The Dying Girl – 2

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Maya didn’t shed a tear. I am not even surprise because she’s such a brave girl. I am standing at the door of her room watching her as she stares at the wall, sighing every now and then.

Beep. “I can wait ‘til early morning.*wink*” I checked my phone and reads a message from the girl I’ve met at the bar. Seriously though am I really that charming? I hid a smile and could feel someone whose attention is on me.






Her chin is rested at her right hand while eyeing me. “You are smiling while reading a message. Richard, if you have somewhere else to go, please don’t let my situation stop you. Enjoy your life.” She’s sincere while saying this but her last words hit the pit of my stomach.



Should I really enjoy my life while she’s here…Alone.. and who just found out that her ex did cheated on her?



“Pero alam mo, okay na din na nalaman ko na niloloko nya ko at hindi dahil may sakit ako kaya siya lumayo. At least I hate myself and my sickness a little less.”


I took a seat beside her not saying anything. I think she needs someone who can just sit and listen to her.



“Besides, he can be happy with that girl. Siguro nung nalaman nya na may sakit ako nabawasan yung guilt nya kasi parang tama talaga yung decision nya since I won’t last long and staying with me would end up hurting him.”

“Hey don’t say that.” I hate it that she’s pitying herself yet hates it when someone does it. She doesn’t deserve that jerk.



“Don’t worry, I am fine. You should go matutulog na lang muna ako.” She smiled at me before lying on her bed. I stayed and waited until she drifted off to dreamland.



And I went home and thought of her.



Five minutes. I am here for five minutes and yet, she only nodded her head without looking at me when she heard her door flew open indicating my presence. It’s already 7 in the evening on a weekday and Maya is busy writing something on her working table.


“What are you so busy about??” I walked right behind where she is seated and peeked at her table to see what she’s busy doing.


And as fast as she could, her hands covered the notebook so that I wouldn’t be able to read it.


“is that your diary??” I asked, for sure it is.


“wag ka magulo dyan! Di pa tapos. Umupo ka muna sa bed, manuod ka ng tv or go play ps4.” She instructed which I obediently did. I don’t want to stress her out so I let her be. Besides she says it is still not yet finished with whatever it is that she’s writing so I guess she’ll somehow share it to me once it’s done.



I switch through channels until I decided to watch the documentary about alligators, like how strong is their jaw is etcetera. I am learning a lot by watching this documentary on National Geographic and I felt comfortable sitting there not being bothered by anything. Until Maya stood right in front of me blocking my view from the TV.


She’s smiling down at me like a sun shining so bright. Geez how can she be this adorable even though it’s already late in the evening??



“I’m done, Ricky!!” she is now calling me Ricky, and yes we became so close and comfortable at each other that she can call me Ricky, Chard and like hell whatever else she wants to. Any nickname of mine that I don’t even allow anyone else calling me.


“Done with what?”


She flashes her smile yet again and handed me the notebook that she’s so busy working on. I quickly took it from her and flips through its pages as she is still giving me that expectant smile of hers.


Bucket list

Things to do and places to visit with Richard Lim  (NOTE: it doesn’t have to be in particular order btw)

  1. Road trip to Baguio/Sagada
  2. Go island hopping in El Nido, Palawan
  3. Surf in Baler
  4. Camping
  5. Ride a roller coaster (I’m not that brave enough before but now…YOLO)
  6. Date someone (for one night only)
  7. Drive a race car
  8. Watch a concert
  9. Watch a theater play
  10. Do a garage sale (all proceeds go to charity)


I re-read it. I am having a hard time breathing. I’ve watched a hell lot of films of someone who’s about to die writing their own bucket list. I might’ve shed a tear by watching those soppy movies. But this? This is different, it is happening in my reality I don’t even want this. I don’t want the idea that she’s doing this because she thinks her clock is ticking and she haven’t lived her life to the fullest.


I don’t want to participate in any of this, but what can I do? Say no and make her hate me?

“Konti pa nga Yan but I don’t think pwede ako lumabas ng bansa unless it is for me to go to a better hospital in another country.”


“I- uh..” I am speechless. I want to cry, but I can’t do that in front of her.



“I’ve watched The Bucket List kasi kanina in HBO and I realized that ang dami ko pang hindi nagagawa. You know what? Unahin natin yung number 6. I need to date before I lose my hair.” She laughed at her own statement. I don’t even think there’s anything funny at all. How can she be so cool with all of these?

“Ricky?? Uy!! Ano?? You know someone na pwede ko i-date? But don’t tell him na I am sick baka matakot di sumipot.” And again, she laughed. What the hell, woman???


“are you even sure about this??”


“Yes. Wag lang KJ ha? I know I am asking too much of your time, alam ko busy ka din pero ka pero kasi di ako papayagan Pag hindi ikaw ang kasama ko eh. Saka, I am much way more comfortable whenever I am with you.” She grins.


“Fine. 7pm tomorrow. He’ll pick you up.”



“Ha?? Bukas na agad? Nako! Kailangan ko na pumili ng susuotin!! Teka ano hitsura nya?? Wala man lang ba picture?” She asked, excited with the idea of dating again.
I grinned “basta bukas na. I’ll go home so you could choose what to wear and rest afterwards.”



With a final wave of goodbye, I left Maya as she busily picks up random dresses in her closet.



“What does he looks like?? Is he nice?”

Maya keeps on texting me the same message the entire day and I only managed to reply once saying that the guy will pick her up at 7 and the place will be a surprise.
But of course being herself, she can’t just stop from bugging me.


The thing is, I myself is excited for tonight. I will be her date. I ordered flowers, reserved a table for two in a restaurant in a hotel. And patiently waits for the clock to hit 7 in the evening.


To be honest, I have no idea what’s gotten into me. After reading her bucket list of wanting to date someone, I automatically thought of myself having dinner with her. It wasn’t the first time that we will be eating together, but I will make sure that it will be a memorable night for her.

I am aware that the more time I spent with her, the more we became close with each other. My mom and friends notice that I no longer go out at night and would often spend my nights with Maya. My mother is happy about this and I am actually genuinely happy whenever I visit her. There’s this positive energy that surrounds her.


Her excited face as she walks down the stairs earlier turned into an annoyed one when I told her that I will be her date for tonight. Tita Tere, her mom, was as usual very happy with my idea. She just missed seeing her daughter all dolled up and I couldn’t agree more. I would do anything just to see such beautiful girl as much as possible.



She is more of like a princess in my eyes right now. Maya is wearing a black dress, minimal make up on, and her hair falls perfectly on her shoulders. Simplicity indeed is beauty.


“I hate you.” I’ve been dying to hear her voice again but she didn’t even bother talking to me until I ordered the food in the restaurant.


“Why?” I queried as if I didn’t know the answer.


“I said I want to date someone but not you.” She rolled her eyes and took a sip from her water. I chuckled at her cuteness.

“Well, First of all you clearly wrote there na yung bucket list mo, you will be doing with me..”

“Yes but I didn’t say na Ikaw ang kadate ko dapat. Your participation is just to find me a date.” She cut me off, her eyes still glaring at me.

“Okay, but still I don’t have friends who are not known to be a player, Maya. I don’t like you dating one.” I said, seriously. And I really wouldn’t let her date anyone else. Darn it.


“Wow. Am I not dating one now??” She said sarcastically. One point goes to her again.


“Besides, di ba ang exciting na ako naman yung magpapaasa?”


“I used to be… I’m no longer like that. And hey, you don’t know my friends. They wouldn’t let you go without getting you laid. Ganun sila kaplayer.”


She pouted as if thinking “ooh. So you’re like them.. before??”


She added the last word as I kept quiet and she must’ve noticed that I am not in the mood to answer. I don’t even want her to know the answer, somehow I want her to know that I am not a bad guy. That I am capable of loving one girl….


Oh! crap where did that came from?? My thoughts these days since the day I met Maya… I don’t know who I am anymore.


“Okay lang, you really don’t need to answer. Anyway, thank you for bringing me here. Pati sa pagsakay sa kalokohan ko.” She dont even have to thank me, I am enjoying every second with her.


“You’re welcome. So one down!”


“Yes, one down.” she smiled ever so sweetly, and from this night I surrendered. I lost this battle, my heart is definitely hers.


At exactly eleven in the evening we reach her home. I am staring at her, memorizing her every move. So this is what love feels like, huh?

“Thank you ulit, Ricky!!” she spins around and after a moment, I felt her arms engulfing me in a bear hug. My heart started pounding in my chest making known its existence. This is the first time I’ve felt this.


“Kahit hindi ikaw ang gusto ko talaga i-date.” She slowly steps away from me, a few inches apart. My eyes traveled on her face, starting to her eyes down to her..kissable lips.


Suddenly, as my eyes goes back to her eyes, the air changes. We are staring at each other.. and I did it. I kissed her. Just one lingering kiss. I don’t want to scare her and I am actually scared on what will be her reaction.


I broke the kiss and looked back at her. She is still staring at me, confused on what I just did.


“I-… I ” I stutter, darn it I don’t even know how to start.



“You don’t have to say sorry. Just leave.” Her coldness broke my heart into pieces. I won’t leave this room without explaining what I feel.

“I won’t leave until you listen to me, Maya.” I grabbed her arms and sincerely looked into her glassy eyes.

“I..I love you. I don’t care kung ayaw mong maniwala but I really do.”
I waited for her response..but she kept mum. I tried to read her thoughts but I couldn’t.


“I don’t know when and how it just happened, Maya.” I tried again, but still no answer.
“Hey, please say something.” I took both of her hands and pleaded. I might’ve been too fast for her but if there’s one thing that I’ve learned from any of these it’s that time is precious.


I couldn’t wait any longer to love her and make her love me.

“Leave.” That one word and the coldness of her voice makes me so scared of what lies ahead in the future. She’s pushing me away and I don’t know why. We were happy, I know she’s happy as well when we’re together. Why is she doing this?

“No. I want to know why are you pushing me away.”
“Stop!” She half-shouted. Her voice trembling. “If you’re only doing this because naaawa ka sa’kin, please don’t. Have you ever thought na yung naramdaman mo is not love? Naaawa ka lang, Richard. Stop doing this to me.”

Maya is trying to hold her tears. I am mad at the situation, I am so sure of my feelings how can she even think that way?
“Maya ano bang sinasabi mo? This is the first time that I felt like this.”

“Kaya nga! Hindi mo ba naisip na kasi nga I am dying, kaya nandito ka palagi kaya akala mo mahal mo ako pero naaawa ka lang. Nalilito ka sa nararamdaman mo.”

“Nandun pa din ba tayo? After these past few days akala mo awa lang lahat?? Maya, yung first time na binisita kita I admit, naaawa ako. But every single day that I am here, I am happy…then I fell in love. I am not stupid not to know the difference, Maya.”


She purses her lips while staring down. “Everything is just too fast, Richard.”


“Okay, I will not push you to love me in an instant. I will prove my love to you.”
I reached for her and embrace her. “I already booked a flight to Palawan. We’re leaving in two days. I will see you, then. I won’t be able to visit you in the next two days as I need to finish some work para makapagbakasyon tayo.” I tilted her chin so she could look at me.

“Napagpaalam na kita. Don’t worry, I will see you in two days time.” I kissed her head and quickly went out of her room not even taking a glance back.


I can’t even allow her to say no. I will prove to her how much I love her. She changed me. Whatever it takes, no matter how hard it will be, I will still love her.


And as I leave her tonight, I look forward for the next few days with her. A smile spreads on my face as I imagine. Gosh, I love this woman!



The Dying Girl

Hi. Long time no post. HaHa 😉 I don’t know when I will update the other stories but I am planning to do so the soonest my imagination allows me to. BTW this new story will only have few parts. I was inspired by a movie I watched but I cannot remember the title. hahaha so enjoy reading. Sorry for any errors as I no longer have time left to edit this :))



The Dying Girl


The sun rays slip through my window early in the morning. I stirred as it hit my face and covered my eyes with my pillow. I don’t know what time is it already and I don’t care. All I care about is the throbbing pain of my head because of a couple of beers that I drank last night.


Parties. Girls. Those are what I love, says my mom and she’s right. After office, I would usually go out with my friends to party and drink. Some days would end up with a girl in my condo unit but not last night.



“Richard!!” roared my mom from the other side of the door while knocking. Yes, I went home last night since she texted me that she needs to tell me something important. However, I was still up until wee of hours as it is Friday night and I needed some stress reliever before my mom reminds me of the transition and when I will be taking over the company.



You see, I know I will be having a lot of responsibilities soon enough as my parents age and I am enjoying my life before that day comes.



Reluctantly, I stood up to open the door for her. “Son, you still remember that childhood friend of yours??”


Wow. This is the first time that my mom didn’t greeted me a good morning and even the topic is so random.


I looked at her and saw her eyebrows furrowed, lips tight, and arms crossed. My mom seemed worried and bothered by something. “Actually Ma, I am not sure who you are referring to.”



“Anak, please talk to her. Visit her try to cheer her up.” She is pacing this time in my room. The heck is wrong with whoever, is she??


“Ma, calm down.. relax.” I grab her by the shoulders and I was surprised to see her eyes brimming in tears. Woah. Wait a sec. “Ma?”



“You remember your tita Tere? My friend in Cebu? Tapos di ba yung anak nya ay kalaro mo noong seven years old ata kayo noon nung lumipat tayo dito sa Manila then nine kayo nung lumipad sila ng England?”



Okaaay… I am following. I think I remember that time but I was too young to even remember the face. I know tita Tere for I saw her pictures with my young mom way back when they were in college. But the daughter??



I think my mom noticed that I no longer remember so she explained further “Tere called me yesterday” she sniffed.


“Oh so nandito na sila?”


“Matagal na after her daughter graduated there and every time na I am outside for lunch, I am with her. And ayun na nga as I was saying, She called me crying saying incoherent words and there her dear daughter is sick.”



“Okay, mom. Everyone gets sick.” I Shrug, I mean come on I can’t even still remember the name of my childhood friend.


“RICHARD! SHE HAS LEUKEMIA.” And from that point, I saw my mom sobbing as if it dawned on her that she might lose a daughter.



“She’s so nice and is still young I don’t even know why and how this is happening, son.”


I am still standing there, shocked on the sudden news. Even though I don’t remember her, I somehow feel bad that her life would suddenly change because of that.


I embraced my mom tight while she’s still crying. “Please do visit her tomorrow after your work or you could just skip work and let’s go in Rizal together.”



Tomorrow…I have an important meeting with a CEO of another company that I cannot cancel plus it is Ryan’s birthday.



“Ma, I have an important meeting and..”


“Richard! Her time is very important. Please do this for me and for her. She used to be your friend. You can have parties some other days. If you cannot cancel your meeting then at least visit her after that meeting and no more buts.”





Tita Tere greeted us warmly in front of the door. You can already see the dark circles around her eyes. She surely didn’t sleep well for days. The news took off all the positive energy that she has the last time that I saw her.



“How are you?” my mom asked her while we were guided inside her enormous glass house.



“not good but what else can I do?”


“Pray and believe in Him, Tere.” Mom pats her shoulder to comfort Tita Tere.



Everything is quiet and it is awkward. I don’t know what to do and don’t know if Maya even wanted me to be here.


I hope she gets well.


“Pinilit ka ba nila na bisitahin ako?”


THANK HEAVENS THE WOMAN CAN TALK! It took her good fifteen minutes after our mothers left us alone to talk.


We were outside her room’s terrace, staring at the beautiful view in front of us. She did smile at me earlier when we were introduced. Then I suddenly remember those summer days when we will visit each other’s houses to play or swim. Good times. But we were both still young then, I can’t even remember the details.



“Uh.. Not at all.” I lied…a little. My mom did push me a little but I was also curious and would want to see what she looks like after all those years. She’s gorgeous by the way, and I even think that word is an understatement. She’s amazing, too bad she only have numbered days.



“At least do the dying girl a favor and don’t lie. I had a lot of messages and phone calls from persons I rarely interact with tapos they are acting as if super tagal ko na sila kaclose.” She rolled her eyes while saying this. “Like you. I’m sure you don’t remember me and now you’re here.”


Silence. I cannot even deny that what she said is true. People rarely care especially if they aren’t even friends with you.


“I’m sure you hate it.”


She takes her time before answering me. “I hate everything about it. Yung hindi mo masyadong kilala would reach out kasi naawa sila sa’yo. Then those who cared before, the one you’re closest with sila yung lumalayo because they don’t know how to handle the situation.”



“they aren’t real friends then.” I said


She nodded and kept quiet again.




“Hi. I am watching When Harry Met Sally.” Maya greeted me the next day that I visit her. I don’t know why I am here again, and I am sure she was a little bit surprise as well that I am here.


I took a seat beside her on her bed and took some of her popcorn from her bowl. I don’t know what’s with girls and cheesy movies.


“Do you believe on that??” I ask her in the middle of the film. She’s been so consumed that she doesn’t even care about me.


After pausing the movie, she stares at me while chewing her popcorn. “Naniniwala sa alin?”


“That a man and a woman can’t stay as friends sort of thing.”


Eyebrows creased, lips pouted, damn she’s so cute. How can my mom didn’t reintroduce us much way more early? “I think boyfriend, I mean ex.” I raised my eyebrows at this “we were friends bago naging kami. Siguro attracted na talaga siya sakin kaya nakipagkaibigan bago ako niligawan.” She said confidently with a hint of sarcasm, I laughed at her.



“So that boyfriend, I mean ex of yours, what happened to him?”



“Patay na.” she answered without breaking eye contact.


“He died??? Paano?” I asked, curiously. How can this beautiful girl’s life be as heart breaking as this?


“Pinatay ko na siya. Wag mo na ipaalala. Di na nagparamdam after nya malaman na I am sick. Sabi nya di daw nya alam if he can take it if mawala ako sa buhay nya kaya kailangan daw muna nya lumayo. Hayop di ba?” She chuckled and took a handful of popcorn before putting everything in her mouth.


“More of gago siya.” I can’t do this. I play with girl’s heart but I will never leave a girl when she needed you the most.

“Pabayaan mo na siya.” She took her remote control and resume on playing the movie.


It was good. I can’t even believe that I will be enjoying such classic cheesy film.


“Cliché pero maganda no? Hindi maganda how they started but still they ended up together. I think they are destined.”


“So now you believe in destiny.” I smile at her. I admire how idealistic she is despite of everything.


“Oo naman. Kung para sa’yo, para sa’yo. Kung oras mo na, oras mo na” she said, the last words almost inaudible. I can feel the sadness in her voice.


And again, I don’t know what to say.



Sunday afternoon after I drop my mom and Tita Tere in the mall, I was left with Maya. I enjoy her company, we became friends in a short span of time. We talk about anything under the sun and our friendship somehow reminds me of Tuesdays with Morrie although I dismiss that thought instantly as I don’t want how it ended. Such thing won’t happen to us.

 is wearing a black mickey mouse shirt, maong shorts and her Disney vans. She looks cute and looks young for her age. “Where are you going?” I asked her after noticing that as I entered her room, she already took her sling bag and is eyeing me.



“WE are going out!” she emphasized the first word, excited with her idea of going out.



“No. you are not allowed to go out. You should rest.” I remind her of her mom’s instruction. It must have been hard not being able to go outside of the four corners of her room but rest is also important for her.



“Wag ka na KJ Mr. Lim please. Di ka ba naaawa sa’kin? Malakas pa naman ako pero di na ako nakakalabas ng kwarto ko. Saka isa pa, next next week pa start ng treatment ko, kailangan ko na makagala before pa ako mawalan ng buhok.” She smiled at me ever so lovingly, trying to make me say yes. Behind those lovely doe-shaped eyes, I can sense how scared and sad she is.



I should’ve said no, but I couldn’t. She needs this. I will give her what she want, just for today.




“Ano bang gagawin natin?”


“Gusto ko lang kumain ng ice cream tapos kumain lang ng kumain. Baka kasi next time di na ako makakain masyado. So pleaseeee.”



“Okay. Pero di tayo pwede gabihin.”


“YEY!!!” she jumped with so much joy. How can she be this adorable?


We made it inside the ice cream parlor that she likes. She’s been very excited smiling at everything she sees. Two weeks had passed since the last time that she went in a mall and it felt that it has been forever, she said.


While we are waiting for her order, we took a seat on a corner and I took the time to go and check my phone for new messages and emails. Mostly I get messages from my mom asking about us, I ignored it for now and replied a text message that I receive from a girl I met at the bar a week ago, before I started my daily visits with Maya.


“Hi Chard, when can we hang out?” the text message reads


“how ‘bout tonight? 😉” I replied. I will not deny that I miss those parties and nights with girls so might as well do it tonight. Anyway, I already had spent my time with Maya this afternoon.



“ok sure, your place?”



“ok. Will text you later.” I am looking forward for tonight! I smiled secretly then look at Maya who became quiet in front of me.



“What is wrong?” I ask her worriedly. She must have been feeling something. This is a bad idea.



“Gago talaga siya.” She murmured repeatedly, I followed her eyes and stared at a couple seated far away from us. They are obviously sweethearts because they would occasionally laugh at each other and would even offer a spoon of ice cream to the other.


“Ahh..kilala mo sila?”



“That guy is my exboyfriend, and the girl is her officemate. I remember her kasi lagi ko siya nakikita sa pictures nila every time may outing sila. Di ba siraulo siya? Ginawa pa niyang reason yung sakit ko.” She is turning red in anger. I want to punch the guy.



“Do you want me to punch him?” I suggested. I am so ready to do it if she will give me a go signal.



“No. Choose your battles. Di siya deserving ng oras at effort mo. Uwi na lang tayo.”


She stood up abruptly and left me inside. I took her ice cream and followed her after sending a quick message.



Hi. I’m sorry. Something important came up. Let’s just meet some other time.


Maya needs me more than anyone else. So not tonight, old self.






This Time- Chapter 7: Who’s that Girl?

Chapter 7: Who’s That Girl?

~ ~ ~
Once Richard and Maya entered the lobby of the five star hotel, few businessmen with their respective partners were talking in a corner. Some turned their heads toward Richard, acknowledging his presence. He only nodded in return while keeping his hand at the small back of Maya.

Maya took a deep breath she is not used in situation like this. She is not really the partying type especially if rich businessmen are approaching them trying to engage her in a conversation that she lacks knowledge of.

Good thing, Richard kept his promise of staying beside her and asking questions that were thrown at him confidently.

Before they can even find a table, a certain man appproached Richard. Maya smiled at the man and only nodded when asked simple questions answerable by yes and no. Richard and the man continue with their conversation about a possible partnership that is when Maya allowed her mind to think things through.

Maybe Richard would give her the ring later after this event. Then they would kiss goodnight. Wait. Hell no. Where did that thought came from? Maya bit her lip and tried to shake off that thought away.

She can’t like him. But how is that possible when he is this good looking every single day? Ugh. She needs to try. She can’t complicate things more than it already is.

“Yes, she’s my girlfriend.” Maya heard Richard said. She was startled since she never heard the question as her mind wander off.

She look up at him and to the mid-40’s businessman in a white suit in front of them who has a huge grin on his face.

“Oh, I see. So the rumors about you pursuing-”

“It is up to you if you want to believe it.” Richard quickly cut him off. Maya fidgeted as she became uncomfortable with the amused expression on the man in front of them directed at her. As if he was surprised that she is Richard’s girlfriend.

Richard suddenly held her hand noticing her discomfort. She glances at him and gave her a small smile.

“If you’ll excuse us Mr. Castro.”. He nodded at the man in front of them and steered Maya around the room until they find a table at the corner. There are three people already seated and Richard smiled at them.

“Hey guys.” He greeted them quite cheerfully so Maya assumed that these people are somehow his friends.

“Hi Chard! Finally dumating ka din akala namin di ka na dadating eh.” The girl wearing a red dress said. Smile never leaving her face.

He raises an eyebrow “kanina pa ako nandito hinarang lang ako ng mga partners and CEOs.”

“Oh. Anyway, sino siya?” The guy who is also in the table asked him. Maya smiled nervously at them. All eyes are directed on her.

“Oh! Yes. She’s Maya. Maya, this is Janine, Greg and Reyes. Guys, this is Maya, my girlfriend.” He smiled at them, his hand still on her back. Maya stiffened but still manage to give a smile.

Surprised was an understatement on how the three reacted at this. Why is it that hard to believe it? “Ah.. Hi.” The three waved at her giving an awkward smile. “Upo na kayo.”

She took a seat beside Richard and remained quiet just listening to the conversation of the four.

They talked about work and personal lives that Maya doesn’t know anything about. She started feeling left out when suddenly they were curious about her and Richard’s relationship.

“So, since when pa naging kayo Chard?” Janine asked Richard before taking a sip of her wine.

“Just a few weeks ago”

“So bago lang pala..”

“Yes. We just met, we have a common friend who introduced us and the rest is history.” Richard explained as short as possible. All the while his friends were staring at Maya, as if examining her.

“Oh. Kaya pala we never met her before..” The other guy, Reyes spoke softly. His eyes scanning her.

“Yes.” Richard nodded. “Wait, sweetheart.” He turned his attention to Maya. Before she could turn her eyes at him, she saw Janine raises an eyebrow. Maya tried to brush it off but can sense that they don’t like her at all.

“Uh.. Bakit?” She asked, almost in a whisper. Her self confidence was taken away from her.

“I will get us some food, I am starving. Just stay here, okay?”

Maya, too is hungry but she won’t allow him to leave her with a group of people she barely knew and who hates her already. “Uh.. No, sama ako.” She murmurs. Her hands tagging his arm.

He chuckled a bit. “No, just stay here. Dun lang naman ako.” He pointed at the buffet table “I will be back.” He smiled at her before leaving. She swear she could feel the stares of the people of the table with her

They kept quiet and the only sound could be heard is the soft music playing somewhere.

Maya tried to smile at them and focused on her phone, playing some random app that she forgot about its existence there.

She could hear Richard’s friends talking again about work, totally ignoring her.

All of a sudden, laughters and chats died out. Their table became quiet. She wasn’t exactly sure on the reason why the conversation died down.

So she sets her phone down and looked at them only to find them staring at something behind her.

Slowly, Maya turned her head and saw what they are seeing.

Richard. With a very beautiful woman.

Beautiful is even an understatement on how to desribe her.

She’s talking to him. They are few inches apart. He is smiling at her and that smile reaches his eyes.

Maya’s heart started to ache. That familiar pain that she’s feeling whenever Richard seems not to care so much about her. And tonight the pain is worse.

“Alexis is here.” Reyes said

“She’s gorgeous, no wonder why Richard is so captured.”

“Hey. Shh someone might hear.”

Maya heard them loud and clear. They might have intended for her to hear it.

Maya tore her gaze away from them for she can no longer bear it. What is happening to her? And who is Alexis?

And why the heck does she cares?!

This is too much.

“Excuse me.” Maya stood up and walks her way to the comfort room. She doesn’t care what will they think of her. She just needs to breathe.

She inhale a calming breath

Her eyes lifted from the sink up to face her own reflection on the mirror. She’s been very confident on how she looks earlier, but now she’s been very insecure.

Too many questions she wanted to throw at him. But who is she anyway? She’s not even his real girlfriend.

Beep. A message.

She fishes out her phone out of her pouch and reads the message from Richard.

Maya, nasan ka?

And another one.

May ipapakilala ako s’yo.

Although she really doesn’t want to go out and see him. She can’t stay there forever. And who cares on who he wanted her to meet?!

She sighs heavily and checks her face again before leaving the rest room.

Her eyes instantly met his. He’s smiling at her once he saw her approaching him and his friends.

She didn’t even notice Alexis standing beside Richard until he introduced her.

“Sweetheart, this is Alexis a good friend of ours. We are all friends since college.” He said, his hand resting on her back.

Maya forced a fake smile before extending her hand to Alexis. “Nice to meet you. I’m Maya.”

“Same here, Maya. Finally I’ve met you. Richard’s been telling me about you.” Alexis gave her a warm smile. And did Maya mentioned that she looks like an Angel? She even notice Richard staring at her. Crap.

Richard and his friends told her about their college life. How close they were. And she hates it even more that Alexis and Richard would often remember stories in the past about them. Like how she secretly slides in a book in his bag which belongs to the library and on how the sort of alarm came ringing when he’s about to go out of the library without checking out the book.

“Imagine how shocked he was! Hahaha!” Alexis was laughing together with everyone.

“I was really shocked! I mean, why would I even check out a cheesy book?! And even steal it?”

“Hahaha! You two are really funny.” Says Janine.

The banter went on like forever. Of course she doesn’t care, she hates Richard for bringing her here. She feels so left out. The only thing that calms her is Richard’s hand that is still holding her close. But she still hates him!

As the laughter died down, a sweet music started playing and couples are gathering in the middle of the room swaying to the music.

Richard reaches for Maya’s hand and looks at her before redirecting his attention back to his friends. “Excuse us, guys. I need some alone time with my girl. We will go and dance for a while. Enjoy the evening.” He nodded at them and stirs Maya out of the group and in to the middle of the room.

With Richard’s hands resting on her waist, and hers on his shoulders, they sway to the beautiful music for a bit before Richard broke the wonderful dream Maya is having.

“You ask me once what will I gain for helping you…”

Maya spaced out trying to remember that day.

“Well, I introduced you to her… You are actually helping me to win her back. Thank you.”

He leaned in to the point that his lips were close to her ears. Those words shattered her heart into pieces and now she admitted to herself that she fell in love with Richard. She fell so hard and he didn’t catch her.

“Now, after our dance I will propose to you. In front of her and our friends. You will say yes.”



But that would also mean there would be sweet moments with him.

Everything is fake. Her feelings are real. This is Karma. Ano ba itong pinasok mo, Maya!

She wanted to cry, but she can’t.

She can’t look weak.

“Then, I am asking you for a kiss. Just one, don’t worry I won’t take advantage of you. But it’s okay if ayaw mo.”

He looks at her expectantly.

“It’s okay.” She said before thinking about it. Damn feelings. Her heart started to beat fast, like it’s excited for that kiss.

“Thank you, Maya.” He stares at her and gives her a grateful smile.

“You really love her. Siya ba yung pinapadalhan mo ng flowers?” She asks after a beat. She regretted the question once it escapes her mouth for she already knew the answer and she doesn’t want to hear it anymore.

“Yes. I’ll explain everything to you after this night, sweetheart.” He laughs and winks at her.

She laughs, a forced and fake laugh. This will be the best night of her life!


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Notes From The Heart- Chapter 26: I Love You, Goodbye

Chapter 26: I love you, Goodbye

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The gray sky surrounding the whole country pictures the loneliness of the man inside his room. It’s been 2 weeks since they broke up and ever since, Maya never appeared in their office. Liza told him that Maya is resigning because of a much way better offer elsewhere. At first, he wanted to suggest to Liza to double Maya’s offer but then, he knew that money is really not the real reason on why she is leaving the company. He let her go again. Space is neccessary for a fresh start.

His phone would explode of the missed calls that it’s receiving but he is not in the mood to answer any of them. He is becoming the same old Richard again, ignoring the world.

The notebook on top of his bedside table caught his attention. Since the day that Maya gave it back to him, he never dared to open it. Afraid of refreshing all of those sweet memories with Alex and unable to move on again. He’s missing Maya so bad and he wanted to move on with his life together with her.

But at that moment, he felt the strong desire to touch it again and read its content. Maybe, he needed this.

“Anak, mag-iingat ka duon ha? Wag magpapalipas ng gutom. At wag ka masyado gumala ng hindi nagsasabi sa tita mo at baka maligaw ka duon.” Her mother reminded her while they are inside the cab on their way to the airport.

“Opo..” She answered and forced a smile.

Her mother still doesn’t know about her break up with Richard. Yes, most of the time she sees her daughter’s puffy eyes and sometimes would hear her crying at night but she gave her daughter some time. She wants Maya to voluntary tell her what’s wrong when she’s ready.

She once thought that Maya and Richard are facing some problem in their relationship but when she asked her daughter earlier if Richard would be there too in the airport, Maya told her that he won’t be there because they already broke up. So that is the reason on why Maya decided to accept her aunt’s decision that fast. Maya even asked if she could go there soon enough. Her daughter is broken, she can see it in her eyes. However, Maya doesn’t want to say anything on why they broke up.

“Basta anak, mag-enjoy ka din duon kahit papaano. Wag puro trabaho. Ipapasyal ka daw muna ng tita mo bago ka magsimula ng trabaho sa Lunes. Mag-iingat ka duon ha? Tatawag ka kapag wala kang ginagawa.” Maya’s mom added.

“Opo.. Wag po kayong mag-alala sa’kin.”

Maya’s father who is seated on the passenger’s seat glances at her daughter from the rear view mirror. He, too noticed how her daughter is slowly breaking inside.

Their cab halted as they reached the airport. Maya’s parents immediately went out of the cab and took her luggages. Maya breathed in deeply the air of her country. Sure thing she will miss everyone she will be leaving here. She sent messages to her friends for the last time and informed them that she will be leaving for Italy.

They all wished her a safe flight. Somehow, she waited for that familiar number to flash on her screen. How silly of her to even wish that he’ll stop her when he doesn’t know that she’s leaving the country.

“Alex, I may not know you.. But I do have a favor.. Please do take care of Richard…” She silently utter before she bid goodbye to her parents. Tears are shed once again because of the separation.

“Mamimiss ka namin ‘nak.” Her father said

“Ako din po, ingat po kayo!” She embraced them again and started walking away. This is goodbye..

“Why are you here?” Richard’s face scrunched up with annoyance as Liza suddenly appeared inside his room after few knocks.

“Ah.. Sir, sorry pero kasi I really need your approval of these papers. Ang dami na po kasi and it needs your immediate response. Yung father nyo po tumatawag na from China asking me what’s wrong…”

Richard half-listened and continues to stare back at the window. “Just leave it there. Then close the door when you leave.” Was his cold reply.

“Alright, sir.” She turn her heels and was about to go when she felt that she needs to inform him on something. “Sir, I just want to tell you that Maya is leaving in about 3 hrs for Italy. She will be working there.” After saying that, Richard finally shifted his eyes and looked at her.

Liza waited for what he will say but he remained quiet. “Sige po sir, aalis na ako.” She bid goodbye and closed the door as she was told.

Richard couldn’t believe it. Maya is really leaving her. The space that she gave him is too much. Italy is so far away! He thought that the offer that she accepted is within the Philippines. Never did it crossed his mind that Maya can really leave this country just to move on and stay out of his sight.

The hours is passing so quickly. Few more moment and she will leave this country where she grew up. How ironic, she wanted so bad to leave this place and settle down elsewhere but now, her heart is breaking on just a mere thought of staying in another country. That was her original plan before, to stay settle down abroad but things really do change when love enters your life.

She is currently waiting for her flight, her heart slowly dying as the minutes passed. Her phone suddenly flashed again and her mother sent her another message about reminders. Her mother, Teresita had reminded her thousand of times already, yet Maya would still smile of her mother’s concern.

When she touched the home button of her phone, she smiled bitterly of her wallpaper. It’s the last photo taken of her and Ricky. The last dinner date that they shared wherein she is already noticing the changes in their relationship. As she stares at the photo of her and Richard, she noticed how Richard’s eyes were lacking of the love that she wants to see. Maybe it’s only because she hates him at that moment that she is starting to notice that, or maybe not.

Without having second thoughts, in order for her to move on, she went to the photo gallery of her phone and started deleting all of her pictures with Richard. She had to do that. This is really goodbye.

“Makakalimutan din kita katulad ng pagkaya ng puso kong kalimutan si James dati. Dadating yung araw na hindi na ako masasaktan kapag naaalala kita. Mas masakit pala ito kaysa sa pinagpalit ako ni James dati.. Kasi ang kakumpetensya ko, wala na pero siya pa din ang mahal mo… Salamat Ricky, bye.”

She threw her phone inside her bag and stares back at the digital clock of the airport. Few more minutes left and she will be out of this country that is her home for years. Goodbye mother country! When I come back, I will be the better version of what I am now.

He is reading the notebook of Alex silently. He is smiling at the memories he spent with his late wife as the notebook reminds him of his past. Before, he would cry as memories filled his mind but now, He no longer misses Alex that much and he was surprised.

He reached the last part of the notebook and was so shocked to read it. The last journal is not from his wife but from the woman who is occupying his mind for weeks.

Dear Alex,

Hi. I honestly don’t know what to tell you. Maybe, I wanted to thank you for I believe, giving us way to meet. I do know that it is not an accident that I saw your notebook. You made him left that on purpose. For us to meet, for him to move on. You are so lucky to be loved by Ricky, you know? I even envy you when I was reading this notebook of yours. I can feel his love for you through the words that you put here. I also wanted you to know that today, we are already a couple. I hope you don’t mind. I promise I will take good care of him. I swear I would.

I may not love him the way you do, only you can give such love. But I swear, I will love him in my own way. Gee, I love his smile. I know you do, too. It’s actually awkward to say these things to you but since you are really special to him, and also to me, I would like to tell you this. He still loves you, and it’s okay. You are worth his love and I wouldn’t mind if you still occupy a portion of his heart, as long as I know I’m also loved it doesn’t matter.

Again, Thank you Alex. Please do pray for our love to last.


Tears started welling up from his eyes once again. His sobs were uncontrollable. He is so stupid not to realize the love he was showered with. Things are really not a coincidence, there is a purpose on why he accidentally left that inside the train.

There is a reason on why the notebook was found by Maya. Maybe Alex wanted him to be happy again. To finally let go of his memories with her. Maya might be right, Alex guided him to her. She wants him to be happy with Maya.

Maya… The woman who is invading his thoughts. She left him. And this is much way more heartbreaking than when Alex left him. Because with Alex, he is so sure that he will be the last man she’ll ever love and she has no choice but to leave him. But Maya, she has the freedom to love someone else.

He checked his watch and found that it’s already more than an hour left before Maya leaves the country, as what Liza had told him. Immediately, he reached for his phone and called on Liza. He asked her all of the information about her flight. He needs to stop her. He love her and he can’t picture the next days, months and years without her in his life. He is now sure. He wants her to be part of his life.


The sky has lost it’s colour
The sun has turned to grey
At least that’s how it feels to me
Whenever you’re away

The rain that the clouds were holding all the time started falling on the ground. It had caused traffic jam and the loud honking of cars were heard everywhere. Obviously people hates the delay that it causes all of them. Some, maybe are hurrying for their reservations in a fancy restaurant or in a cinema that is showing the most talked about film today.

But the man inside the black BMW is pissed with the whole situation. He is really in a hurry to catch Maya’s flight! This happens all the time! When he is in a hurry, traffic is really heavy! And add to that, it is raining so hard. Is the heaven against his plan of reconciling to Maya?

Heck! Enough of that. Nothing can stop him now from getting Maya back.

Without even thinking, he went out of his car and ran as fast as he could away from the traffic, leaving his car in the middle of the road. He doesn’t even care if he is starting to get wet. He runs and runs and runs. Like as if he is joining a fun run and Maya is the prize.

When he saw a cab in a street where there is no more traffic, he immediately stopped it and went in.

He ordered the driver to hurry up and offered to triple the price of his bill. He needs to catch Maya. He needs to stop her from leaving him. His heart needs to see her. Or he will die the second time if he didn’t.

I crawl up in the corner
To watch the minutes pass
One second, one minute, one hour
Each one brings me closer to
The time you’re comin’ back

“Please, Lord. I need her.. I need her. Please hear my prayer this time..” He silently prayed and begged

The cab halted in front of the airport. He pulled out a few bills from his wallet and handed it to the driver and quickly went out.

I can’t take the distance, I can’t take the miles
I can’t take the time till I next see you smile
I can’t take the distance and I’m not ashamed
That with every breath, I take I’m callin’ your name
But I can’t take the distance

He made it passed the guards and had entered the airport. He searched and searched the whole area with her eyes. Too many people were walking everywhere and his eyes and heart are helping one another to find that familiar woman that he is longing for.

I still believe my feelings
But sometimes I feel too much
I make believe you’re close to me
But it ain’t close enough
Not nearly close enough

I can’t take the distance, I can’t take the miles
I can’t take the time until I next see you smile
I can’t take the distance and I’m not ashamed
That with every breath I take I’m callin’ your name

His eyes are starting to well up again. He scanned the whole place but cannot find her. He looked at his watch and noticed that he is already 20 minutes late. “Don’t give up Richard! She is worth the fight. Maybe her flight has been cancelled or delayed.”

He ran in front of the information center, had asked anyone he can see about the flight where his Maya is.

The man in front of the counter had told him that the plane had just left. He asked him if he was late and didn’t make it to his flight. He even asked if he wants to book another flight. But Richard’s mind is wandering elsewhere. He had lost her. He doesn’t know where in Italy she will be living.

What should he do? The woman whom he had took for granted is gone. He doesn’t know when she will come back or if he will see her again. Just the thought of losing her forever pierces his heart in so much pain. “I love you, Maya… I don’t want to say goodbye.. I’ll see you soon.. I will find you.”

I brave fire and I brave rain
To be by your side I’d do anythin’
I can’t take the distance

I will go the distance, I will go the miles
That’s how much you mean to me
‘Cause I can’t take the distance, I can’t take these miles
I can’t take the time till I next see you smile
I can’t take the distance and I’m not ashamed
That with every breath I take I’m callin’ your name

I can’t take the distance
It’s hard to remember as long as you’re away
When I find solace there’s only one way
It’s hard to remember as long as you’re away
When I find solace there’s only one way
It’s hard to remember as long as you’re away
When I find solace there’s only one way
It’s hard to remember as long as you’re away
When I find solace there’s only one way


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Notes From the Heart- Chapter 21: First

Chapter 21: First

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He is sleeping peacefully on his bed while Maya is seated on the couch reading John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars. She cried so hard as she reached its ending. She wondered why two people madly in love could suffer every day of their life with the thought of losing each other. As if they are dying every day. Death will sunder them. Like you’ve lost a part of your existence.

Wiping her tears strolling down her face, she looked up at the man that she loves. Her heart went to him as she imagined how Richard also experienced such pain of losing someone. You can never prepare your heart in such experience.

Suddenly, she saw Richard moved on his bed, pulling the covers above his chest. He must be cold, she thought. Maya slowly stood up from the couch to turn off the air condition. Laying her eyes back at Richard, she saw him mouthing something. She went near him.

“Ma..ya..” He mumbled. A smile crept up on her face as she heard him calling her.

Her hand touched his forehead and responded “nandito ako..”

“Stay here beside me please.” He requested while his eyes still closed.

“Dito lang ako Ricky.” She promised him as she took a seat on the side of his bed.

“I want to.. To.. hug you, I’m cold..” He pleaded, his voice is shaking.

Panicking, she responded “Nako, sobrang giniginaw ka na ba? Baka kailangan ka na dalhin sa ospital!”

“No…” He weakly but firmly said. He hates staying inside the hospital. Too much bad memories are left in there. For him, that place doesn’t cure people. It only gives hope. A flicker of hope. “I just need you beside me please.”

Maya secretly smiled. If staying beside him forever would make him stronger, she would gladly stay. “Sige na. Magpahinga ka na.” She laid beside Richard. His arm quickly engulfed Maya in a hug pulling her even closer to him, as if never wanting to let her go.

“I love you..” He whispered on her ear which made Maya’s heart to do somersault. He drifted back off to sleep few minutes after, as she stayed staring at his face.

“I love you, Ricky!” She smiled broadly at the sleeping image of Richard before she closes her eyes.
He woke up with his head pounding hard. Another headache welcomed him but good for him, he feels better that moment. He no longer feels heavy and cold. The moment that he shifted his eyes on his side, he saw the love of his life sleeping beside him. His lips crept up automatically. For a long time, finally, he once again felt such happiness and contentment.

He embraced her even tighter and closes his eyes to savour the moment. As an idea hit him, he carefully sat up and reached for his phone on the bedside table. He wanted so bad to treasure that moment with her. Frame it, even. One thing that he had learned in his past, is to treasure every day with your loved one. With a few seconds of staring at his girl, memorizing every single detail of her face, he took a snapshot photo of a sleeping Maya and another shot, with his arm stretched up in the air, a photo of him kissing her forehead.

He smiled contentedly with the result.
Days with each other passed by so fast. They’ve been a normal couple. Hanging out when time permits, and saying I love yous and sweet nothings to each other. Maya never felt this way. She love Richard so much that she can do anything for him. Their monthsary is today. Richard is on his meeting in Cebu for 3days and tomorrow is the day that he will return. It is sad to celebrate their first month together without each other by their sides. But she understands so well how important work is for Richard.

It was lunch time when Maya’s phone rang. She is in the office and is not in the mood to eat outside with her friends. So, she ordered some food from the fast food chain for her to eat while finishing some paper works.

Her face lit up as Richard’s name flashed on the screen.

“Hello sweetheart!” She happily greeted Richard on the other line.

“Hi baby. Happy monthsary. Sorry ngayon lang ako nakatawag. I have an early meeting kanina kakatapos nga lang.” He explained

“Okay lang, happy monthsary din.” She giddily said.

“I have read all your text messages. I love you so much. Sorry hindi ko nareplyan kanina.” He further asked forgiveness. “It’s okay, Ricky. Kamusta ka naman diyan? Kumain ka na ba?”

“We are on our way out. Kakain pa lang kami. How about you?”

“Uh.. Kumakain na din.” She told him while toying her spaghetti

“Ah. You’re with Emman?” He asked when she noticed the quietness surrounding Maya’s line. He was curious because usually, when she’s with Emman, he would hear loud chats and laughter on the line.

“Ah hindi.”

Curiously, “what? Eh sino kasama mo?” He asked again. “Wala, ako lang. Dito lang ako sa office, umorder ng food sa fast food.”

“What? Maya, eat healthy foods please. Baka magkasakit ka. Kahapon din yan na kinain mo. Tapos you even skipped dinner yesterday sabi ng mommy mo.” He scolded her

She half smiled upon hearing his concerns. She misses him so bad. “Sorry na po. Okay, promise kakain ako ng something na healthy mamayang merienda and dinner.” She told him

“That’s good, then.” He is now walking outside the building with Liza and Ryan heading out somewhere. “Anyway, natanggap mo ba yung flowers na pinadala ko?” He excitedly asked her.

She was surprised with what she heard from him. Since morning she is waiting for a greeting from him but to no avail. She thought that he might be busy with his meetings that morning so she will just greet him first. A second ago, she even thought that Richard forgot their special day. “Uh.. Hindi.” She said

“What?!” He exclaimed on the other line. She even heard him talking to Liza about the delivery of the flowers. After a few moment, he talked to her again. “I’m so sorry about that Maya. Liza will just check the place where she ordered those. Maybe sa bahay nyo pala nai-address ni Liza or baka nalate ng delivery. Sorry, baby.” His excited tone earlier changed to disappointment.

“Ano ka ba, okay lang yon. Mas okay nga sana kung ikaw ang nandito..” She sadly told him. She’s been excited about this day, but all of her excitement was gone when he told her the other day that he’s flying to Cebu. She expected a day well spent with him.

“I’ll be there soon. I miss you a lot, Maya.” Her heart melted upon hearing him say that. She will never get used to his sweetness. “I’ll call you back, okay? I have to work with something”

“Okay, bye sweetheart! See you tomorrow. Hihintayin ko tawag mo.” The sadness that she is feeling earlier suddenly disappeared. Although she will be happier if she will see him on their monthsary but then she thought, there are more days and monthsary that they will be spending in the future. She will just look forward to that.

“Oy girl! Ano? Una na kami ha?” Emman told her at exactly 5 in the afternoon.

“Ha? Uy sabay na ako. Saglit na lang ‘to talaga promise.” She said. She doesn’t want to go home alone, that will give her time to be sad and to miss Richard even more.

“Eh girl, may pupuntahan pa kasi kami nila Eds at Simon eh. Basta una na kami. Bye!” Emman quickly left after that and disappeared before she could plead him to wait for her. Actually, that is the first time that Emman didn’t ask her to go with them. She could only shrug her shoulders on why her friend acted differently.

At six in the evening, she finally decided to go home. She went inside the lift on her way down to the lobby when suddenly, the electricity went out. The elevator stopped. Lights were off. She screamed in panic. “Aaaah! Ano ba yan. Tulong!” Was all she could say over and over again.

Her phone is the only source of light inside the elevator. She dialed Richard’s number in a hurry. She’s so scared that time.


“Ricky!” She dismissed the greeting and proceeded to the reason why she called. “Help please! Baka naman may pwede kang tawagan. I got stucked here sa elevator. Walang kuryente!” Beads of sweat are now forming on her forehead.

“What? Alright. Keep calm, don’t panic. We have generators, right?”

“Eh ewan ko! Baka sira or something. Natatakot na ako!” She said

“Alright, baby. I’ll help you. I’ll be there.” Then he hung up. Maya was confused. She even thought that he’s joking with what he said that he’ll be there and help her. ‘Baka nagkamali lang Maya, may uutusan siguro to help you. Tama. Keep calm and wait for your hero!’ She told herself.

After few more minutes, the lights went on. She heave a sigh of relief. Finally! Good thing she doesn’t have any phobia with close places. The elevator opened and she was beyond surprised on what welcomed her in the lobby of the building.

The lights were off, but there is a spot light on the man she’s been wanting so bad to see that day. She must have fainted inside the elevator and is now dreaming! This isn’t real.

As she took few steps towards Richard and her eyes had adjusted with the darkness of the place, she noticed that the whole place is decorated with flowers. Lots of them! The lobby looked like a flower shop.

Richard is smiling at her so wide. She can no longer take it. She missed this man! She needed to confirm that this is not a dream. So, she ran towards her and almost stumbled. Richard quickly made his way to her and held her shoulder. “Maya, are you okay?”

“Y-y-yess. Why are you here?”

“Namiss kita eh. Gusto mo ba ako bumalik ng Cebu?” He acted like he was hurt with her welcome to him.

“Of course not!” She replied. He embraced her tightly. Oh how she missed his tight embrace. But she had to ask him something, so she pushed him a little to talk to him. “Wait. So, yung pagwala ng kuryente, part of your plan?” She had to clear that. She’s very scared inside the elevator. “At saka, bakit ang daming flowers? Hindi naman ako magtatayo ng flower shop?” She giggled.

“Well, partly yes. I’m sorry baby, ang bilis mo kasi bumaba, hindi pa tapos yung preparations so I have to delay you a little. Are you really scared? I’m sorry.” He gave her a light kiss on her lips and held her again. “And about the flowers, I got mad on how the delivery came late, so pinacancel ko na lang and I bought more somewhere else. But I want you to keep everything, okay?” He said, which made her laugh. “Okay po.”

“So, natakot ka ba sa loob ng elevator? I should have asked your friends na lang pala sana na samahan ka pababa but they insisted kasi na mas maganda if you’re alone.” He revealed. So that is why they are acting weird!

Yes, she is scared earlier but she can no longer recall that feeling because it was replaced with so much love that she is feeling at that moment. “It’s alright. At least you’re here. Nasurprise talaga ako.” He is really that kind of guy who loves to surprise his girl. She remembered reading a lot of such events in the notebook.

“Actually, I’m not the only surprise here.” And suddenly, the lights turned on together with the band that Maya didn’t notice earlier. The band started playing All of Me by John Legend.

What would I do without your smart mouth?
Drowning me in and you Kicking me out?
Got my head spinning, no kidding
I can’t pin you down
What’s going on in that beautiful mind?
I’m on your magical mystery ride
And I’m so dizzy, don’t know what hit me
But I’ll be alright

The two of them started dancing at the middle of the lobby. Maya couldn’t believe it. It feels like a dream turned into reality.

My head’s underwater
But I’m breathing fine
You’re crazy and I’m outta my mind

Cause all of me loves all of you
Love your curves and all your edges
All your perfect imperfections
Give your all to me, I’ll give my all to you
You’re my end and my beginning
Even when I lose, I’m winning
Cause I give you all of me
And you give me all of you, oh

Maya rested her head on Richard’s shoulder savoring their dance. Just when she thought that this day would end as another ordinary day, it turned out as she had never imagined it to be. And she, too cannot explain the feelings that’s bubbling up inside her.

How many times do I have to tell you
Even when you’re crying, you’re beautiful too?
The world is beating you down
I’m around through every move
You’re my downfall, you’re my muse
My worst distraction, my rhythm and blues
Can’t stop singing, this ringing in my head for you

My head’s underwater
But I’m breathing fine
You’re crazy and I’m outta my mind

She really loves everything about Ricky. Because all of her loves all of him. She could only wish that he feels the same way. But right at that moment, she knows that he does.

Cause all of me loves all of you
Love your curves and all your edges
All your perfect imperfections
Give your all to me, I’ll give my all to you
You’re my end and my beginning
Even when I lose, I’m winning
Cause I give you all of me
And you give me all of you

Cards on the table
Were both showing hearts
Risking it all though it’s hard

Cause all of me loves all of you
Love your curves and all your edges
All your perfect imperfections
Give your all to me, I’ll give my all to you
You’re my end and my beginning
Even when I lose, I’m winning
Cause I give you all of me
You give me all, of you, oh
I give you all, all of me, yeah,
And you give me all, all of you, oh

“I love you.” They both uttered almost at the same time. They hug each other once again as the band keeps on playing romantic songs.

After their dance, Richard and Maya went out to have their dinner in a fancy restaurant near Makati. They enjoyed their first monthsary together as a couple and for Maya, it’s much way more better than anybody else’s.

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Notes From The Heart Chapter 19: Valentines Day

Chapter 19: Valentines Day

Red. That is the color of the day whenever Valentines day arrives, and that is also the color of her blouse that Saturday. It is still early in the morning and she’s been waiting for Richard’s text or call greeting her happy Valentines day. This is their first Valentines day together and she could no longer wait to celebrate it with him!

Yesterday, she’s been dying to know what to expect for the Valentines date with Richard. And of course, to be able to know what to expect, she should ask his ex’s. And the only available source that she has is Alex’s notebook. Sure enough she had read that parts way before, there are, as long as she remembers, three Valentine days written on it but she totally forgot some details about those days for she’s envious about the sweetness of Richard. She never experienced that with James before.

February 14. First Valentines day with my love. This is the first time that we’ll be spending such special day, and I can no longer wait!

I was so surprised when someone came with a delivery of fresh bouquet of roses and my favorite dark chocolates. He’s busy today with his meetings but he made sure that he will make me feel important and loved.

There’s a voice recorder that is inside the box handed to me by the delivery guy. When I pressed the play button, I heard his beautiful voice saying: “happy first Valentines day together, love. I’m so excited to spend Valentines with you. Mahal na mahal kita. See you!” A short message that made my heart do somersaults. I love this guy! We also had dinner, we danced and he also sang to me our themesong. Isn’t he sweet? I can’t wait for another special event with my love!


There are two more entries about the Valentines day that they had spent before. But she decided not to read the others because she can no longer bear the pain. She shouldn’t be jealous because it is already in the past, but maybe, it’s the thought that she might expect too much to him and that expectation may not be met.

Whatever happens though, she can no longer wait for tomorrow. And their day together will also be a memorable one.

Nine o’clock in the morning and she still doesn’t hear anything from Richard. She is starting to get furious when, suddenly, the door bell rang.

She immediately ran outside to open their gate, half-expecting Richard but then, a delivery boy greeted her a goodmorning instead.

“Good morning po ma’am. Happy Valentine’s day po. Delivery po para sa inyo.” He happily gave the bouquet of sunflowers to Maya.

Maya quickly took the note from the flowers and read it.

“Hi baby, Happy Valentines day. I’ll pick you up at 12nn.”

She smiled genuinely. With a simple note, her mood has changed.

At 1pm, they are already having their lunch in a restaurant inside a certain mall. There are a lot of couples inside, good thing Ricky made a reservation for them.

“Ah.. Ricky, thank you sa flowers ha? Yung gift ko sa’yo nagustuhan mo ba?” She gave Richard an expensive polo shirt from her savings. The moment she saw that shirt, she knows it’ll fit him perfectly.

He smiled. “Yes. Thank you. You don’t really have to, Maya.”

“Hindi pwede na wala akong gift no.” She glances at him and smiled before spooning her food. “So, saan tayo pupunta after lunch?” She is expecting a surprise from him. She knows that there is something waiting for her.

He paused for a while to think. “Well, let’s watch a movie. Anything you want.”

Her eyes lights up. “Talaga? Anything I want?” She had this childish smile plastered on her face which Richard loves about her.

They ended up watching a romantic-comedy Filipino movie that is showing that day. Never did she pictured that she will watch a chick-flick with the great Mr. Lim.

After watching the movie, they stroll inside the mall while holding each other’s hands. It is still early so the lights are still on, ladies inside the mall would cast a glance at her boyfriend. He is so handsome that day. Dashing as ever. Girls would really envy her, whether they are single or not.

“Ah.. Maya, what do you want as a gift?” He asked her as they stopped outside a boutique of designer shoes and bags. She stared at Richard, why does it felt like he is not prepared with their first Valentines together?

“Wag na, hindi naman kailangan. May flowers na ako kanina, okay na yon.” She said, although she expects that he already have something for her ready wrapped days ago. Because she, herself had a hard time of thinking what to give to him, she thought he’s like that as well.

“No. Gusto ko may regalo ako sa girlfriend ko. I’m really sorry na hindi ako nakabili. I’m really busy with work.” He apologized, his voice so smooth and sweet.

Maya nods. Whether he apologize or not, he’s already forgiven. He kissed her forehead before pulling her inside the store.

As soon as she entered, a saleslady already approached them and suggested their latest shoes and bags in which Richard immediately asked for a size and a bag color.

She felt like she’s his princess, like cinderella when he slipped in to her right foot a very beautiful blue stiletto. It felt so good to have a prince charming, and she will never ever let any witch or villain take her prince away.

“You like this? Bagay sa’yo ‘to.” He told her after letting her fit the shoe on

“Hm.. Sa tingin mo?”

“Well, yes of course. Anything looks good to you.” He grinned. Her heart do somersaults. “And please, don’t look at the price when you choose. My princess deserves anything.” He said when he noticed that Maya kept on saying no to beautiful shoes and bags handed to her whenever she sees the price.

With paperbags hand in hand, after a couple of hours, the day is soon to end. They are outside a seafood restaurant located in Manila waiting for a table. It is jampacked with customers, mostly couples having dinner dates. They wasted an hour or so waiting for a vacant table. She hated the fact that Richard hadn’t planned on spending the whole day with her because he didn’t even bother to reserve a table for dinner, but she doesn’t want to dwell on it. He must be really that busy with work. Well, who wouldn’t be? Especially that he is the boss of two companies? She should stop on expecting things from Richard, especially having the notebook as the basis of her expectations. Her and Alex are different she should not compare the past from the present.

“I love this place. Gives me peace. Kaso crowded ngayon because of Valentines. But believe me, this place is really good. Let’s eat again some other time here kapag wala masyadong tao.” He said staring at the ocean beside the restaurant.

It is indeed a romantic place to have a dinner date with. She wondered if he once brought Alex here. Well, for sure he did.

As soon as they were eating their orders, a waiter came and handed Maya a long stemmed white rose.

“Happy Valentines day po ma’am.” He said and turned to look at Richard as he adds “galing po kay sir.”

The man left after, while the two lovebirds on the table were gazing lovingly at each other. Maya could smell the scent of the rose and felt so loved.

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. Sorry about this date, medyo to be honest, not as romantic as the other dates that you might have watched on movies. But it’s still the best, right? What is important is that we’re together.” He reached for her hand on top of the table and squeezed it. Maya realized that too. This date is somehow not what she expects but the date turned out to be memorable. Because a date will be a date as long as a couple is together. It doesn’t need to be as romantic as those in movies. What is important is-them.

She nods her head. “Thank you, Ricky. Sobrang saya ko!”

“Me too baby.”
Monday morning came and Richard didn’t fetch her. She didn’t even got any calls or texts from him telling her why. She is late today because she waited an hour waiting for Richard to come.

She’s worried sick. She sent him several messages but she didn’t got any reply from him. Maybe he’s out of town for an important project. But why wouldn’t he let her now if there was one? Or maybe there’s an emergency thing in his other office that he needs to attend to?, she is starting to ask her innerself. Where is he?

The clock ticks, still Richard is not yet in his office. She stood up from her chair and took few steps to approach Liza, who is currently talking to one of their employees, as if telling her orders.

“Hi, Liza. Good morning.” She immediately greeted her when Liza glances at her.

“Oh, Maya. May kailangan ka ba?”

“Ah, yes. Nasaan si Ricky? I mean, si sir Ricky?” She asks.

Liza pauses to shift her gaze back to the other employee that she’s talking to. “Well, Dianne, pakibigay kay sir yan, okay? You may go.”

The other lady nodded her head and turned to walk away from them. Liza shifted her eyes back to Maya. But before she could say anything, Maya asked her again. “Saan pupunta si Dianne?”

“Kay Sir Ricky. May pinapakuha kasi siya.”

“Eh nasaan ba siya? Hindi niya sinasagot mga tawag at texts ko eh.” She worriedly asked Liza.

“Don’t worry, Maya. Sir Ricky is sick but-”

“What?!!” She gaped

“Hey, it’s okay. He is alright. Galing ako dun kanina and he told me na sabihin ko daw sa’yo na kay Mang Lem ka magpahatid pauwi. Dapat actually ipapasundo ka din niya kay Mang Lem kanina kaso nalimutan niya.” She informed her calmly.

She’s mad at him for not informing her that he’s sick! “Bakit hindi man lang niya sinabi? Kung pupunta dun si Dianne, ako na lang. Ako na lang ang magbibigay nung nalimutan ni Sir.” Her eyebrows are furrowed. She wanted to go where he is.

Liza heaved a sigh. “Maya, kasi, Sir ordered me, and it’s very clear na kay Dianne ko daw ipadala yung pinapakuha niya. Ayaw ka niyang mag-alala.”

“No! I’m his girlfriend. I should be there.” She had enough. If earlier she’s trying to stay calm, she is now half-shouting with too much annoyance. She’s upset, alright.

“Fine, okay. I will call Dianne para pabalikin. For sure hindi pa nakakalayo yun.” And with that, Liza went back to her office to get a piece of paper.

The paper is already crumpled in her palm which Liza gave her. Richard’s address is written on it. She rode a taxi on her way to Richard’s house. She is excited to see where he lives for the first time. They are a couple for a few weeks now, but he never bring her to his house. She doesn’t really care if he still hadn’t introduced her to his parents, they had been together for quite sometime, so it doesn’t really matter to her, yet.

The taxi stopped in front of the gate of a subdivision. She is not really that surprised to see such place, she knows that Richard is rich but the subdivision really did amazed her.

“Good evening po. Sino po ang kailangan nila?” The guard asked Maya on the backseat, with the windows of the taxi rolled down.

“Uhm.. Dun po ako kay Mr. Lim. Ricky Lim.” She smiled warmly at him

The man stared at her. “Aah. Opo, kayo po ba yung taga dun sa company? Ineexpect nga po kayo ni Sir. I.D na lang po.” He said, his palm opened wide, asking for something.

She fished for her ID and handed it to him. The guard quickly looked at it before handing in back. “Okay na po, ma’am. Sign in na lang po kayo.” Maya filled up the rectangular notebook with her information before the guard let them in.

Her eyes feasted on the enormous houses inside that subdivision. When she was still a little girl, she used to dream on living inside such house. She even promised her parents that she’ll buy them one when she grow up. Actually, she’s still saving for her dream house and these houses are wonderful. She wondered what would Richard’s house looks like.

The taxi stopped at the number of the house that her address says. She had to blink her eyes several times, she couldn’t believe what is standing in front of her. It is what she wanted. It is a big house painted in white and brown, mostly the whole house is made of glass. Such structure where in you can appreciate nature whatever part of the house you lay your eyes on.

Just by looking at it, you can feel its peacefulness. She could stare outside from its glass walls for eternity.

She rang the doorbell thrice and waited for few minutes before the gate flew open. A woman dressed in uniform opened it for Maya.

“Yes ma’am? Ano po yun?” The woman asked Maya

She smiled warmly before answering “ah.. Si Ricky Lim po ba nandiyan? Dala ko yung pinapadala niya.” She said peeking through the woman’s shoulder to have a view of the house.

“Ay. Opo ma’am. Sabi po ni sir, kunin ko daw po sa inyo tapos ibigay ko sa kanya.” She said firmly.

Maya understood what she meant. She should just give the files to the maid then she should leave, but she won’t do that. She will take care of her boyfriend. “Ah.. Miss, pwede bang ako na lang yung mag-aabot nito sa kanya?”

“Ay nako po, ma’am. Ang utos po kasi sa akin wag ko daw po papapasukin, kunin ko lang daw po.”

“Ah.. May importante din kasi akong sasabihin.” She tried to push

“Ako na lang po ang magsasabi.” No. She can’t be moved.

Maya scratched her head. “Okay, ganito na lang. Pakisabi nandito sa baba si Maya, Maya dela Rosa.” She asked, trying to smile.

The woman half-smiling reluctantly obliged. She left Maya outside the gate and went inside. Maya followed her with her eyes from the glass walls of the house. She saw the woman went upstairs and inside a certain room. After a few minutes, the woman came back and opened the gate widely.

“Sige daw po, pasok. Akyat na lang po kayo ma’am sa 2nd floor. Pangalawang pinto sa kanan.” She stepped aside to give Maya space as she went in.

The house is very clean and the furnitures are surely expensive. The paintings pinned on the walls around the house gave it that magnificent look. It added amusement to her eyes. She halted on the huge picture frame of Richard and Alex’s wedding picture hanging on the corner of the house where it’ll welcome the visitors. They still really look good together to her.

Running her hand slowly on the rail of the stairs, she slowly go up the stairs appreciating every corner of Richard’s house. She finds it cool to be walking inside his boyfriend’s home. Feels like she first landed on the moon.

Turning the knob of Richard’s room, she exhaled deeply. Her heart pounding fast. She’s worried about him and upset at the same time for not informing her about him getting sick.

The first thing that she saw is him laying on top of his bed, his eyes closed. His scent can be smelled all over the room. With the scent slowly fading as she gets accustomed to it.

Richard’s eyes flew open once he felt her prescence. “Hi.”

She smiled and rushed to him. Putting the files on top of his bedside table. “Okay ka lang ba? Bakit hindi mo sinabi na may sakit ka?” She asks him while her hand is touching his forehead, checking his temperature.

“I’m okay. I’ll be fine soon. Lagnat lang naman.” He answered feeling tired.

“Kahit na. Ricky naman pinagaalala mo ako! Hindi mo man lang ako tinext or tinawagan! Tapos parang ayaw mo pa ako papuntahin dito. Nakakainis ka!” She half shouted with her arms crossed.

He reached for her hand and squeezes it. “I’m sorry baby. Ayoko lang mag-alala ka that’s why I ordered Liza not to tell anyone.”

“Sorry, sorry! Ewan ko sa’yo! Kahit hindi mo sabihin mag-aalala ako, hindi mo kaya sinasagot tawag ko!” She pouted. He laughed.

She frowned. “Come here.” He pulled her and she ended up leaning on his chest, him hugging her and feeling his heartbeat. He is very warm because of his fever but she doesn’t mind.

“I love you, Maya. I’m sorry.” He whispered and kisses her head.

Without thinking,”I love you, too.” She replied. Good thing that her face is buried on his chest so he couldn’t see her blushing.

“Kumain ka na ba?” She asked him as soon as she escaped from his tight embrace.

“Not yet, I’m not hungry though. Ikaw ba?”

“Kumain na ako kanina. Ricky, kahit walang gana kumain ka, okay? Paano ka gagaling nyan? Ganito na lang, ipagluluto na lang kita.” She happily suggested.

Feeling very ill, he could only smile weakly as a response. Every movement tires him very bad. After a few, she kisses him before she went out of his room and headed in to the kitchen.
NEXT Chapter:
“Pinagawa po niya talaga ito para sa kanya.”

“Totoo bang-“

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After The Wedding Part 4

After the Wedding part 4

It echoed through the room like an ancient unknown language chant. She was asking it, her eyes shooting daggers.

He was shocked at her question. For it sounded as a statement rather as a question. He was acused of something that never did crossed his mind.

For a moment, he kept mum, not wanting to add fuel to the fire. But deep inside, mixed emotions are bubbling up inside him. He is puzzled on how on earth did she even asked that and mad on why did she acused him already.

He recalled things that might make her think of such but his memory is failing him. Damn! He cannot recall all of the things that happened days ago. He closed his eyes and heaved a sigh.

He is now angry. Yet he knew too well that he should take note of his wife’s situation. She is pregnant and he should not give her stress. Lifting his head up, meeting her gaze, he tried to smile at his wife. Maybe it’s her hormones that is upsetting her in things too easily.

“At anong nginingiti ngiti mo?!” She raised her voice.

“Shhhh…” He hushed her and calm her down by trying to caress her shoulder but she removed his hand.

“Sagutin mo yung tanong ko!” She crossed her arms

“Are you jealous, mahal ko?” He teased

“Oo! At kapag hindi ka nagsabi ng totoo, pagsisisihan mo.” She admitted to him. She is so damn jealous.

He smiled at the admission of his wife which earned a frown from Maya. “Okay, fine. I don’t know where did you get that stupid idea. But please, don’t stress yourself too much thinking about things that are not real. Sige ka, baka nakakunot mukha ng baby natin paglabas.” He quipped but Maya remained shooting daggers at him. Heck. He doesn’t know what to do to pacify her.

“I already said the truth, Maya.” He paused. Gathering right words to say. “Come on, saan ba kasi nanggaling yun?” He asked, with eyebrows furrowed. He wanted to know why did that question even popped up in her pretty head.

She bit her lip and kept mum for a while. He took it as an opportunity to reach to her and hug her tight.


“So–sorry.” She stuttered. He is right. She shouldn’t feel alarmed. She is so secured. Her husband is a one woman man and no matter how good-looking his new secretary is, she knows that Richard will never be seduced.

And besides, why would she be affected of a simple 8 missed calls that she saw one night on Richard’s phone from his secretary. That is just normal, right? Iya is indeed his secretary and whatever her reason of trying to call her husband on the middle of the night, is surely pure business. Why would she react such way? When before, Liza would do that, too. ‘Must be the hormones’ that made her ask him if there’s another one, she thought.

“It’s alright. Just please, trust me okay?”

She nodded and hug him back. He embraced her tightly somehow making her feel more secured and loved. Their right and left foot stepping sideways, dancing in a music that only the two of them could hear.

“Now, tell me what made you think of that?” He asked, still on the dance.

“Ewan ko nga din mahal ko. Sorry, kasi naman nung natutulog tayo, naalimpungatan ako dun sa tawag ng tawag sa phone mo. Eh ang himbing siguro ng tulog mo kaya hindi mo narinig.”

He smiled, her calling him with their term of endearment is a sign that the war is over. “And then?”

“Ayun, babae yung tumatawag. Ang daming missed calls.”


“Yung secretary mo.”

His eyebrow raised. “Maybe she’s updating me with a certain meeting. Baka nakalimutan sabihin or what.” He reasoned

“Siguro.” She replied to end the topic. Richard kissed her now and she kissed him back. For Richard, everything is okay now but to Maya, there is something that she feels that she wanted to confirm. For her sanity, she badly wanted to know the answers.


“Goodmorning Liza!” She happily greeted her as they saw each other, although Maya was a bit surprised not to see Richard’s secretary on her table.

“Oh! Maya, good to see you. Kamusta ka?”

“Ito, medyo tumataba.”

“Nako, okay lang yan. Maganda ka pa din. Anyway, si Sir Richard ba? May meeting lang saglit pero matatapos na siguro yun.”

“Ah ganun? O sige, pwede ko ba sya hintayin sa office nya?”

“Oo naman. Go ahead.”

It was almost an hour before the door of Richard’s door flew open. Richard and his secretary came in, and what Maya did not like about it is when she saw the two of them laughing at something, she hates how the girl stares at her husband. They only stopped when Richard’s eyes saw her.

“Oh, mahal. Why are you here?” Maya saw the surprised look on his face.

“Oh, bakit parang nagulat ka? Hindi ba nasabi sa’yo ni Liza?” She asked

“Well, no. She’s not outside. Baka may nilakad na papers. Kumain ka na ba?” He asked her as he steps in. Iya, the secretary stayed behind Richard which annoyed Maya even more. She doesn’t know if it was only her or if Iya really did looked at her again from head to toe and smirked.

“Uh.. Hindi pa. Pero hindi naman ako gutom, mahal” that was a lie. She is really hungry especially that she waited for an hour. She is craving for vanilla ice cream. But when she saw the look on Iya’s face, she lied.

“Are you sure?” Richard sat across his wife and touched her tummy. “Our baby might be hungry.”

“Hindi talaga”

He nodded. “Uhm, Iya, could you please order a pasta for my wife?” Richard shifted to look at Iya and smiled.

Maya hates how Richard smiles at his secretary. As far as she can remember, Richard never smiles at Liza when he instructs her before, or so she thought. Add to that, Richard’s secretary would smile as well to her husband. Oh! And she remembered that he didn’t get her welcome kiss yet! He never fails to give her that!

“Right away, sir. Ikaw sir do you want anything?”

“No. I’m okay.”

And with that, Iya left the room. Maya rolled her eyes and pouted. Maya stood up and sat on the couch of Richard’s office and started reading magazines.

“Mahal, okay ka lang ba diyan? I will just finish my paperworks, okay?”

Maya nods. Richard sat on his swivel chair and continued to work on his laptop.

Richard sits beside Maya on the couch as Maya eats the pasta that he ordered. She’s spooning every second, munching as if there’s no tomorrow.

“Oh, dahan-dahan… Akala ko ba hindi ka gutom?” Maya heard Richard chuckled.

She stops eating and realized how big she had been, and it’s because that even after she just ate, she easily gets hungry. And whenever she sees food, she couldn’t control herself. She wants to eat.

“Oh, why? Busog ka na?” He asked

“Hindi. Kasi… Tumataba na ako.” Tears starts to roll down her face.

Richard was surprised upon seeing his wife cry again. He collects her in his arms, running his hand at her back trying to pacify her. “Mahal, stop. It’s alright, atleast we’re sure na healthy si baby bunso.” He teased but that made Maya to cry louder

“Shh.. Sorry, sorry. Stop please.. Di ba sinabi ko na naman sa’yo before that I don’t care if you get fat or not? I still love you.”

“Tse! You still love me ka dyan!” She pulled away while wiping her tears.

“Oh, bakit na naman?” He tried to embrace her again but Maya slapped his shoulder

“Kanina nga nagulat ka nung nakita mo ako! Tapos wala pa akong kiss!” She sobs.

Richard couldn’t hold his laughter anymore.

“Sige tumawa ka pa!”

“Haha. I’m sorry, mahal. Nagulat lang talaga ako na nandito ka. And, about the kiss sorry na.. How many kisses do you want?” He teased her.

“Hindi na! Ayoko na!” She pouted

He smiled at his wife. She is so cute. He cupped her face and started kissing the tip of her nose, her forehead and her lips. “I love you.” He whispered, and when she saw Maya smiled, he kissed her again.

“Roomieee! Ano bang ginagawa natin dito? Para na naman tayong spy niyan eh!” Emman whispered as they are hiding behind a post outside a restaurant.

“Wag kang magulo!”

“Roomie, sa laki mo-” Emman got a cold stare by Maya that made him to chuckle and to change his sentence. “What I meant was, sa laki natin and ng tummy mo, hindi rin naman tayo matatago nitong poste na ‘to! At bakit ba tayo nandito?”

“Eh kasi nga, may meeting daw si Ricky dito.”

“Oh, eh si sir chief Ricky naman pala, gorabels na tayo sa loob!” She took a step forward but Maya grabs his arm.

“Oh? Bakit ba Roomie?”

“Dito lang tayo, magmamatyag.”

“Magmamatyag? Kay Sir Chief Ricky??” He asked Maya with raise eyebrows.


“At bakit naman?” Emman probed, his arms crossed demanding for an answer

“Eh kasi, basta! Yung secretary niya kasi nakakainis. Titignan lang naman natin kung sweet ba sila or what…”

“HA? Saan naman nanggaling yan? So, pinagdududahan mo si Sir Chief Ricky?” He gaped

“Hindi naman sa ganon, kasi, ano e… Basta. Feeling ko kasi.. Hay nako! Hirap i-explain.” She scratches her head.

“Nako Roomie, hindi naman magagawa ni Sir Chief Ricky na lokohin ka. So, let’s go home!”

“Eh.. Kasi, sandali lang, okay? 10 minutes!” She pleads.

“Fine, 10 minutes.”

Maya then saw Richard’s table near the restaurant’s window. Richard is seated beside Iya. They are currently waiting for the people that they’ll be meeting.

A waiter arrived and served their food. What made Maya tears flow was when the girl serves Ricky food on his plate and Richard didn’t seem to mind. She even saw him smile at the girl.

“Emman, tara na.” She turned around and walks away

“Uy Roomie, bakit ka umiiyak? Wala lang naman yun e.”

“Hindi naman gawain ng secretary yun!” She raised her voice as she sobs

“Eh, yung girl lang naman yun e.”

“Parang natutuwa naman si Ricky!”

“Roomie, hindi naman ganun.” He’s trying not to overthink things, because he knows that Richard loves Maya so much. And that Maya’s reaction is just because of her condition. She’s so emotional these days.

“Kinakampihan mo pa!” He was startled when Maya half shouted.

But he can’t allow her to be stressed. He believes that she’s acting this way because she’s pregnant. “Okay, umuwi na tayo. Pero please, bawal mastress! Wag ka na umiyak, okay?”

Emman hailed a taxi, Maya kept mum the whole ride as she stares outside the window.


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