Chapter 10: Can’t Take The Ache From Heart Break

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She froze. She haven’t even realized that he already ended the call and is now turning around. He saw her, gave her a confused expression as if wondering what is she doing there, a few steps away from him.

Or maybe, he is thinking whether or not she had overheard their conversation. She didn’t. But she did heard him utter HER name…Alexis.

It’s still you, always been you.

Richard’s words “I know that, Alexis” bugged Maya to death. She wants to know what he means by that.

She wants to ask him, even yell at him for doing this to her. He just kissed her earlier and now, he is talking to his ex-girlfriend! What the heck!

She hates him.
But she loves him more than she hates him. Darn it.

The next thing she knew, he’s holding her elbow and is pulling her towards the club. She needs space, a moment away from this dangerous guy.
But more than anything, she loves being so close to him.
“Let’s go back inside. I will tell Rod that we will leave before I drive you home.”
 He whispered closely in her ear so she could hear him clearly.

They’ll be leaving the club. This early. And nope, they won’t be going elsewhere like they did before.
No more chicken wing dinner, no beaches.. Just home.

They’re going home, or.. Just her.
Of course he won’t be going home just yet.
She wants to scream at the top of her lungs. Why do things get more complicated as days pass by?!
“Go get you things before we look for Rod.” He said, as soon as they entered the private room where they were earlier.

Maya walks towards the couch and took her bag which is resting on it. She momentarily stopped, slowly turned to look at him.

Too many things she want to tell him. But she doesn’t know how to start. She agreed to this kind of setup, hell she even started this. Why did he even kissed her to begin with?! That kiss made everything even more complicated. Her heart already hoped for something more than what they are right now.
But he can’t give Maya what her heart wants. His heart belongs to someone else. 

“Why…” She asked almost inaudibly. It was short but somehow it relayed all the things she want to ask him. “Why?” She repeated, much more confident than earlier.
He stared at her blankly, as if wondering what’s going on. “What do you mean?”
Maya quickly wiped the tear that escaped from her eye. She doesn’t want to be affected. Atleast, she is trying to.

“Y-yung kanina, why did you kissed me?” Her heart is drumming rapidly. As soon as those words were said, she want to take them back. Somehow, she knows what his response will be. And she’s not ready for it. Never will be.

“Maya…” He started, sighs and closed his eyes for a few seconds. “I…I’m sorry. I don’t know what’s gotten into me. I am not really disrespecting you. I am very sorry for what I did. It won’t happen again, I promise.” He assured her. She wanted to wail and slap him for apologizing. He just broke her heart and she’s slowly dying inside.

“You don’t really have to say sorry. For sure you felt that it was a good moment.” She said, somehow suggesting that he really felt something for her.

“No. I… I really do apologize for that kiss. Hindi ko dapat ginawa, especially it is not planned. And…” He was about to continue but stopped when she saw Maya crying in front of him.

She is sobbing uncontrollably. Richard doesn’t know why she is reacting like this especially that he already apologized for his stupid action earlier. “Maya…” He approached her and embraced her. “I’m really am sorry. That kiss won’t happen again.”
Instead of comforting Maya with his words, she cried even more. How can this man be so dense. 

“Hey…” He rubs her back in a comforting manner. Until three words coming from Maya made him stop.

“I love you…” She murmured in between sobs. “Mahal na kita, Richard.”
This time, Richard froze with the revelation. He didn’t expect this. He doesn’t know how to react and what to feel.

Slowly, when Richard hasn’t responded, Maya lifted her head to look at his reaction but his face was blank.

They stayed like that for a moment before Richard was back in his senses and took a step backwards. “I…is this a joke, Maya? You are kidding me, right?”
She slowly shook her head. “Sana nga nagbibiro na lang ako para hindi ako nasasaktan ngayon sa nakikita kong reaksyon mo.”
He run his fingers on his hair. He doesn’t know what to say.

“Alam ko naman na may mahal ka pang iba pero kasi..”

“Stop.” He interrupted her. His voice was firm. He no longer wants to hurt her even more. “You planned this, I played along. I agreed to this setup just because I know you can also help me with Alexis, now she wants to talk to me. Please, don’t ruin this night.”
“I don’t want to hurt you, Maya. But if I made you feel that there will be something more than what we are now, then I am sorry. But as you already know, I am still in love with Alexis. I cannot love someone else. She still owns my heart.”
Maya nodded, expecting that response from him. She no longer wants to cry in front of him. He is right. She deserves this. This is her karma.
“Yes. Alam ko naman, I… I just want you to know. Sorry din.”
“Let’s stay as friends, okay?”
Their feet were still glued on the floor, both of them not knowing how to end the night. “We better leave. Di ba mag-uusap pa kayo ni Alexis?” She took er bag hastily, trying her best to avoid his eyes that is now watching her every move.
“Yeah, we should go.” He tried to hold her and guide her on their way outside te club but she doubled her steps so that she won’t be near him. Her heart is still shattered. It still hurts being rejected.

Without looking at him, Maya turned his heels and bid goodbye. “I will just hail a cab. Hassle pa if ihahatid mo ako, di ba?”
“What?! No. Ihahatid kita, Maya. It’s late an besides I promised your mom. Magagalit sa’kin yun.”
“Ako na bahala kay mommy. Sige na. Mauna ka na.” She said. She needs to be alone right now and she prayed that he would agree this time. She cannot bear the pain anymore if they will still be sharing the same car for an hour. She might breakdown as soon as they are inside.

“Maya, wag na makulit. Gabi na..”

“Kaya ko na sarili ko. Sige na.”
Before Richard disagrees, a cab halted in front of them. Maya hurriedly went inside asked the driver to hurry and drive her home. She left him standing outside the club watching the taxi slowly fading away from his sight.

“I think this is the right time for us to stop. You have to tell Rafi everything before it’s too late.”

It has been four days since she last saw Richard. He didn’t made any effort in contacting her. Until this day. And the text message from him was more of an instruction rather than a suggestion.

Of course she knows that sooner or later she needs to tell the truth to everyone. Lying is already taking its toll on her. But not now. It’s just hard for her to correct things. She sighs not knowing how hard it is to escape what she’s gotten herself into.
“Yeah, I know. But please let me tell them the truth. Just give me time.” She replied after a few minutes.
“The sooner the better, Maya. You might lose people” he texted back.

Maya screamed in annoyance. How dare he?!! Now that he no longer benefits with her plan he will leave her behind!
Oh how she hates him! But of course she loves him more than she hates him. Darn this love.
Her heart is bargaining for more time. More time with Richard, even though everything is fake. All she knows is the happiness that she’s feeling whenever she’s with him is the truest thing she ever felt. Strange as it may seem, but she just loves being with him.
Yet, she is indeed losing time. A couple of months left before the wedding and she still don’t know what to do. Should she stick with her plan or should she let things be? She just loves her best friend so much and she is happy that Rafi is happy right now but her gloomy face when Simon cheated on her before still reminds her that she should protect her from another heart ache.

Even though her own heart is breaking in the pretend relationship she have with Richard. It is still better than not being able to be near him.

“Omygee, Maya!!!!” Rafi squealed beside Maya as Simon entered the restaurant.
The two couples were about to meet for the wedding invitation planning. They agreed on eating lunch in a restaurant near Richard’s office for his convenience since he cannot leave his work that long. Maya somehow thought that Richard is trying to get not too attached as much as possible. 
“Rafaela! Please stop gushing over your future husband!” She whispered to Rafi who is still smiling foolishly as Simon went near their table and greeted the two.
“Hi ladies, hello there babe.” Simon kissed Rafi then pulled her up so she could sit next to him.
“How’s work?” The two automatically engage in a conversation of their own while they wait for Richard.

“Oh, Chard is late na for like 20minutes.” Rafi noticed after checking her phone.
“Yeah, Maya where is he? He should be early since malapit lang naman office nya.” Simon seconded. 
True enough Maya’s getting impatient he should at least help her until she’s prepared to tell the truth.
“Chard, where are u?” Maya texted him and even tried calling him five times but he is still not answering.
She’s getting worried as time passes by.
“We’re already here. Hinihintay ka na namin kanina pa” she tried contacting him some more but still no answer.
She sighed. “Guys, you go and start talking already about the inviation. I will go and see him in his office. Baka Hindi lang makaalis in an important meeting. I will be back with him later.” Maya took her bag and walked out of the restaurant heading to Richard’s office.

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