”

Maya’s mind is rewinding to that day where he sang a song in front of everyone. He is so cute, and handsome and he looks so nice and fresh..and… of geeez! She should stop.

“why? Anong meron?”

“His club’s anniversary. I’ll pick you up later. Around 2pm. See you.” He hung up not even waiting for her response. Darn him for thinking that she will go with him whenever he likes.. And darn her feet for walking straight to the bathroom and her brain for thinking what to wear and how to put her hair later.


The music started blasting as soon as Richard opened the club’s door tagging her along. He is wearing a brown leather jacket and maong pants. Maya decided to wear a simple red dress. She actually spent a hell lot of time deciding if she should wear the engagement ring. Which, of course she did just in case they will be putting on the game later.

Richard pick her up at exactly two in the afternoon beaming as he looks at her. She missed him. She missed him terribly even though they were only separated for a few days.

“Chardie!!” the familiar tall muscular guy from before approached them and patted Richard’s shoulder. He nodded at Maya afterwards and smiled.

“Hi. Good to see you again. Sabi ko kay Chard isama ka. Mas gusto kita para sa kanya kaysa dun sa isa.” He said at Maya then he chuckled. Maya turned to Richard in time to see his reaction. He wasn’t happy with what his friend had said. Maya assumed that they are talking about Alexis. So indeed, they are seeing each other. He must have brought her here with him these days that they haven’t seen each other.

“Anyway, enjoy the night you two! Eat and drink whatever you like.” He said before winking at me then left. He disappeared in the crowd as if they ate him whole. Everyone’s enjoying their night, swaying to the music blasting on the speakers.

She looked at him. He looked at her and took her hand.

Far away from the noise of everyone inside, Richard steered Maya inside a private booth which the bar has. Maya didn’t notice this part of the club the first time she was here. But it is indeed needed especially if someone needs a place where he can talk and relax alone.

They were followed by a waiter asking them on what they wanted. Richard ordered a beer for himself while Maya asked for a lemonade and some nachos. She is starving but it looks like Richard is not in the mood for eating so she will be fine with some nachos for now.

“So I was right, huh? You guys are back together?” Maya asked him the moment they were left alone inside. She studied how his eyes never left his phone. As if waiting for someone to text him.

Reluctantly, Richard lifted his eyes and stared at her. He sighs.

She didn’t flinch and waited for his response.

He just continued to stare at her, as if examining her whole face.

It’s quiet. It’s getting awkward.

He bit his lip in response and slowly, his eyes traveled to her lips.

She swallowed, getting uncomfortable.

Suddenly, the environment changed. As if they’re somewhere else. She doesn’t know if it’s only her, if she’s being paranoid or what. But she knows she can clearly see Richard leaning in closer. His eyes slowly traveling to her lips. She waited. And waited for what might come next. She no longer want to assume what will happen. She already did the first time, and she was deeply hurt by wrongly reading things.

So she just stayed where she is. Breathing heavily…

Their eyes still locked ..

then it happened. He claimed her lips in a soft lingering kiss. She doesn’t know why, if this is his way of shutting her mouth then heck, she will definitely talk more.

It last for a few more seconds before the door knob slowly turns indicating a person coming in. Immediately, Richard created a distance from Maya and stood up. “I will just call someone” he murmured to her as the door flew open

Richard nodded at his friend before stepping out of the booth. “hi Maya, I think I haven’t introduced myself, I am Rod.”

“uh.  Hi”

“are you guys having a good time? Medyo bago itong booth and are only for VIPs” he said while taking a seat beside Maya.

“yes.  Thank you. Oo nga napansin ko nga.” She looks at him and nods

This guy beside him has been really nice but Maya’s mind is wandering else where. . back to what happened earlier. The moment she had longed for.

“What’s that smile for?” she immediately wipe away the grin she didn’t realize was plastered on her face. She scrunches up her nose. “ano?”

Rod laughs. “I knew it.” He says. “you and Richard are a thing! No matter how he tried to deny it.” So he didn’t tell Rod about them. Not that there is something going on between them, just that she thought all of  his friends knew about it.

she shakes her head. “hindi!” she said immediately. “wala talaga.”

“eh ano? Sabi ko sa kanya magsama sya ng date. Someone special.”

She quickly look away as soon as she felt the blush creep up her neck. She’s special! She wanted to scream!

Rod laughs when he sees Maya’s cheeks turn red. They we’re both quiet for a moment

“it’s actually good to know that he found someone new. I really like you better than Alexis.” Maya turned her head at the sound of Alexis’ name.

Maya wanted so bad to ask questions about Alexis, but somehow she is scared and she doesn’t know what she is exactly afraid of.

“Richard told me everything. I know everything.” He continued when Maya just keeps on starring. “Alexis was Richard’s first love… she’s his everything.”

Maya smiled weakly acknowledging the obvious. “and he is so stupid for still loving her. Good thing you’re here.”

“uhm.. Wala naman talagang something sa’min.” she said after a while.

“That is what the two of you believes in. But I can clearly see something else going on. You see, I am not blind.” He chuckled as if he knew a big secret no one knows of.

“so..uh.. About Alexis, bakit sila naghiwalay?” Maya got curious and somehow wanted to change the subject. She knows that she couldn’t let herself believe what others sees, because it is very clear to her that Richard loves someone else.

Rod clears his throat. “I am actually not in the position to answer that, but one thing is for sure, Richard is not the one at fault.”

Silence then followed. Maya didn’t get an answer but somehow knew why. She must have cheated on him, if that’s the case then Alexis doesn’t deserve Richard

An another realization, Richard is so stupid for still loving Alexis.

“Well, Maya I gotta go back outside to check the other guests.” He winked at her before heading back outside the booth.

If Richard is already developing feelings for her and feels the same way already, then she will take good care of him.

Abruptly, Maya stood up and headed outside to look for Richard. She will now fight for what she feels. Especially after that one magical kiss that he gave her.

There is something really. She just hopes it will blossom into something beautiful soon enough.

With that thought, Maya couldn’t help but feel giddy as she welcomes the cold breeze of wind on her face and the lone figure of the man she knows that she already loves leaning on a lamp post while talking seriously to someone on the phone.

She approached him slowly, his back facing her. She is getting nearer when suddenly she stops when she heard him saying. “I know that, Alexis.”


14 thoughts on “This Time- Chapter 9: Suddenly It’s Magic

  1. Sana naman eh maging honest na si Ricky kay Maya ….it hurts the most that your inlove with someone but your just not sure if he feels the same for you….but no matter what #TeamChinoy. all the way 👍👍👍💛💔💙…thanks sa update Ms Katey 🌻💍👰

  2. Ouch! Sakit naman Ms. Katey but Maya did it to herself. This is exactly what happens when you pretend and ended up falling. Hay naku Maya, wag mo nang pahirapan sarili mo if he’s still hung up on her. Get out while you still can. Once he realize that he’s already fallen for you, well tough. He has to prove himself to get you back. Thank you Ms. Katey, really hoping for the next update soon?! Please, pretty please! 🙂

  3. so…whats the meaning of the kiss Ricky? at someone special nga ba si Maya o…just because ayaw sa kanya ng mga friends mo o..baka naman ayaw ni Alexis sumama at me lakad siang iba…whatever the reason? ginugulo mo utak ni Maya….i just wish u wud soon realized what ur missing or will be missing when u let go of Maya…sana me humabol din k maya pra matauhan si Richard hayyyy…thanks a bunch for the update…God bless….


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